Anti-Cruise Ship Campaigners Protest Departing Ship 1

Anti-Cruise Ship Campaigners Protest Departing Ship


NBC’s Claudio Lavanga reports from Venice, Italy on anti-cruise ship campaigners protesting a departing ship that has set sail for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Anti-Cruise Ship Campaigners Protest Departing Ship


  1. If the ships are eroding the building foundations, ban them from the harbour. Have them dock further out and bus them in.

    1. @Space Lemur I suppose…doesn’t have to be that way. Seems
      People are resigned to that fact in a lot of ways….

  2. Why don’t they dock them farther out at sea & pay locals in smaller boats to transport to the city. Both would win that way.

  3. That is not that many jobs and 3% is not that much money when you are talking about saving Venice Italy !

    1. It amazes me when stories like this mention 3%, but not that 100% will be lost if they destroy the very thing that people come to see.

  4. Venetians can’t afford living in the city centre because the rents are extremely high due to tourism. It is all a facade because Venice has become basically a dead city, it is more like a sort of holiday resort for tourists.

  5. The American who moved to Venice is part of the problem. And while cruise ships MIGHT be a problem too close to Venice, they are hardly a problem worldwide.

  6. “The sea was angry that day my friends, like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli.”

  7. It is similar to parking a Semi trump with trailer on your front lawn. Time for some company or government to build a separated dock just for such large ships then ferry people and supplies via smaller boats .

  8. there seems to be four logical solutions: pirates, the interrogation then extermination of bad pirates (hanging or fed to sharks), environmentally friendly explosives, and kamchata.

  9. So if you’re an American who lives in Venice for 25 years, you start to… sound super British?

    1. @A G Possibly. Or again – possibly he misspoke. So you’ve never said one thing when you meant to say another? You’ve never accidentally called one of your kids by the name of another one of your kids or anything like that?

    2. @A G Because you tried to tell me what I meant to say…Your reply to me was “You mean he got it wrong.”

      You corrected ME by telling me what I meant to say.
      Let me assure you that I meant to say exactly what I said. None of us are in the reporter’s head, so I floated the possibility that PERHAPS he misspoke. People misspeak every day – especially when they are reporting news and may not get a chance to film a second take. I gave the reporter the benefit of the doubt.

      And I agreed that it is also possible that he simply got it wrong.

      …Or the explanation for the woman’s accent could be neither of these.

  10. This cruise ships are too big and too dangerous. You can rebuild a ship all the time but you can’t rebuild Venice.

  11. Best solution: restrict tourism. Far too many in Italy, Mediterranean, etc. Awful for the locals. Pope Francis rejected the selfies, and rightly so.

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  13. There’s unidentified flying objects at our open border. Oh wait, those are kids being thrown over the wall. Biden’s America

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