Another Clinton Investigation Championed By Trump Comes Up Empty | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Rachel Maddow shares a report from the Washington Post that a two-year investigation begun by then-A.G. Jeff Sessions at the behest of Donald Trump and his right-wing supporters to investigate pet theories about the Clinton Foundation and the sale of Uranium One as well as her e-mails and other matters, has found "nothing worth pursuing." Aired on 1/9/20.
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Another Clinton Investigation Championed By Trump Comes Up Empty | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @Shaun Carroll
      You didn’t make a rebuttal. You just spewed some Breitbart/4chan ridiculous right wing talking points.

      No mention of why you are crying about genders or men having periods when nobody mentioned it? This is not your thing, kid, stop embarrassing yourself.

    2. @Shaun Carroll
      Why are you crying about genders when nobody mentioned it? It seems a pretty clear cut question?

    1. Rachel was sued for defamation. The only reason the case was dismissed was because he said Rachel isn’t really news but just a commentator entertainer (fake news propagandist)

    2. Clinton will not willingly step into ANY courtroom.
      Too much chance of walking out in chains.
      You REALLY don’t know how EVIL those people are?
      Epstein is DEAD because Hillary and Bill were TIGHT and so were the “friends” the Clintons made via Epstein’s acquaintance.

    1. @ML Isaacs You poor, poor soul. ::smh:: After years of telling you that Obama wasn’t born in the U.S., once Trump had your attention and your devotion, he took it all back. Dear Leader told you what to think, now you must obey. It doesn’t matter if the information is always contradictory. Trump’s been doing that for four years, so just go with it.

    2. @gem anscombe since when is it FBI protocol to go to a suspects home and as you say “inspect” potential evidence? If they “inspected” it it was so they could tell her what to delete before sending them in to the office. Hilary Clinton is corrupt its ridiculous. Shes all about being for women until her husband decides to do what he does then she totally does everything in her power to destroy the lives of them women.
      And you want to talk about Trump thinking he’s above the law. How many times did Obama use his power in ways that he shouldn’t have? How many times did he invoke executive privilege? And usually when he did it was to allow some other country to get over on the USA!

    1. In other words, Hillary Clinton is %100 exonerated by the trump administration. Facts dont care how you feel about them, they’re facts.

    2. -Any chance we could get that information soon, it’s been a couple days and so I wanted to check up on you and see if you’re all right?

    3. So you people think it’s okay to sell essentially a Nuke to Russia and you and a couple of other people get wealthy? This is ethical? Selling Uranium is Gun Running, Change my mind?

  1. Why should a corrupt politician who illegally destroyed evidence get off when other citizens in this country would not have that liberty?

  2. All this illustrates was that the fix was in from the get go. Left or Right they all feed at the same trough.

  3. This is why people on both sides dont trust our government esp those 3 letter gangs. Hillary is among some of the most corrupt people to have ever run for office.

    1. No facts. Just your statement. I look at voting records for candidates. Don had none. Plus,
      Trump Foundation fined 2 million for grifting 2.8 million off of Veterans charity. Guilty of this, and of lying, (Trump) when he tried to say money raised by other charities was raised by him. Foundation ordered dissolved. Wake up. I’m a Vet, and I won’t forget.

  4. Yea how many corrupt Bureaucrats are leading the investigation? Any one that believes uranium one, or the clinton foundation was not corrupt, Does not want to believe it.

  5. is he celebrating accused corruption of a life long politician its possible no finding, fighting for the people!

  6. Why not sell all of our uranium to the Russians if there was no problem with her getting 140 million for just 20%

    1. @R I must. You were so OBSESSED with me you had to take time out of your day to personally attack me for no reason beyond your mental illness. Seek professional help. And if your therapist tells you there is nothing wrong with you keep searching you are drowning in your sickness.

    1. Yes. Russians are everywhere. Just like all the Bigfoots on this Flat Earth of ours. Yay democrat party! lol #delusional

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