Anger erupts over new mask rule while experts say they are key to contain coronavirus

Some residents of Palm Beach County, Florida, erupted in anger at a commissioner's meeting after an unanimous vote to make wearing a mask mandatory. Medical experts continue to say that wearing a mask can help contain the coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. As a masked movie hero once said: “The mask is not for you, it’s for the people you care about”.

    1. Steve Hays you idiot a digital ID is very different there’s more control over people you fool ?!!!!

    2. Viruses dont care about your politicsl affiliation, theyll infect and kill you all the same mask gave been worn by medical professional for 100yrs, its proven to reduce the rate of transmission of viruses.

    3. Steve Hays it’s time to use your smart phone to do real research instead of watching mainstream media fake news

    1. @John Wick The CDC estimates 24 to 60,000 people died last year from the flu. In the USA, over 120,000 have died from COVID-19 so far and we’ll probably hit 200,000 by Christmas. Based on your statement about not caring about your family, you’re very likely to get it and it’s likely they will get it from you. Hopefully when you see how sick (some of) your ‘loved ones’ get you’ll regret what you said. The countries where EVERYONE got masks on early are pretty much done with the virus. Here in the U.S. more than half the country is on the increase for new cases because people won’t listen to doctors and the CDC. We should be ramping down, not up! Can you guess where the increases are coming from? Not the states where most people are wearing masks… Trust the data, trust the science. Wear a mask, you’ll probably save someone’s life, maybe even someone in your family

    2. I knew people are as dumb as a rock here in the States. But this is really a whole new level 🤦‍♂️

    3. @cj p Well it depends where in Asia my friend. Places like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan are stable democracies so why not trust their numbers? Why trust New Zealand, Germany or France but not trust them?

    4. @Peter D Japan never even had a lock down but has only had 900 deaths. Estimates show if the US had promoted and pushed mask wearing from the beginning they might have had as few as 10 000 deaths

  2. It’s an airborne life-threatening and lethal virus. Wear masks people. Even you Trump supporters. 1+1=2

    1. @Hobostarr180 The actual (well, insofar as it can be determined, based on test confirmed cases, and deaths determined to be attributed to it) Covfefe-19 TrumpVirus mortality rate is 5.3% worldwide, and also in the USA.

    2. @Poes Law they’re not an option in the black community, what are you talking about. You can’t go anywhere without them here in DC

    3. @Poes Law Show me this law. You’re making this up, totally. I live in DC, it’s an option if you’re going to a trump rally they’re mostly white. Before lockdown it wasnt an option for anyone

    1. How about getting chased by police for not wearing a mask? Or being arrested? Masks are not the law. We do have freedom to believe in what we want in America. I personally don’t believe in masks and that is why I was chased by police in to the woods.

    2. @Steve Smith
      Masks are not to protect you; they are to protect other people. That;s the whole point.

    1. I agree. If you don’t wear masks, you don’t get to be treated when you’re sick. Ron DeSantis needs to shut the damned state back down!

  3. Oh my god these people are absolutely insane. How is this real life? 😂😂 How are they not aware how crazy they sound?

    1. they are the people who watch tv constantly and think its real life the way they come off as children who cant have their way or they the people nvr told no

    1. @Tim Murphy Actually in reality the majority of liberal males are BISEXUAL and or HOMOSEXUAL. 🎶

    2. lets be clear though, of all the professions of faith that they make, deep down their only allegiance is to commander cheeto. killing themselves to own the libs. i’m here for it

    3. @cj p
      I’m sorry that you hate so much that you have to purposely and dishonest;y blame all liberals for the criminal actions of people who may not have even been political. I guess that’s the way partisanship is done these days.

    1. @Floozieque Those words that were coming out of their mouths was all the evidence needed. They could be brain surgeons and it would not matter.

    2. Liberals are some of the most racist and unintelligent people I’ve ever met. 👀

  4. How the hell are you going to tell someone they’re not qualified to be a doctor when you have the education of a damn 5th grader?! 😂

  5. If the scientists and doctors say, “wear a mask” then we should…..wear a mask. 😷
    If people do not want to follow the doctors orders, then do not go to doctor appointments or the hospital. Do not waste your doctor’s time by not listening.

    1. When people voluntarily go to doctors and appointments they are choosing to do that and have to pay money for it. This mask mandate is not something people chose and did not pay these doctors for their opinion.

    2. @Scott Senarosa Of course masks are not ideal, you are not doing it for fun you twitter bird brain. It is because a country of 300 million cannot have a runaway pandemic.

    1. I love that first broad. “That mask is literally killing people. Citizen’s arrests are already happening…You are following the devil’s law (by wearing a mask).” Well, after all, it IS Florida, the dumbest state in the union.

  6. I support wearing masks * However – if the government did there job we wouldn’t be wearing masks. Please VOTE Biden this election 🙏

  7. “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

  8. When you think Republicans couldn’t be more stupid something like this happens to prove you wrong.

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