Another Pastor in Jamaica Charged for Sexually Assaulting 5 Children | TVJ News - June 11 2021 1

Another Pastor in Jamaica Charged for Sexually Assaulting 5 Children | TVJ News – June 11 2021


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  1. Not just the church. Leaders of schools. Leaders of government. Le religion have nothing to do with a evil person. A evil person is just a evil person.

  2. Time took get rid of all Pastors out of the system they serve absolutely no purpose in the church again

  3. Wait wait! He’s a pastor at age 23? He finished his degree in Theology and all that already? And Grandma.. U knew this was happening.. What the hell…

  4. He is a predator not a preacher!!!. Families stop putting your trust in these predators who call themselves preachers. Run them even if them a offer you a loaf a bread!!All these fools a walk these parishes with the word preacher behind them name so them can get with these young children.

  5. Alot of Jamaican parents can’t report or talk about things like these because they themselves are victims. It’s hard to help someone when you have the same struggles.

  6. A lot of these parents are selling these children’s innocense not just turning a blind eye.

  7. Chap aaaf dem bumboclaat cacky. An nuff nuff ah unnu raasclaat parent an guardian wi sell unnu pickny dem fi money.

  8. False clickbait ! I heard you say the man who molested 5 children was a disciplinarian not a pastor, so why edited that Pastor molested 5 children. Do not drag the church anymore than is necessary,

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