Anthony Scaramucci Reacts To President Donald Trump’s Recent Comments | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Following President Donald Trump’s incendiary comments toward 4 Congresswomen of color, there has been bipartisan criticism – including from former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci. He joins Ali Velshi to share his thoughts and the way immigration has affected his family.
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Anthony Scaramucci Reacts To President Donald Trump’s Recent Comments | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Everyone Must Notice how hard trump tries to divide the American people… Notice thats exactly what putin has tried to do during our past election….

    1. @juanoramo lol. Yeah , I go back to Poland every summer . Thank you. See nothing racist about it .

    2. @td603 td60é I have read the tweet. Please show me one thing racist about it . Just one thing .

    3. @Florian Held I know you suffer from down syndrome my poor sad lonely potato. You r not only I’ll but the fascist media has turned you into a human sheep.

  2. History suggests that politics of division end badly and leaders who practice it, lead their counties to very dark places. Maybe it is time for people to think beyond their personal happiness and to consider the dark future they are enabling through their support of this president.

    1. @Mine Finder Obama never wrote that, and that has been debunked over a 10 years ago, in fact that quote is actually lifted from an article in the American Conservative. Author Steve Sailer wrote a detailed analysis of Dreams from My Father, describing the narrator as “a humor-impaired Holden Caulfield whose preppie angst is fueled by racial regret” but also praising it as “an impressive book” with an “elegant, carefully wrought prose style.” nice fail you inbred stupid hick.

  3. If Scarrabuttfuck hadn’t got himself fired, he would still be spewing trumps lies from the WH podium without conscience. Why is he even still a minor thing?

    1. @Bruce Bartup Not zero, but it seems like it. Several of the experts that MSNBC have hired for commentary are traditional Republicans, as opposed to the rest who have either lost their spines, or minds.

    2. Jimmy Monroe I assume you’re just ‘plugging’ for a ‘Blake Mitchell’.
      Search results show he was a football player, with ZERO relevance to the subject here.

  4. He complains about the Mueller report all the time. So why not step down instead of complaining?

    1. The “AMERICAN FUHRER” TRIMP at another one of his NAZI/KKK-type rallies where he spews “JOSEPH GOEBBELLS” propaganda style LIES.
      Thanks for EXPOSING more RACISTS to ALL the WORLD TRIMP.

  5. Wow! The “Average American” should know it’s never OK to tell someone to go back to where they came from – how can the occupant of the WH not know that??!!?


    2. @V Marshall We are always naive in our youth that is normal. What is more disturbing is how many people have become so narrow-minded and full of hate in their advanced years. Trump rallies are a perfect example of how so many people are not getting wiser and more mature with age they’re just getting old and bitter and need someone to blame for their short comings.

  6. No. Body. Cares. What. This. Man. Thinks.

    He’s as relevant as Lindsay Lohan giving her opinion on The Emmy’s .

    1. @watchthisbs – Who’s the main subject of the article? Who’s name is in the title?

      Troll Attempt at deflection: 1/10 try harder.

    2. I thought you meant Trump. I was dreaming up a zinger about his access to the nuclear codes;) but, yes, scaramucci IS irrelevant. I wish trump was.

    3. @KesselRunner606 Both Donald Trump and A. Scaramucci’s name appear in the title – and Trump is/was the main SUBJECT of this article – so @watchthisbs had a fair point …

    4. KesselRunner606 Paul Ryan lmao he thinks that was an attempt at trolling, but I was being genuine… I don’t think he thought about, he just had to get all of that bs out of his mouth. Like his original comment. By a man who’s far less relevant than the man he’s commenting on. All to fill his head with hope and glee of being recognized for his words. 30+ people liked it. I hope that’s enough to make his head explode. I shouldn’t hope though, it definitely will sometime within the 8 yrs of trump as president.

    5. KesselRunner606 you know why that is though? Because he’s relevant. You seem to care about what he thinks a lot. Hmm…

    1. Free round trip on Trump air (uber) w an overnight at an abandoned casino. Excellent. Slovenian whores as well?

    2. lol You know that the Trump’s Taj Mahal casino gambling chips are $elling like hot cakes on ebay now!..

  7. Trumps a hater. Time and time again, beyond a reasonable doubt, he’s demonstrated his hatred toward black and brown people. Screaming ignorance.

  8. He complained about this country from the word go.Everyone in it,every person wanting to come here or not.Called our country not great and here he NOW complains about other people complaining. Leave and let the country repair itself!

    1. The “AMERICAN FUHRER” TRIMP at another one of his NAZI/KKK-type rallies where he spews “JOSEPH GOEBBELLS” propaganda style LIES.
      Thanks for EXPOSING more RACISTS to ALL the WORLD TRIMP.

  9. As I recall, when the white South tried to leave the country because they didn’t like the direction the government was taking it didn’t work out so well for them. Since the USA is a republic, everybody has the right to voice their disapproval of the government, which doesn’t mean that they hate the country. Nobody has to leave, everybody gets to vote. I haven’t heard or read anything that indicates that the women Trump is attacking hate America. I have read comments that are critical of Trump and his performance. It is typical of Trump’s narcissism that he would equate criticism of himself with hating America. Trump claims not to have a racist bone in his body and that may be true, but the thoughts in his head and the words that express those thoughts suggest he is a bigoted man. Those that support Trump are not so stupid that they were fooled by him, they know what Trump is selling and they like it. Those masturbatory MAGA patriots seem to have a lot in common with those Southern whites who tried leaving, maybe they are the ones who ought to try it again.

  10. Trump the racist rapists should move. He is the one always complaining, the make America great again slogan is proof, America was doing just fine till the orange clown showed up

    1. The “AMERICAN FUHRER” TRIMP at another one of his NAZI/KKK-type rallies where he spews “JOSEPH GOEBBELLS” propaganda style LIES.
      Thanks for EXPOSING more RACISTS to ALL the WORLD TRIMP.

  11. Trump is not just an “ordinary” racist, but obsessively and maniacally RACIST! And even since he was very young!

    1. Trump is not just an ordinary racist. No, he is the President of the USA. I couldn’t care less about what Trump thinks, or does when he was a civilian, but now that he is President, and has an effect on all of our lives, it matters a great deal.

    2. The “AMERICAN FUHRER” TRIMP at another one of his NAZI/KKK-type rallies where he spews “JOSEPH GOEBBELLS” propaganda style LIES.
      Thanks for EXPOSING more RACISTS to ALL the WORLD TRIMP.

  12. Why ask this uninformed fool his opinion? This sycophant is here to smooth it over; these people love power not our country. Scaramucci would sell his grandma’s knickers to make 5 cents. Shame.

  13. What about Kellyanne Conway? She stated she is sick of this country. How come we have someone working in the White House that is sick of our country?

    1. And I love how they always say…bbbbeacause you hate trump. Well, who in their right fukin’ mind DOESN’T hate trump?

    2. KAC is sick and tired of how the people who the president continuously attacks and bullies, call him out for being a racist and a bully.

  14. All he did before he became president was complain, why didn’t he leave then, but it’s okay for him, because he is the dicator wannabe in Chief..

    1. @Ro G He only mentioned one name three woman threw themselves into the ring. They must have felt guilty.

    1. I’m sorry to hear you’re deaf and blind sir because the liberal/democrats all around you are ALL hypocrites.

  15. I love how he is trying to have it both ways…The president’s tweets are racist but the president is not a racist. He’s a piece of work this guy.

    1. @SPZ Aruba boy i tell you, you Trump people most be the greatest acrobat artist in the world and yall just dont know it. For full 8 years all we heard from you guys and Trump is how the unemployment numbers are fake and how they are 10 to 20% higher than what is being reported and then low and behold Trump gets into office and not even a year in office all we hear about is how great the unemployment numbers are under Trump and its all because of Trump, and how great the African American numbers are all because of Trump. Now keep in mind his first budget isn’t passed or gone into effect until after his 2nd year in office and everything on his first year is because of Obama. So please enlighten me and all the other inquisitive minds on here, why are we suppose to believe Trump’s unemployment numbers but not Obama’s? Oh and that job growth you are spouting off, includes those who drive for Uber, Lift and Doordash also, not so great jobs.

    2. @mike askme we’re athletic. But how self assured and self deluded are leftists? Investigators dropped all probes into hish money! What is that 144 investigations and now 34 probes that were total leftist lies? And STILL you are humping the leg.

    3. @mike askme Obama finances? His social economics CRASHED the economy so hard Dems lost Congress for the rest of his presidency! And it took the last 6 years of his presidency to come to parity with his first year in office and that was through natural growth only. Trump dismantled his social economics, changed taxes, eliminated 40K no value regulations making the economy much more efficient, trade, tariffs (remember China), and redistributed economic incentives his 1st 6 months. He doesn’t need the budget, it is a result, not the mechanism. He changed the policies that drive economy from go.

    1. You mean like enjoying a great economy and plenty of jobs? Well then heck yeah Trump 2020 all day. You democrats are confused and lost.

    2. ​@Human Being trump just sold out the poor to boost the economy, you’ll all be paying the price in cancers, bad water and lethal consumer products.

      Maybe you think it’s ok for a few million people to die to boost the economy because that’s what trump’s “rollback” of all those environmental and consumer protection regulations is going to mean. Not to mention the artificial boost that the cash giveaway to the 1% the tax cut was.

    3. The “AMERICAN FUHRER” TRIMP at another one of his NAZI/KKK-type rallies where he spews “JOSEPH GOEBBELLS” propaganda style LIES.
      Thanks for EXPOSING more RACISTS to ALL the WORLD TRIMP.

  16. Scaramucci’s speech in a nutshell:

    “What the president said was a little bit racist, trump 2020, can I have Sarah’s job, please?”

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