1. Who cares I want to know what’s going to happen to the poor resident of that destroyed house

    1. The owner of the house was on local news yesterday. She explained that the resident is a long-ferm tenant who lost all her life’s belongings in the fire, and narrowly escaped with her life. Thei tenant probably has some insurance and can sue the heck out of Heche, but all that takes a long time…. and is difficult for people who don’t have a lot of income.

    2. Yep, POOR Anne Heche, POOR Tiger Woods, POOR celebrities who think they can get away with anything because they are famous. Yuck.

  2. after car she was driving crashes into home

    so, she drove it, into a home… why not just say that..?

  3. She got in 2 accidents in less than an hour. Video footage shows her going 90 mph and then a loud bang. She had an open bottle of vodka.

    1. She hasn’t killed anyone yet but the potential for that to happen was high. She should be arrested for reckless driving.

    2. @Daniel Charlebois Can you share the video evidence of a bottle of vodka sitting in place after the collision πŸ’₯ and fire πŸ”₯

    3. Drunk driving only kills when you’re non-famous. Otherwise, you blame the car, your agent, those horrible fans…you get it.

  4. A car she was driving crashed? No she crashed the car. Don’t fancy it up it’s her fault.

  5. “A car she was driving crashed into a house”, ” The car was travelling”. These choice of words are strange, one would think the car was doing the driving.

  6. Anne Heche first had a minor hit at a garage and when a resident told her to get out of the car, she took off then sped down the road and ended up crashing into the house. There are videos of both online. Either she was probably drunk or high. Either way she should be arrested for reckless driving.
    Heche could have killed someone and the fact that she was the one that ended up in the ICU doesn’t make her the victim.

    1. 😬 in 2000 Anne ended up in a Fresno hospital, after knocking on a farmer’s door – not coherent. This was after her big breakup. Hope this doesn’t happen again.

  7. It is nothing short of a miracle that Anne Heche survived the accident. She was in a car that was burning and filled with smoke, how do survive that! Thank goodness the owner of the house and her pets were able to escape without injury, that too is a miracle.

    1. @james summers pictures on new york post, tmz has the same video the blue car. Her podcast apparently the same day said she had shots.. it’s everywhere.. signature red lid by the gear shift

    2. @james summers I have no idea what that is suppose to mean. Except maybe the turtles owner deserves the name even more.

    3. I would NOT WANT to survive any incident in which I got “SEVERE BURNS”…

      LIFE IS **NOT** SO PRECIOUS that I would Ever want to “Survive with Severe Burns” for the rest of my Life!


  8. What kind of watered down title is this?! Anne Heche was speeding down a residential street when SHE DROVE her car in someone’s home who she almost killed seems more appropriate. Are investigators looking into reports that she said she was drinking vodka during her podcast prior to her reckless driving incident?

  9. Any normal citizen who did that would have a cop sitting outside their door in the hospital waiting to read them their rights with the results of blood tests for alcohol and drugs. She did a hit and run and must have been doing close to 80 mph down a residential street and crashed through the front of someone’s house nearly killing the home owner. The car ignited and started the homeowners house on fire destroying everything.

    1. @Petr Blazek wtf nonsense are you spewing? Of course her blood work will be considered – you don’t need to consent once you’re in an accident effecting others or anything life threatening alone – no one is dead, she’s gonna recover it seems – her blood toxoligy will be considered. And it was certainly taken within an hour of her rescue.

    2. @Dancer4life I did not know that, as said in my time, truth will out, like other people who post thoughts hear I hope to hear responses like yours that discuss, and not inflame, what happened.

      This trauma will affect her, she had an exotic beauty to her, my fiance I was attracted to in ’93 had and still has the same type of beauty, which unlike the glam of Hollywood is natural and I teased her that she should not have been interested in an average looking dude like myself, but her inner magic would not have it.

      I had one at fault accident that left a nickle sized dent in a truck, my car was damaged worse but repaired, but it was a blessing in disguise. The driver I bumped was funny, he wanted to reassure me he felt it was an accident, not reckless or intentional, and he called the police for me so we could get the accident on record and insurance working for us.

      I took an online traffic course and really dug it, realizing that after two decades of driving I had forgotten some tips that those who drive alone do not get, like a car being a two ton weapon, and that use of the middle finger in most states if you do not like someone tailgating you is considered assault, grinning and letting them pass or yielding when safe is better than road rage which reduces the chance to reach old age, though some are almost suicidal in their driving and road rage their way thru their commutes.

      The driver I bumped taught me how to react when someone brushed my car in a rear ender, which is jarring but only left a small streak on my bumper. I pulled into a parking lot and saw a carload of horrified young men who just did not pay attention, and I pointed to the bumper laughing saying–see, bumper not hurt.

      I made their day, they said, as the driver I hit made mine, by being civil and human to strangers whose blood I might need someday in surgery, who knows…

    1. What about the lawn and foliage in front of the house? A lot of that was destroyed, but you didn’t offer condolences at all. Dat’s cold, bro…

    2. @Melancholy Romantic Really!?! WORSE than a bus load of super cute orphan children traveling to their brand new forever homes with their brand new super cute orphan kittens as well?!?
      lol πŸ˜‰

    3. Since it took the first responders an hour to extricate her from the flaming car, I would imagine her, burns and smoke inhalation, won’t be survivable.
      And, if she does survive, she’ll probably wish she hadn’t when they start treating her burns. I’ve heard it’s the most painful procedure on earth.
      And, it’s years and years of treatments.
      Ah…I just watched another video stating she’s in stable condition now and not critical. But, we shall wait and see.

  10. If her closest friends in hollywoodland want to offer to help Anne, then offer the woman who lost her house a place to stay. Gather up money to rent an apartment for this woman for at least a year ($100K is not much if gathered up), so she and her three pets to have shelter. It would show this might be what Anne might want and a good deed and good p.r., too. For whatever reason this occurred, she has some responsibility here and while at it gather up money for a good tip for the 50 plus workers that did their job.

    1. Yes, and I’m so sick of the Hollyweirds not having to pay for these violations! Certainly, not like you and I would! Neither did Tiger Woods.

  11. I read someplace that the lady living in that house is a long term renter, and that the owner of the house was very worried about her tenant. The owner said that the lady lost everything, but was so thankful that a neighbor helped get her pets out with her. Dogs and also a turtle, I think. Thank God that the lady and her pets were not injured or killed. I think that is a bit of a miracle after seeing so much smoke and flames from the car. Horrible. Horrible experience for the lady living there to deal with. I do hope that she will be given help to get into a comfortable rental soon. She must be a nervous wreck after living through something like that. I know I would be!

  12. Seems like this has been the most recognition she’s had in a very long time, it’s just too bad that it’s not for something a little more positive…

  13. OMG she’s famous! Therefore, I hope she’s more ok than someone who is a “normie”. Pray for Anne Heche!

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