Anti-Abortion Movement Embraces Donald Trump’s 'Big Lie' 1

Anti-Abortion Movement Embraces Donald Trump’s ‘Big Lie’


Anti-abortion groups are now pushing “voter integrity” efforts based on Trump’s “Big Lie” to make it harder to vote. Melissa Murray, Faculty Director at Birnbaum Women’s Leadership Network and Fernanda Santos, a Washington Post Opinion Columnist join American Voices with Alicia Menendez to discuss the intersection of voting rights and abortion access. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Anti-Abortion Movement Embraces Donald Trump’s 'Big Lie'


  1. They’ve embraced several big lies, or they wouldn’t be running around trying to control womens’ bodies

    1. @Lupita Sanchez I’m assuming by looking at your account and other comments that what you mean to say is that (generally speaking) the left does not value life, and the right does?

      Let me ask you this: do you think restricting women’s access to safe and legal abortion reduces the number of abortions performed? If I could show you that historically the outcome is _not_ a reduction in abortions but a marked increase in medical emergencies and death for women in poor communities (often affecting women of color and immigrants far more than white women?)

      If your interest is in reducing the number of abortions, the only proven way is to provide sexual education and access to birth control and medical care to poor communities. That is a fact. If you’d like to see the data I’m happy to provide it, just say the word.

      The “pro-life” party does not hesitate to execute prisoners. They refuse to wear masks to protect others from contracting Covid-19, and support putting brown children in cages, separating and ruining the lives of families seeking asylum. They claim life begins at conception but they don’t protest fertility clinics, who destroy countless fertilized embryos–why is that? They are _hypocrites_ who bastardize biblical scripture to justify atrocities, including using anti-abortion law to control the autonomy of women.

      Would you like more information?

    1. @Muddy Water and people wonder why they are more than 500k+ dead Americans with your thinking. ive been Vaccinated and still wear a mask.

    2. @Muddy Water I am 60 and my school required your vac. card for attendance. If you went to school you would of had the polio, whooping cough,and Tetanus. These are all viruses. This doesn’t even include measles vac.which was required in 70s school children. Have a good day.

    3. @Pohaku Mana I currently believe Cv19 is man made (bc of research on how rna, dna and viruses adapt to be infectious to humans from animals and the missing links where covid is concerned, the fact that viruses can be manipulated without leaving evidence, the lies being told by various health professionals trying to hide the techniques and studies they’ve been conducting) but that doesn’t mean the vaccine and masks don’t protect you.

    4. @Sole Reaper being zoonotic doesn’t mean covid is man made. Most viruses travel between species. The “Spanish” flu was zoonotic, going from migratory birds, to swine, to humans.

  2. Because of the way that these fringe elements of society have acted especially in this idiocy that’s going on in Arizona right now I hate to say this but as somebody who’s served for the United States of America, I have to say that we’re The divided States of America at this point and if people don’t wake up we are headed directly to an autocratic society in which the 99% of us will truly be controlled by the 1% at the top right now.

    1. @CShield I took a look at the latest article and the allegations are far from being debunked…

    2. @Pohaku Mana
      It’s been an interest of mine for a few years now.
      Does it offend you if someone asks questions?

    3. @Muddy Water It’s been debunked, princess. Nothing was deleted, the cyber ninjas are just inept.

    4. @Muddy Water The time for that is over — if not within the first few days WITH EVIDENCE, then the GOP are just sore users!! The GOP can only win by now if they cheat!!

  3. The newest lie is that Jan 6 was nothing but tourist! The senate needs to pass the bill to investigate what happened on Jan 6, it’s looking like the senate is going to stop any investigation, claiming it was nothing. Again bending reality.

    1. @Belly Dancer Em Exactly. It was mostly local thugs taking advantage of a situation. Those kind of people don’t give two craps about politics or even understand it.

    2. @J Groovy no, they were not promoted by Dems. Unlike Jan 6 which was promoted by Trump himself. I think he was in on the planning of the whole thing.
      BLM is a civil rights movement, not an attempted to overthrow voters votes!
      There is no comparison to the 2. We must investigate Jan 6!!

    3. @Muddy Water No argument there. The Insurrection at the Capitol has cost US citizens far more.

    4. @C Mayo I think 1/6 should be investigated by a Special Council. Republicans in Congress would just try to make it about BLM and practically non-existent Antifa.

    1. For a group of people that always calls Republicans fascist, that seems pretty fascist to me. Removing a persons right to procreate because they disagree with you?

    2. @x-pop one No, because talking to a MAGA cultist is like taking a long walk down a windy beach to a café that’s closed.

    3. @x-pop one Like the incarcerated women in Trump’s border concentration camps who were forcibly sterilized without their consent? We joke about it, but you guys DO IT.

  4. Anti abortion has nothing to do with pro life, it All about politics. These ppl don’t care about life if they did they’re wear a mask.

    1. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH Ok, next time you need surgery allow all the doctors and nurses in the OR to not wash their hands and to not wear masks, gowns or gloves while they breathe, cough or sneeze all over you during the surgery.

    2. Yeah, they phrase not wearing masks in terms of person freedoms, but they’re perfectly willing to take personal freedoms away from pregnant women.

    1. they don’t “end up” in foster care. they get stuck there till 18, when they are summarily tossed out as no longer being a profitable commodity. so foster care is only the beginning, not the end, of their struggles.

    2. @Liberals are a Failed experiment! Oh yes, let’s abandon both immigrant children and foster children! Very “Pro-Life” of you!

    3. Very pro-life people… what a shame. They are interested only when someone is in the belly (of someone else) and don’t care at all from day 1 of their life. Hypocrites

    4. @Liberals are a Failed experiment! I agree. At least $5 should have been spend on a cheap bottle of vodka and a coat hanger for your abortion. But heyho. You still disgrace the world with you presence every single day.

  5. Well, if they can’t find any proof, they’ll just make some up. Just like children with their hands in the cookie jar. Sad.

  6. So we’re heading back to the days when only the rich can afford a safe abortion & the poor unable to have access to vote. This country has gone backwards in warped speed in the past 4 yrs. This is so sad for our country that white old men call all the shots !!!

    1. lol yep If men could get pregnant there’d be an abortion pill dispenser in every bar restroom, 7-11, Liquor Store, McD’s, Uber back seat and Gas Station. GET REAL!!!!

    2. On the flip side of your comment: fortunately for us, some of those old white men, like Biden and Fauci, do call the shots.

    3. Then they will complain about homeless, gangs and people needing government assistance as it grows when children age out of Forster care.

  7. Same party that doesn’t want to be told to wear a mask wants to tell people what to do in a matter like this?! The hypocrisy party..still at it..

  8. ‘When conservatives become convinced they cannot win elections, they will not abandon conservatism. They will reject democracy.’ – David Frum

    1. When they abandoned democracy to try and keep Trump in power, they lost any claim to patriotism. They are fascists, plain and simple.

  9. Unbelievably embarrassing. I am a Maricopa Cty voter. I am totally disgusted by what our KAREN Fann is doing. Shameless, she was sucked in by a Grifter and it’s costing taxpayers millions. THANKS KAREN!

  10. This ‘audit’ would enrage me if I lived in that district and my vote was in there.

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