Another Vindication For Clinton As Probe Reportedly Hits Dead End | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Rachel Maddow relays reporting from the Washington Post and CNN that a federal investigation into Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, Uranium One, and other pet right-wing narratives has found nothing worthy of criminal investigation, and reviews the other such investigations and suggestive media reports that have previously failed to incriminate Clinton. Aired on 01/10/20.
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Another Vindication For Clinton As Probe Reportedly Hits Dead End | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. ​@Som1 anonymous –it’s the Ukraine server! *FIND the fukken SERRVVERRR!* STFU & keep sucking Julie Onni’s skinflap, *HOSER*

    2. ​@Som1 anonymous–it’s the Ukraine server! *FIND the fukken SERRVVERRR!* STFU & keep sucking Julie Onni’s skinflap, *HOSER*

    1. @wouldnt chuliketoknow There’s a big difference.
      Withdrawing your plea, is approved or denied by a judge.
      An appeal, is a second court trial (retrial on the prosecution side) with judges and JURY., With hearings, witnesses, evidence, the whole circus 🤹‍♂️. You cannot have a second court trial without first having a trial, you don’t get a trial if you plead guilty.

      Also, you typically have a very short time frame window to withdraw your plea, normally prior to sentencing. Where appeals have a year.
      Plea withdraws deal with the merits of your plea exclusively.
      Appeals deal with technicalities and procedures.

    2. @Beautiful Soul so serving in the military for 30yrs isn’t honorable ? Only a MO-RON still Sukn on their mommas tit would say thats not honorable !

    3. @S H you can’t tell me that I’m not black you haven’t even seen what I look like trust me I’m black

    1. BananaPig why was the conman TU doing with Epstein partying with girls, with a 13 year old accusing trump and Epstein secual abuse? Had that been a Clinton seem partying with him and a 13 year old accusing him republicans will have gone bananas.

    2. @Ken Warner and you need a quick trip to the Psych Ward for believing everything that Trump says. 😒

    1. @Power corrupts ahh Putin, leader of the country the DNC paid 9 million dollars for lies in our beloved President. You wouldn’t know Russian collusion if it was on the bottom of my shoe and wiped it off on you. That skank along with the Obama adm sold 25% of our uranium mines. Now we have Russians on US soil mining uranium and some went missing and believed to have been sold to Iran. OH THE IRONY IF THEY USED A BOMB ON US MADE WITH OUR URANIUM. Hillary doesn’t care she made 145 million on it. Mueller was head FBI and knew of Russian diplomats bribing politicians to let the sale go through. Her State Dept 6 billion dollars missing. The black orangutan giving 1.8 billion cash to Iran to fund terror using untraceable cash. Gawd these Dems are stupid. Common sense is in the WH now and your upset the country is running well? Wtf

    1. @Desperado5501 Yep…Sidney Powell has pretty much gotten him off the hook due to Prosecuting attorneys breaking the law. Admiral Rogers knows all the crimes that were committed by the Mueller Investigators. Flynn knows where all the bodies are buried. Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, etc…will be going down very soon. Operation Boomerang in full effect…Justice is coming

    1. Jay . . . I’ll bet that tie looks great in a room full of bars and a door locked from the other side! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

    1. @Jay Fjeld No, I’m responding to the claims that Raoul Fleckman made about you.
      It wasn’t his “professional insight” as you stated… I think he may have a crystal ball or a Ouija board or something. 🙂

    1. @Painkiller Jones Sorry they’re long grown up. Maybe they’ll be teaching your’s some day. Or your cousins, well i actually mean yours, or your sisters, well i actually mean yours!

    2. @Michael Whitted all hearsay the only fact witness testified that trump wanted nothing from Ukraine. Did you even watch the hearings?

  1. Lock Flynn up
    Madame secretary Hillary finally justices owe to you.
    Seat back and enjoy sweet justice
    Proud of this strong lady .

    1. “…we ran for cover from the gunfire as we landed…” Muahahahahaha…. You: “Madame Secretary?” Me: “Child.”

    2. Grizzly if that was all the lies that a politician tells we would be so lucky. Try the documented 10000+ lies told by our commander in chief and still counting, just saying 😏

  2. Acting like they’re going to have to explain this to their grandkids is an incredible overestimation of Republican conscience…

    1. @Martha Parsons “At least Republicans have a conscious the demoncraps have sold theirs to Satan their leader who lies destroys and loves power at no cost” Try again. Look at what the Republicans are doing in Washington, exactly what you are claiming about the Democrats.

  3. “Nothing wrong with that”from Mike Flynn. The whole R party has turned to Stalinism, Remember him America? I guess not as history is repeating!

    1. @Scott Gordon Right! Those accusers aren’t worth the breath it would take to demand an apology. Besides, she’d only get the standard Republican non-apology: “I’m sorry that you were (the only one) offended by statements taken out of context. Mistakes were made (but not by me).”

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