Anthony Scaramucci: Trump Making A ‘More Racist’ Pitch For 2020 | MSNBC


  1. I guess he figures a race war is the only way he’ll get the morons to defend his bunker if he loses.

    1. Trump wants a race war?? Are u that corrupted by the media? Quit listening to this bs and actually listen to what he has to say

  2. tRump is blowing my mind. Acts like he doesn’t want to get reelected. Doing absolutely nothing about the issues.

    1. Yep.. he has no plan on the issues.. The issues are not important to him.. winning at all costs is the only thing on his mind and he is not capable of multitasking. People make the mistake of thinking that he is smart.. far from it. He had a few things he wanted in 2016.. none of which have been completed except for the tax cut for his cronies.

  3. I’m certain ” charles manson ” would have approved of trump and sought to become his campaign manager .

    1. barry macocherner… also ‘jim jones’. But that’s not surprising, because a lot of Trump’s thinking and his deep seated beliefs, are from the 60s.

  4. That’s one person that should not be in office. I don’t care who you are, he is dangerous to this country.

    1. Well he is who Americans manifested when they thought president Obama was a danger to the country and was racist to Him and his family. I say Americans deserves trump they are exactly like him.

  5. “Much more racist?” Than he is now? How is that possible? If only I could leave the U.S. and vote by absentee and come back when he’s gone.

    1. You are corrupt lying Democrat! Who you trying to fool the criminal Democrats are biggest racist organization in the United States period!! KKK ring a bell??

  6. He going to bottom of the barrel now. By the election he’ll be using the n-word… and the GOP will still support him.

    1. Nah. Everyone knows there are some things for inside the house and some things that just won’t fly. The problem with systemic racism is even though Liberals and Moderates are racist, they don’t think they are because they NEVER say the N word (in public)…

      He says the N word out loud and they will Impeach him the next week and the GOP will not back him, because the game relies on pretending that we are not that.

  7. Still more extreme measures to come . When he is obsessed to be a lifetime president , we better make sure to cut his advance immediately .

  8. Don’t Trump’s “supporters” realize just how intensely he is insulting both their intelligence as well as them as individuals ?

    1. Trump said “I love the poorly educated. The poorly educated elected me,” or words to that effect.

    2. @Gary Cooper You were EXCELLENT in High Noon-1952 and Meet John Doe–1941. You must be well over a hundred by now Gary.

  9. Trump knows he cant win. He just wants to control the justice system so he don’t to jail in November.

  10. It’s truly a strange time in America when the biggest threat to our nation is the president himself.

    1. ..I find it odd … Democrats seem to be obsessed with racism… that’s all they talk about.!!!

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