Anne Applebaum Writes Of ‘New Puritans’ In Latest Atlantic Piece

The Atlantic's Anne Applebaum joins Morning Joe to discuss her latest piece 'The New Puritans.'

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Anne Applebaum Writes Of 'New Puritans' In Latest Atlantic Piece


  1. I’ve been warning about these people for more than 30 years.

    The so-called “Bible Commonwealth,” Massachusetts-Bay, founded by the “Puritans,” based its punitive laws on Leviticus and Deuteronomy — the PRE-“Christian” “Old Testament”. Even burglary was subject to the death penalty.

    1. @David Cohen that doesn’t seem hard to answer and I live in Canada. (1) Historically fast vaccine rollout. (2) Desperately needed infrastructure plan and budget. (3) Returning civility to the White House. (4) Beginning to repair international trust in America. That’s just in the first few months, and there are plenty more. Whether you agree those are good things will say a lot about what kind of America you believe in.

  2. I refused to sign up for Twitter years ago when I read about a drop dead gorgeous actress being fat shamed by Twitter participants and read similar articles about how people were attacked for similar non reasons.

    1. I’ve read about those, Twitter is absolutely savage. I only have one because I wanted to follow a few pages and check them sometimes, I never post myself. Like when there’s a storm it’s great to be able to check my local electric company’s page for updates but the fights on big pages are just insane.

  3. So scapegoating, literally mankind’s most ancient form of justice.

    Hate to be that guy but it’s not going away. And everyone falls prey to it

    We have the patience for nuance or due-process. I suppose some could learn but considering the politicization of masks, I expect a low success rate.

    1. The article made a flowery and round about explanation of how Democrats are destroying America, by design, and instituting Electronic Fascism.

    2. @bobba fett Totally untrue. The totalitarianism of the right and the totalitarianism of the left share the same ideological roots in Hegel and Rousseau. They salute different flags and recite different slogans, but that’s the only difference between them. In many cases, they are literally the same people. After the fall of communism, many communist leaders rebranded themselves as nationalists without losing a step.

    1. We’re hearing her opinion for the first time. Their married. He’s probably heard it a million times already over and over and over and over….

    2. @Ivo Beitsma
      Nowadays, you never know when Doocey and Kilmead will be at loggerheads when Kilmead says something stupid. But, tbh…I can only watch it for like 5 minutes tops.

  4. This Puritan type thinking obviously throws out what Jesus said, ‘you who are without sin throw the first stone’.

    1. I don’t think they are forgetting that. Self-righteousness comes from the belief in one’s own perfection so, in their perspective, they can cast all the stones they wish. It is also true that if one believes in the righteousness of their own infallible position, then it follows that any dissenting position must automatically be pure “evil”. We have a cultural “holy war” happening, between two groups that are both certain they are “speaking for god”, and that should terrify any objective observer.

    2. @Dan Elmore 👏 nailed it

      _I’m_ terrified. But are you sure both sides think they are “speaking for god”? Who are the sides then?

      I’ll agree that it’s hard to be self critical once you’ve concluded that your side enjoys a divine moral authority. That’s how bloodsheds and collapsing empires start.

  5. What, who with a logical brain HAS NOT seen the rise of the Reichwing Christian Taliban Party in Murica since 1980?

    1. You know, I wanted to hear more of what the professor had to say life is like in a southern university, but they just cut him off in mid-sentence. I don’t know why I watch these teaser clips — it’s always marketing to sell you the subscription.

  6. Seems like Anne Applebaum forgets to mention how rich republicans who do actual nation-breaking crimes don’t face nearly the same consequences as people who were unlucky enough to be recorded saying something racist when they were 15 or whatever..

    1. Applebaum usually writes about the dangers of authoritarian regimes, and you’re all for her then. But, when she points out the evil your side commits, you protest too much. Just like the Puritans, you claim, but my side is good. Instead of throwing shade at others, maybe you should engage in a little self reflection, on your own transgressions.

    2. @Danu’s Dragonfly- I asked an intelligent question. Are you avoiding it?
      Answer the question or sit down.

  7. While this piece does appear to be “incredibly thoughtful,” it’s about ten years too late. This sh!t’s been going on for YEARS, and it’s one of the major reasons for the rise of Trump and ‘Trumpism.’ It also helps keep the GOP viable, when they should be going down in flames due to changing demographics and their own horrible policies (or lack thereof).

    1. @Kevin Skiles So then debunk the science experiments, and montypython/pink Floyd types can’t stand you despite you envoking their phraseology, you stand for everything we stood against especially big pharma and giant monopolistic megacorps

    2. @Kevin Skiles Overmectin Wonderdrug from Japan a human use perspective$$$$” “discovery of a rich 🤑 Gene pool of sars related bat 🏓🦇 coronavirus” chloronique is a vv. 0 potent inhibitor of SARS infection and spread” now I added intentional typos see if they don’t censor it again

  8. Funny how those who express their deplorable nature have such a terrible time articulating reasonable defenses for their ignorant remarks and behavior. Instead they dig deeper into into their grievances and only ever show “remorse” or an interest in tolerance once they have been called out for it. Completely insincere .

    1. @Diane K. Kovacs Yeah you believe everything on tv and obey big tech but I’m the bot, you silence show me your paper authoritarian fascists trying to violate the nurrenburg code have no jurisdiction or authority over me mind your own business your corporate overlords trying to exterminate the population are attacking you first just like how Fauci uses beagals for his torture expiriments because they’re friendly and cooperative, it’s sad but you toe their line, enforce their fascist edicts and experimental shots, so it is what it is

    2. @Ivo Beitsma you’re a rightwinger dude, freedom is freedom it has nothing to do with responsibility or the govt. I breathe and have unaltered DNA and RNA because I’m human, you don’t like it because you’re a control freak rightwing authoritarian trying to violate the nurrenburg code. I’m censoring myself now because my last one got deleted, suffice it to say I do not recognize your authority

    3. @Brandon West Is it really superstitious for surgeons to wear masks during surgery? The Nuremberg Code has to do with clinical trials and maintaining the medical ethics of the trials. I don’t see the relevance to an approved vaccine or ER-approved vaccine. Or a mask.

    4. @Was Fallen Nurrenburg code is about forced medical procedures, especially expirimental. The same lady who “approved” oxycontin and fentenyl for kids approved the shot. Yeah surgeons wear masks but not all day and not regular cloth, you want a surgeon to run upstairs carrying stuff with a sock over his mouth before giving you brain surgery?? You want him to have grown up getting 20% less oxygen in formative years and acquiring social reyardation? Masks make an insignificant difference if worn correctly, otherwise its like Fauci said at first, they’re like gloves, provide a place to harbor and reproduce and spread virusrs, it’s been way more time than needed, if they worked they would have worked by now, instead it’s just like vaxes, everywhere they’re used there’s more cases. Bit just like Isreal being vaxed having the biggest ever surges, you can’t admit reality. There’s clinical trials won’t be released until 2025, tons of unpublished animal trials going back a decade, why???

    5. @Brandon West The Nuremburg Code is a code of standards written in response to the tragedies that occurred assoc. with Nuremburg Trials. They primarily involve informed consent. The experiments at Nuremburg were done without informing the subjects, so they were done with consent or on a voluntary basis.

  9. Never forget Joe was a FL Republican when he immediately frames far right and ‘far left’ (we don’t actually have a far left in the US) as somehow equivalent.

    1. @Jenny Lemon Considering the show is called Morning Joe and he’s the only one named Joe and the only one who was a Representative from Florida it pretty much makes your comment worthless.

    2. @Rachel Derenoncourt Maybe both sides do this, but it is much more a problem coming from the left, so he’s being generous. His point is well taken. But, you don’t want to see the evil committed by self appointed censors.

    3. Yeah. There is no “far left” in American politics. Let me know when AOC and Bernie attempt a deadly coup on the Capitol like the far right did. “Moderate” conservatives like Joe have been complicit in trying to manipulate the Overton Window further and further right for decades, then act all shocked Pikachu face and roll out the “both sides” nonsense when the right shows themselves as the violent neo-Nazis they are.

    4. @Rachel Derenoncourt Which side is that? Republicans are committed to destroying democracy, while Democrats consider the question up for debate. For the moment Democrats might be the lesser evil, but neither party is committed in principle to preserving democracy.

  10. In my last 5 years as a full time college professor, in the first class meeting (whatever format), I would have students sign a waiver that they would not record the class in any form and distribute it in any form to social media. If they did, they would automatically fail the course. This allowed for much more open discussion. There are also web platforms that allow students in the classroom to anonymously contribute to the discussion using their cell phones – they didn’t have to raise their hands and say out loud something controversial. This was also another good fix for today’s classroom climate.

    1. So, if your student had a full understanding of the material and had the grades to prove it. You would fail them and have to retake the course? Because they broke your non-legally binding contract? How does that help anyone? The student will have to go into more debt to retake a class they already know all the material.

      Also, not allowing students to record the class? You are seriously hampering your student’s ability to study by denying them the ability to record the class.

      Also also, open discussion’s about what? Most of my college experience was being lectured at.

      Also also also, controversial questions? What class do you teach that would generate the need for such a Draconian rule? Why are people prone to asking controversial questions in your classroom?

  11. The pilgrims fled Europe not to escape religious persecution, they didn’t want to around anyone who didn’t think,act,or dress like them.that brought us the evangelical cesspool you see today

    1. @MrReed314 Are you serious? I am not here to teach you child. Go educate yourself please. Use more than one source. Look at more current information.

    2. @Danu’s Dragonfly Educate yourself? I will give you a little education; in the 1970’s the average Ratpublican (good riddance) was dying off, as they are a minority and the leaders of the then 1970’s Ratpublican party knew they needed to get in bed with someone, which is where the Evangelicals come in. The Ratpublican party was forced to get into bed with Evangelicals due to dwindling numbers of Ratpublican supporters. Them’s the facts and I can prove it too! 😀

    3. @Mike Harder I don’t disagree on any of that. The GOP convinced ‘Christians’ that they weren’t Christian if they weren’t Republikkans. That grift got going in the 80s. You want to know the missing pieces though? You have to add in the consp. theory nutjobs. That’s where Alex Jones (a.k.a. ‘Q’), Joe Rogan, and a few other come in. Pre-2012 on godlikeproductions.

    4. @Danu’s Dragonfly nope. Nothing any of those idiots can say or do to change my expert opinion of politics! 😊

    5. Actually, a lot of people were burned at the stake for being zealots of the Christian theory not in vogue. The “Pilgrims” did actually have to escape England and go to Holland. Of course, once they got some power they exercised the same intolerance.

  12. actually, some people need to be removed from public life, like when they advocate for the death of specific groups of their fellow countrypeople if not others.

  13. ah yes, the Puritans, folks who came over here to avoid religious persecution and immediately started persecuting everybody around them…and it continues.

    1. @Brandon West Lol, so Fauci, Gates & Zuckerberg have all teamed up to found their own religion & no one bothered to tell me?! 😂 Guess that must’ve been a facebook exclusive. 😏

    2. @Hakura Chii To think anything happens that CNN doesn’t tell us is insane, haha, who are these morons who don’t trust big pharma and CIA, next they’ll say that big pharma is bad and we shouldn’t even let them mandate injections and drugs, who are these crazy rightwingers who think elites do things wrong that the media won’t report on??? 😂 It’s so funny how they think elite corporatists shouldn’t run the world don’t they know that’s liberal and freedom is bad??? Haka

    3. @UCmBW-OjmyAoJNdJ7mUjwtrg Like I say, Tru living on the streets. Where’s your potential meal and place to stay coming from? Christians, Catholics or Mormons. Who’s gonna call the cops on you and give you a hostile attitude fir even showing up? Hippies

  14. Abbott has just signed the most right-wing restrictive voting rights legislation as well as legislation that robs a woman of her right to choose. Oh, and they are the victim’s! They are being cancelled, really? 😒

  15. Mika starts the piece by reading a quote, then Joe breaks her off to establish that he thought about the same things a decade ago, thinly disguised as a (long and winding) question. How very male.

    1. Yep, the most cringey part of this show is how Joe treats Mika like they are a 1950s couple.

      But should they cancel him now? Right, that’s what this piece is about.

      I remind myself that right of centre folks are more likely to watch Joe and Mika than Rachel Maddow or Joy Reid. 🤷‍♂️

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