Another wave of Russian missiles hit Ukrainian civilian targets


    1. @promethaus it is, you must be from russia that’s why you dubt it, you must be some little dude with no toilet eating cats and dogs than.

  1. As awful as this is, it means less missiles to be used against the Ukrainian military.
    Because when you fight a losing war, you avoid targeting enemy forces.

    1. ​@karl harrison Russia lost this war 2 days after 24 February, 2022. Putin is so far stuck in this quagmire that he might as well launch nuclear missiles now to save himself from a Gaddafi style death.

    2. The total combat losses of the enemy from 24.02 to 12.11 were approximately:
      Personnel – about 80210 (+810) persons liquidated
      Tanks – 2838 (+24) od,
      Combat Armored Machines / APV – 5730 (+34) od,
      Artillery systems – 1829 (+12) od,
      RSZV / MLRS – 393 (+0) from,
      Anti-aircraft warfare systems – 205 (+0) from,
      Planes / aircraft – 278 (+0) od,
      Helicopters – 261 (+0) od,
      UAV operational-tactical level – 1506 (+1)
      winged rockets / cruise missiles / 399 (+0),
      ships / boats / warships – 16 (+0) od,
      Automobile equipment and avtocistern / vehicles and fuel tanks – 4279 (+ 20) od,
      special equipment – 160 (+1)

    3. @Nick Wannabe You have to parse it more carefully, because these are headlines. “Russia is running out of high-precision cruise missiles.”

      It’s very important, because there are also ballistic missiles, and they are ordering more of them from Iran. And also “running out” doesn’t mean run out. In fact, Russia will probably never run out. They are able to produce at least 8 of them a year, for starters. But then, we will probably see less and less frequent launches of cruise missiles specifically, and will see other missiles or drones instead.

      So yeah, don’t take headlines at face value. I hate that it is this way, but it is this way because people click on it. If they stop doing it, well, then someone else will rise to the top who does it, and so you will always see the top news outlets doing it. Overall, though, Russia has enormous missile supplies, they can keep targeting Ukraine for years to come.

      Ukraine estimates at least 20 more mass-scale launches like this.

  2. NATO has to step in: this is totally unacceptable. At the very least, Ukraine should be able to respond in kind – and should be provided with missiles capable of reaching Moscow so that Russians can have a taste of their own medicine.

    1. Russia is a nuclear power! fighting with a nuclear power is not the same as chasing Bedouins through the desert… Americans pray, we have nothing to lose, but you will have to die for Ukraine!!!!

    2. @Aaron Edwards Yes we should go in and end the fighting, best course of action is to tell both sides we are coming in and tell Moscow we will be occupying all of Ukraine back up as we approach, don’t forget we are also going into Crimea so anything you got there gotta go too. then we hold elections in Ukraine and stay like we did in Germany and Japan for 60 years, I would love to do a tour in Ukraine heard the girls are really hot

  3. By hitting civilian targets almost exclusively nowadays Russia hopes to break people’s morale and enforce a cease fire through terror. It’s a clear sign of despair by Russian leadership that realizes they can never defeat Ukrainian army. Ukraine needs to stay strong and the rest of us need to help them get through it. Engaging in peace talks with Russia at this point and making any sort of concessions would mean legitimizing their purely territorial conquest and brutality with which they conduct it.

    1. @Dave Cuddahy I don’t think the ukrainians will agree with you i don’t think they want an undefended border. But then again a small strip of land being called an DMZ woulsd be ideal yes. First though they need to get the Russians out of Ukrian.

    2. @Arturo Bianco oh That was not what I meant like the one was in place in Europe during the cold War and the one in Korea now. I can remember there was a 1km zone on both sides of the inter German border when I was younger and we patrolled it

  4. My soul hurts for people who just wanted to live their lives but got caught by this conflict. I hope karma will come for those who started it.

    1. @Biden Blows and what is the point of having them if they are not gonna get used? any way most of the weapons like the Stinger are no longer used by US armed Forces and have been taking up valuable warehouse space, the Javelin is from the 80’s, the AT4 is also from the 80’s most of the system’s we trained on and used back in the day are out of date and in storage, that the Tax payer has to pay to keep in a controlled environment, so actually we are unloading things we pay to store, like the m1117 we are sending to Ukraine we are sending 250 of them they are no longer in use and are still maintained we pay for that. We have 3,000 M1’s with the 105mm still on them that have not seen any upgrades we pay for maintenance and storage on these also the same for the old Bradley’s, we should get rid of all the TOW missiles we still have, do you realize we still have 105mm tank ammo from the 1960″ in storage. these are things long paid for and we are paying to maintain them and store them. lets unload them and cut the cost of maintenance and storage . you are right about Biden thou, when we start sending new weapon system’s I will start to worry about the cost

    2. @Dave Cuddahy ok so because you dont like 1 leader you want to kill 100,000,000 citizens, Hitler had an idea like that.

    3. @Viral Meme’s wow there they can always do the right thing and stop attacking there old colonies and trying to retake them

    4. If any one is acting like Nazi’s that would be the Russian’s with forced deportation to the far east and kidnapping children

    5. @Dave Cuddahy deportation is one thing but they are the people above are taking about taking out the whole country, because they dont like 1 person.

    1. never Russia has a seat on the security council and will veto any action, It is up to the alliance’s to step in

    2. @Linda Jones The United States remains the largest donor to the United Nations. In 2020, it contributed more than $11 billion, which accounted for just under one-fifth of funding for the body’s collective budget. The four largest contributors to the United Nations – the US (22% of the UN budget), China (12.005%), Japan (8.564%) and Germany (6.090%) – together finance some 49% of the entire UN budget. time to cut there budget and charge them rent

  5. No matter whether it was an accident or intentional, a no-fly zone should be imposed to stop the targeting of civilians and civilian infrastructure.

    1. I was originally on this page but brings up who polices the sky and then when there is a breach we all get sucked into the conflict

    2. @Ronald Burns well Think the no fly zone sends a clear message, and if violated we shoot down the aircraft or missile and say do not do it again. As for them being in danger they are in more danger from themselves than anybody else. If not for the Nukes there opinion would not even be considered. In stead of trying to retake old colonies they should try to improve and fix what they got

    1. @村山和貴 米英主導のNATO侵略軍は俺の母親と従姉達の故郷セルビアとロシアに対する侵略を諦めろ Ето не россии решать кого убирать. Россияне уже проголосовали за диктатора . Нам такого не надо.

    2. 村山和貴 米英主導のNATO侵略軍は俺の母親と従姉達の故郷セルビアとロシアに対する侵略を諦めろ says:

      @Tatiana Slama
      Преступная группа Зеленского являющаяся международной террористической организацией уже некоторое время осуществляет трансграничное вторжение в Россию.
      Так что для России эта священная акция против международной террористической организации “Преступная группа Зеленского” является самообороной и вполне естественно что Россия должна решить что делать с Украиной.
      И Россия не избирает диктатора.
      Россия выбирает героев.

    3. @村山和貴 米英主導のNATO侵略軍は俺の母親と従姉達の故郷セルビアとロシアに対する侵略を諦めろ Я вас умоляю… Украина всегда жила мирно и не вторгалась ни на чьи территории . Россия подло начала войну против мирного государства .

    4. 村山和貴 米英主導のNATO侵略軍は俺の母親と従姉達の故郷セルビアとロシアに対する侵略を諦めろ says:

      @Tatiana Slama
      Ты не знаете правды.
      США и Великобритания создали военные базы НАТО на территории Украины игнорируя конституцию Украины.
      С этой военной базы НАТО США и Великобритания совершали полеты разведывательных самолетов НАТО на российскую территорию и нарушали воздушное пространство России.
      А террористы “Аль-Каиды” и кавказские террористы присоединившиеся к международной террористической организации “Преступная группа Зеленского”незаконно пересекали границу на территорию России похищали и убивали российских граждан.
      Некоторые из женщин российских граждан были похищены Аль-Каидой и кавказскими террористами и проданы в рабство в арабские и африканские страны.
      Именно поэтому Россия решила предпринять эту акцию чтобы покончить с международной террористической организацией “Преступная группа Зеленского”бешеной собакой США и Великобритании, которая оккупирует Украину.

  6. looks like the coords were entered incorrectly into the guidance – Kyiv latitude and LVIV longitude whiich means it was targeted at one of those cities – not a defensive missile

  7. Yes find a way to blame Russia 😂😂😂😂. Zelensky is trying to separate himself because his false flag was found out.

  8. yet , people blame Ukraine for trying to protect its infrustructure and not Russia who strikes 100 rockets yesterday

  9. I think Ukraine should start targeting Russian utilities infrastructure they have every right to and the missle that hit Poland couldn’t be a Ukranian missle if the S 300 air defense missle goes off course it automatically self destructs itself.

    1. Ukraine already start targeting russian infrastructure (Crimea bridge), that is why Russia now started Targeting Ukraine infrastructure

  10. I would like to send my condolences to lives being lost. And at the same time, I do honestly think U.S. and EU should harden their stances to Russia and impose further sanctioning. God bless Ukraine. Slava Ukraine.

    1. Russia is a nuclear power! fighting with a nuclear power is not the same as chasing Bedouins through the desert… Americans pray, we have nothing to lose, but you will have to die for Ukraine!!!!

  11. Peace and prayers for all people in the World today and for many reasons 😔 😔 sad day for all people in the World no one is for the people of the world no misery 💘 you and your family and friends who are prepared for the peace of the world to pray for peace brothers and sisters no misery 💘 😔 😔 👌

  12. This Russian aggression makes imperative that every Nation has the right to have hydrogen Bom ( nuclear Bom ) for defense and deterrent,if Ukraine 🇺🇦 didn’t give nuclear arsenals to Russia in 1990’s,dictator Vladimir Putin think twice,before starting the unprovoked attack,the world and in particular NATO stop the appeasement policy before to late.

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