Annual July 4th fireworks celebration on National Mall | USA TODAY 1

Annual July 4th fireworks celebration on National Mall | USA TODAY

Watch the annual Fourth of July fireworks display in Washington, D.C.RELATED: RELATED: Biden's July 4 COVID vaccination goal is unlikely: What that means
U.S. President Joe Biden watches the annual Independence Day fireworks display on the National Mall in the District of Columbia. »
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    1. That’s Joe Biden your President! Trump is in his gawdy azz resort in Florida figuring out how he’s going to weasel his way out of the charges against his company without the Office of the Presidency to save his sorry azz!

    2. @Garry Morton You been watching too much CNN Trump was NOT indicted. But Happy Independence Day….even though we’re not energy independent. I hear the troops had fireworks…in Afghanistan.

  2. “….HAPPY JULY 4th……to all my lovable Americans
    Lots of LOVE and Blessings from India…….”

  3. “Jill, don’t the fireworks look amazing just past the barricades and barbed wire? I’ll bet Mt. Rushmore is having a great fireworks display….oops, sorry, I forgot about that little issue…””

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