Animal Therapy for Sick Children | Over 400 Road Fatalities in Jamaica – Nov 23 2022

Animal Therapy for Sick Children | Over 400 Road Fatalities in Jamaica - Nov 23 2022 1


  1. I am curious to know how is it that we have a health Minister that does not have a medical background this is just beyond me and these things only happen in Jamaica because this man is absolutely berserk

    1. Me no see that makes sense some children have na go make it him a kill the children them wicked 😭😭😭💔💔💔

  2. Good move using animal cause these children will learn to Love that’s what they lack. They will learn love and responsibilities even the parents need to learn love and patience…..Good move the benefits are Great.

  3. What Tufton is talking about is old technology, you only have to ask Phoenix, and in this case I think Phoenix may use the a similar version of the UK system which is what serving the NHS in the UK. So, if Phoenix is to implement the same or similar system then some of the concerns that these MPs have, are totally redundant. It is an advancement in the health sector in Jamaica which is toxic and unhealthy.

  4. So your medical information can get to the hospital. However, you might not get to the hospital if you cannot get an ambulance.

  5. I believe that the Government should seek assistance from all who can help to increase the benefits of PATH contribution. With the Economy conditions we are faced with it’s difficult for children to be adequately provide for under such program. Parents can’t manage and schools can’t manage because the contribution are so low. Yet still we need more children because the nation is decreasing in population It’s hard.

  6. Cyclists are brave. The car drivers should give them plenty of room when passing pedestrians or cyclists and if they can’t slow down.

  7. Some of the school are in farming areas in stead of having things spoiled in the fields take it to the school to help with the feeding program do you think this can helps

  8. Tired of hearing these comments about speeding. Every day every accident here in Jamaica all points to speeding and that is absolutely correct, so, why aren’t the Government of Jamaica doing something about it. Why aren’t they, when it is their responsibility to ensure that the roads that we traverse every day is safe for both commuters and pedestrians. It is the Government’s responsibility to ensure that all road are properly constructed and safe, this includes traffic calming measures, proper signage, increasing the amount of speed cameras, speed average monitoring cameras and monitoring cameras this will go a long in enforcing the road traffic act. I am sure with these measures road fatalities would show a decrease. The Government of Jamaica needs to invest vigorously in our road network to cut the carnage on our roads period.

  9. Why are Jamaican children different to most of the other children of the world? Hopefully they will use animal loving volunteers with vast knowledge to run the program.

  10. Re: Road safety tip – When driving next to a big rig on a multi-lane highway, if you cannot see the driver’s face in their side mirror they cannot see you either. You’re in a blind spot.

  11. I think it’s a brilliant idea for sick children to have animal therapy they will also learn how to love again, which is lacking from the Jamaican people!

  12. What is the head of the nurses association talking about@2:22. Children in Jamaica grow up with all types of animals dogs,cats,goats,rabbits, fowl, pigs,cows donkey is she from Jamaica. Even if the animal is not even yours. So children of this country are very used to seeing animals around…..just say you do not want no animal around you maam🤣.

  13. This is part of a whole but not the whole in terms helping sick children health. Flow is doing e-gov in schooĺs and some still not benefiting from this and the gov always take the basic package which does not cover what is said over the mike in speaches.

  14. Nothing in life is free. 1 box lunch is now $600 for a small box where any living person will get with $150 a so so bun with no cheeze you can get so the principal need to give them a bun like what the nutrition product use to give and the parents will provide the milk

  15. Animal therapy is not new in parts of the world. Some Jamaicans are just not progressive or open to trying to new things. Janet Coore-Farr needs to take a back seat. Folks like her will only hold Jamaica back!

  16. WOW!!! It was very refreshing to watch the entire news today without the coverage the all the CRIME that they usually start off with. TVJ you should consider this more often and stop frightening foreigners and the diasporas from coming home for vacation or retuning residents. If I followed the crime coverage I would have never return myself.

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