Anne Applebaum’s ‘The Seductive Lure Of Authoritarianism’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. If we had a person who was selfless as our leader it would make sense…BUT
    Trump wants money, at all costs… including American Lives.

    1. we should drop the term “leader”.

      There are those who look at government figures as “leaders”, they are people who like being told what to do by their “leaders”.

      Whereas real democracies’ elected government are staff who told what to do by the people.

      These two are fundamentally different.

      In the US the two party system seems to split between these two groups. This use of the term “leader” for government figureheads is quite unique to the US especially on the right wing GOP side. It has slipped into general media use which is shifting the message on who government actually is.

  2. Democracy takes work to make it work and a lot of people are too lazy and want someone to tell them what to do.

    1. I agree. It also takes a shared set of some basic beliefs; how can we have a unified nation when millions are brainwashed with toxic right wing propaganda daily?

    2. This. Like people saying “we need America to get back to normal.” You don’t get the reward if you don’t do the work

  3. It’s a good thing that Trump can’t read. Of course he read ‘Mein Kampf”, but that was books on tape. 🤪

    1. @josef jerbils ffs Trump thinks ‘windmills’ , known to intelligent people as wind turbines, cause cancer, the only thing he knows about the law is how to break it.. fking bot

  4. Please make sure you are registered to vote NOW and make sure your polling place will not be another the Republicans will shut down this year.
    Also check and see if the voting machine you vote on is not one of Trumps new trademarked voting machines- they are already pre-loaded with his votes.

  5. Thanks to Fox propaganda, Americans who once despised authoritarians, dictators and fascists, now have one in the White House *and the right wingers love it*

    1. So how do you accuse Trump of being totally incompetent and at the same time a authoritarian with complete control when he has never over ridden a single state governor in all his time in office? Authoritarian’s would pass laws without following our Congressional System the way Barack Obama instituted DACA. Please give me a SOLID example of Trump acting as an Authoritarian.
      MSNBC is the PROPAGANDA News. FYI Fox has its own far left liberal hacks that take marching orders like CNN & MSNBC they go by the names Chris Wallace, Donna Brazil, Leslie Marshal. All democrat idiots with a say.

    2. Please pin point all of the instances that you believe were Authoritarian actions committed by Trump on all of America.
      I would love to see your list of Facts.
      What has Trump forced on America?
      I deal in reality & facts!
      You appear to be lost in space!
      FYI, I was a California Democrat voter for 24 years but that never begat the change promised !
      So I watched the state decay into crap then moved to Arizona and switched parties.
      Trump 2020.

    3. @wiremantw Freedom & Liberty Forever Instead of wasting so much time on silly, pointless trolling, watch the video ….

    4. @Allan Burns I did watch the video! Why is it that democrats FAIL to even see that Trump has never even talked about changing the American Constitution in any way shape or form yet we have all this talk of Authoritarian rule of law when its just not being displayed in reality! Democrats accusing Trump of Authoritarian dictatorship rule FAIL to acknowledge their own desires to TEAR DOWN the System and write a New Constitution that suites its own ideology of law and order. We have a Congress to pass laws for the Nation and Obama FAILED to use it as designed when he acted as an Authoritarian ruler! Give me an example of Trump doing something similar please. When did it happen?

    5. @Allan Burns Never once did she give Joe a single example of Trump actually acting as a Authoritarian ruler! Watch the video again and listen carefully. Its all personal opinion and highly subjective to any individual viewer. I for one see it as liberal exaggerated BS based on nothing but political difference of view points !
      MSNBC is Marxist Propaganda News for Socialist Democrats digestion alone.

  6. Donald Trump did not just crawl in under the door. It took 40 years of unbridled greed, unlimited corruption, and a total lack of morals or ethics, by the Republican party, to give birth to this abomination

    1. I agree. Ever since the 1950s the right wing has been singing this song of treason against our Republic; when Citizens United was passed, our fate was sealed.

    2. @Mainely personally, I look to 1980. Being an actor, Ronald Reagan understood both the value and the cost of televised campaigns. So he sold the party to the highest bidder

    3. It started by letting rupert Murdoch by American media. The GOP’ getting rid of the fairness doctrine. Which opened the door to right wing radio stations all over the country. Rush Limbaugh shawn hannity and the clones of both control the Republican party. Shawn hannity is a Trump adviser for God’s sake. Fox news is not shown in great Britain for a reason.

    4. @Howard Peeples I submit it started with Ronald Regan doing traitorous deals with the Ayatollah Khomiani

  7. Trump sends troops to Portland because his cowardly base love the idea of seeing their political opponents beaten, tear-gassed and abused. Trump is creating a problem then “solving” it at the expense of our Constitutional Republic.

    1. Whitney Mohrhauser To you? Even if I linked the YouTube videos which you could easily search, what good would it do? You would tell me “property can be replaced but WHAT ABOUT THE BLACK LIVES?!?!” As if I need to support arson to support equal treatment of African Americans by law enforcement.

      You’re part of the ultra-left. You’re as much my enemy as the ultra-right.

    2. Or imagine this – Its 1937 and Hitler’s radical Socialist Party is using its Brown Shirt Violent thugs to Riot in the streets of Berlin and the Police side with the Socialist Mobs and sit back doing NOTHING to stop the violence and 1 year later Hitler is The leader of Germany.
      Here today we have a twisted liberal msm news reporting that the violence is imaginary & the protests are largely Peaceful in nature yet several police officers have been killed as well as citizens caught up in the violence on the streets. Those that sit back and watch evil spread & do Nothing to stop it are just as evil as those committing the evil deeds. Without action evil spreads like a wild fire. It takes a man of Courage to stand up and walk into the fire and say the truth for what it is and that is all Trump has ever done from day 1.

  8. Oooh this book is next – just finished the Mary Trump one. His family were just awful awful people lead by a despotic old monster.

    1. @N. deG Hitler’s dad was the same kind of evil. tRump and Hitler had serious daddy issues. Explains why dtjr is the way he is as well.

    2. @j k Sorry, but it’s too easy to put it on their fathers.Everybody has to take their own responsibilities growing up at some point.If not we can feel sorry for every serial killer out there if they had a tough upbringing.At some point in life playing the victim doesn’t cut it anymore.I have seen people from the most screwed up families grow up to be fine members of society, that take responsibilities just as any other person with a ‘ normal ‘ background..

    3. @N. deG I agree, but the people who grow beyond their fathers brutality are usually intelligent litererate people. Its the dumb dumbs that get molded by their patriarchs deep seated bullying and cant grow.

    4. @N. deG oh I know. Was just making an observation. But men who get fkd up by abuse and don’t get therapy turn into dangerous psychopaths.

    1. Not if Biden wins.Then the Secret Service will drag the orange imbecile out of the WH as soon as Biden’s sworn in.

    2. We’re fine. When people stop packing their possessions into a rucksack and coming to America risking arrest to find a better life bought with a dishwashers wage, I’ll start to worry.

      In the meantime, get a grip.

  9. Just like in the Tanakh – “we want a king like the other nations of the earth”. It is the beginning of the end if succumbed to.

  10. It seems to me that most authoritarian followers are desperate for a daddy figure to tell them what to think, to hide from the intricacies of a complex world behind the simple fantasies of a screaming mantoddler.

  11. trump supporters love to say “if you don’t like this country then leave”. The truth is if THEY being trump supporters don’t like democracy then why don’t they leave?

  12. Putin has attacked your democracy. Brexit was a trial run. MI5 knew that the DNC server had been hacked yet did nothing

  13. *On the Dementia Test . . . the Question was: ”Do you see an ELEPHANT?” 🐘 . . . and Trump answered “Oooh Oohh . . I know . . that is Mr Snuffleupagus” 🐘*

  14. Freedom actually requires discipline, believe it or not. People would rather have some strong man make their decisions for them ala Jesus and the bible

  15. Agolf Twittler and his camouflage Kristallnacht Force are In action here In the USA ..⛳️🏌️👈😡👁👎 .

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