Another Nurse Dies of Covid-19 | Roads Still Impassable | TVJ Midday News - August 31 2021 1

Another Nurse Dies of Covid-19 | Roads Still Impassable | TVJ Midday News – August 31 2021

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  1. The figure is going up every day but still can’t understand how these nurses a die so wonder if them nu vaccine so sad RIP to every one who lost their lives to this think

    1. Vaccines don’t prevent people from dying. In most cases it gives you a Fighting chance but it’s not a life saver. If you have a compromised immune system it’s even harder for your body to fight off any virus.

    2. Dont know if she took it. Not all nurses have taken it. The vaccines dont give you %100 resistance but it gives you a better chance.There is still movement on these no movement days and not all covid protocol are not observed at some of these sites. The lockdown numbers will not be fully reflected as yet.

    1. I was just saying the same thing to someone, their or some persons who still don’t take this virus seriously

    2. So what would you say about the ppl who take it serious and took the jab and now they’re dead?

    3. Seriously building up the immune system in everybody then “herd immunuty” is best. Also taking the correct vitamins and supplements and the correct medication when you do get it.

  2. So wait, the nurse was vaxed or not?
    I just asking for fair reporting.

    Usually all details are given when dealing with such a situation.

    Being honest with people is important.

    1. @Smikle’s TV Is that so how did you arrive at that information

      Then if she was fully vax how comes she died from covid complicatications then it is said to trust the science am not understanding

      The blood of Jesus Christ on you Andrew Holness and Christopher Tufton

    1. @R s dem nuh know if God a man or woman either.. but dem put dem trust inna God and nothing not getting better fi dem.

    2. @Shane Flow weh we ago find out? How comes di politicians dem nah drop like flies. Only innocent kids and and women a dead. Think about dat

    3. @sam brown when it happens hope you’ll remember. Most of you will only come to your senses when something drastic happens in Jamaica. I’m not here to swear on anything tho, you have the right to mock and jeer but our duty is to do the will of God even when we are hated.

    4. @Shane Flow if u nu find out yet it show how stupid ur. Its more than a million people worldwide die already. It seems to me God himself is afraid of covid. He or she is in quarantine.. D.W.L God is so fool fool.

    1. My vaccinated brother-in-law just tested positive for covid. He has been a loyal mask wearer and even gloves.

    1. @Simon John you heard dr fauci and the cdc admited the other day that the vaxxed is spreading delta to the unvaxx,,,,,

    2. @Andy West All these variants are part of propaganda to spread fear, so you be a good boy and take your clot shots and boosters…and more boosters. When they’re done with Delta, they’ll find another scariant, even more contagious to scare the sheep. Take what the CDC and Fauci say with a large dose of salt.

    3. @Simon John the new variant is iota i saw it on the variant chart with the dates they are going to be released and then i heard the WHO talking about it i was so on point ,, and this morning i heard on the news new variant detected in south africa

    4. Aren’t transmissions happening during the movement days? Having a few days of non movement makes a small difference

    5. @Susie The difference is too small
      A/ there are too many exemptions
      B/ the no movement days reduces and limits the time businesses are open forcing people into larger groups, negating gains from no movement days.
      When the government say they’re following the science – they lie.
      Never before in human history have healthy people been put under house arrest on the assumption they are spreaders. That’s fake science.. Asymptomatic spread has never been the driver of pandemics.

  3. almost every citizen is concerned was she vaccinated or not

    we need info cant just be blaming tragedy on covid its a nurse she would know.

    1. @Marcia Samuels your point is true but the news reported that she died due to covid 19 complications. Just so u know whether u take the vaccine or not you can still contract the virus and die due to the virus, you are very ignorant to even make a statement like that. Allow ppl to make their own choice because the vaccine is not the holy water that will give you eternal life

    2. @T Maria so true them and their vaccine can go to hell never you hear them said one vaccinated person die always un vaccinated god seeing them all

  4. Oh my gosh look at how that road was build in Clarendon oh my word how on earth can a road be built like that. Road construction Engineers from the UK , Germany, Sweden would have condemned it even before the final layer was put on, those engineers who constructed that road including the surveyors need to be held accountable.

  5. No movement day was implemented to facilitate vaccination initiatives on those days…. All employees, schoolers and other citizens could easily traverse to from since the country was lockdown on those days…

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