1. Anna May Wong, Anna May Right, regardless I like these quarters with strong women on them

    1. See, I should make it into a how-to video about this: I use all my old quarters to pay for groceries and gas, call it a lifehack if you want, but it’s only because I’ve been hoarding them like a lunatic that they had to start printing more

  2. Good job. Would like to see som recognition of Susan Ahn-Cuddy. The first Asian American to enlist in the Navy following Pearl Harbor. The first female Gunnery officer in the Navy. Later she worked in Naval Intelligence. She also worked at the Library of Congress. She later was recruited by the NSA overseeing 200 agents in the Russian division. She was the daughter of the first married Korean couple to emigrate to the US. She is also the sister of actor Phil Ahn.

  3. All the women are pioneers in their field. Racists don’t bother to watch the video and are quick to denigrate Anna Wong because of her race. She was a 3rd generation American.

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