1. I recall a state that even after recieving federal assistance (ventilators, hospital ship etc) decided to send covid positive patients into nursing homes – killing tens of thousands of innocent people.
      We have a federal government that sends covid positive illegal immigrants into certain states – not even bothering to let them know how many and where theyre being ‘dropped off’
      Think about it…

    2. @Kev gab why do old people who got covid need ventilators. Don’t be evil. New York’s governor does stuff like that.

    3. @YouTube Sucks So trot on down to your dump and round him up 3 or 4 hundred. You’ ll surely get DeSand man and tRump points for that.

  1. “Personal responsibility”? Lol that’s what they’re calling in when THEY don’t want to do their job and lead the state. What a joke

    1. @Dane Pickens the republican who ran to Cancun and blamed his daughter??? we can go all day and night! and those Republicans were trying to stop an injustice

  2. This crap all started with the apple-cheeked actor claiming that “government isn’t the solution, it’s part of the problem”. That idiotic attitude has led directly to the present catastrophe. The R people have screwed up everything and now they ask the federals for help.

    1. It’s code for “we need to stop racial equality.” Always has been. Every single time they cut the government, it disproportionately hurts people of color. That’s why they were downplaying a global pandemic, it was hurting urban black and Latin communities more than the rural and suburban whites. Now that it’s really hitting the unvaccinated whites hard, they’re crying for help.

    2. Thank God Biden Took this Mess over, he has his Hands Full !!! Things will get Better, they always do !!! The Repulicons Make a Huge Mess, and Here comes a Democrat to Clean it Up !!!

  3. Ok you want ventilators ? Start encouraging vaccines and masks instead of threatening to hold salaries of officials who mandate masks

  4. You know they’ll just try and twist it, blaming the current administration for their failures by accusing them of a slow response to the new crisis they helped escalate while cosplaying as a governor, using political theatrics to spew more delusional MAGA misinformation.

    1. @marlon B 2003 FOX NEWS goes to court to become an entertainment channel becsuse of so many law suits for lying. Tucker sued for LYING, Fox news lawyers say to the judge. “No sensible person believes Mr Carlson tells the truth”,

  5. Shut down the hospitals and send them to the governors mansions. They seem to know better than the doctors.

    1. @Kishan Rao you be all right the Marxist elites will give you all the logic science facts and information you need but you’ll have to be a moron

    2. @Kishan Rao the Marxist elites have all the science facts and information your bot head can handle but at a price

    3. @Anastasia Delicious we are born in America with freedom the Marxist elites need your freedom and not be a free thinker and definitely need your constitutional ammendment rights for tyranny and Marxism to succeed

    4. @John Mags Biden in charge you been hanging out in catholic Nancy Pelosi district to long you have to be careful not to step on those herion needles mush head as Utopia isn’t what Americans want Biden is lost over half the time comrade Harris is confused when she isn’t funding the DA to release Cori Bush thugs criminals felons and murderers peacefully to the streets

  6. If I was living in Florida I would be FURIOUS about DeSantis not wanting to hear a blip about covid while his state is LEADING THE NATION !!!

  7. Reagan was never a great president to me. And this, along with “trickle down” economics ( which have yet to trickle down even one penny ) is part of his legacy.

    1. @LEIF HOFFMAN The same could be said of Trump, the terrible reality TV star who was a worse actor and president than Reagan. But he sure liked to pretend he was good at being president. 🤣

    2. @LEIF HOFFMAN He was just a “feel good” president, saying all the right things to make chauvinistic gullible Americans believe there’s nothing better than the USA. When it comes to policy, he was hardly involved and miserably failed. A complete puppet to the wealthy.

    3. I remember the ” Reagan ” years . Rampant unemployment, that’s where the first deficits came from.
      Taxes on unemployment,
      Corporate Raiders, those guys were billionaires and they would go around buying all these companies and tearing them down and selling them off piece by piece and putting millions out of work.
      What did Reagan and the Republicans do? He gave them tax breaks and cut people off of their unemployment. I saw on TV
      There was a Vietnam veteran who had a leg blown off and the other one was injured severely, couldn’t walk without some kind of cane or
      Walker. Reagan took his pension away, said just because he couldn’t walk doesn’t mean he couldn’t do a desk job. A veteran who lost the use of his legs in defense of his country. Selling weapons to Iran and wasn’t supposed to be. Supported the Contras in South America
      And they murdered thousands of innocent South Americans.
      The cocaine epidemic, Reagan. He was smuggling it into the ghettos, selling it to finance his weapons sales of arms to Iran. Reagan was the very definition of EVIL !
      And yet even after everyone of his crimes he is still whitewashed in history.

  8. The ‘personal responsibility’ reason is so weak…saying it is up to everyone to be responsible, aka an allowance to be irresponsible if you wish, essentially do whatever you want.

  9. Sorry Gov, all of the available ventilators have been sent to the states that are taking a serious approach to the virus

    1. and democrats are “i care allot” psychopaths. both are complicit in massive war crimes, human rights violations and corruption.

  10. Kushner should be in prison for what he did last year just leaving the Democratic States to themselves with no Federal help. How many tens of thousands could have been saved with that help. I can’t see him ever moving back to NY in this lifetime..

  11. The “old GOP” liked to scream “TAX and spend, tax and spend!”
    The truth has been “TAX the poor, protect the rich, hoard supplies”.

    1. That is true and was at one time but not any more!!! When JFK was assassinated the democrat party started to change as did the republican party!! The change has been slow and gradual! Almost unnoticeable to the average everyday working stiff but change they have. They have done a complete flip flop in recent years know because I’ve been watching it and keeping up with it since Truman was President!! Lived it!!!

    2. Another lie that the Trump tax cuts only benefitted the wealthy. If democrats want to cry about tax cuts why try to reinstate the SALT tax deduction which clearly benefits the fat cat. I know those people are the biggest democratic donors.

    3. No wonder everyone wants to become a National Politician, all that dirty Money, Makes them wealthy from the Super Dirty Rich !!! Nice work if you can get it !!! Look how rich Moscow Mitch is Now !!

    1. Abbott i remember Abbott & Costello a couple of clowns !!! Any relation?? What stupid fools these southern gov

    2. I have been around a long time to know these foolish idiots & their foolish. Ways

      Plus how ignorant the fools are that are coming after mr !!

    3. @Pamela Adkison is it more foolish than a wide open border with people dying on their voyage here, crossing the border and then in border facilities. I mean they can’t find enough body bags at the border. Cops are overdosing on a pen-point amount of pure fentanyl… we are paying cartel indirectly by paying foreign gvmts to ship ppl here….this is absurd and psychotic. And afghanistan…. People are dying there everyday (including women and children) from bad policies right now……I mean anyone neglecting this is equally as horrible. There is a lot of blood on this admin’s hands. This also doesn’t include the crime rates here. Noone in politics at this time is innocent. But again…. There is a lot of blood on this admin’s hands. It’s just shameful.

  12. Texans didn’t want Obama care but fill the emergency rooms and bankrupting hospitals but blame Mexicans

    1. Mexicans can’t even ask for assistance they have no SSN they have nothing for free like republicans say.

    1. Arsonists who are fire fighters, choose not to fight the fire, but still want other firefighters to fight it.

  13. The Dictatorship of DeathSantis has begun in Florida, let’s see how many of his base are left to vote.

    1. @Russ forcing people to not wear mask ? Your not that smart are you ? He stopped schools from putting in mandates that force you to wear a mask he has never mandated to not wear a mask my smooth brained friend

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