1. there were 1000 cases in ONE meat packing plant & only 3 deaths, ALL of which had underlying health conditions & were elderly.The plant is operating just fine as ALL the other cases recovered.

    1. How exactly are they controlling me? Are they gonna leap from facemasks to a brain chip? Lmao. You don’t have to wear a mask if you don’t believe it, but there is no propaganda or false data.

    2. So what. Are u saying this three deaths are irrelevant because they are old or had cancer or whatever illnesses they had prior? If someone killed your grandparents I guess you wouldn’t mind right, they were old anyways right?

    3. don’t forget about the 20 of them with permanent lung damage, 8 of which will probably be on oxygen bottles for the rest of their shortened lives, 6 others with permanent kidney damage and another 5 that will die within the next few months from blood clots. (those are the approximate underestimated numbers based on 1000 victims) The news loves talking about the deaths, that’s sexy and sells… someone on an oxygen bottle doesn’t sound sexy.

    4. How is wearing a mask being controlled by the left? Is my mask a lefty lol. Just because I believe in science and medicine i’m a leftist lol.

    1. Activity, I sincerely hope you are right! I am praying EVERYTHING WILL BE EXPOSED!!! But unfortunately you will have some, who will have a difficult time with the truth and exist in denial.

    2. @Brad Knott He thinks Nov 3 all covid deaths will rise from graves and walk the earth. 😂 🤣SURPRISE!! We fooled everyone!! 😂 🤣

  2. How about “My business, My choice”?
    If you choose to break the by-law, stay out of my store & my space!

    1. They are going around infecting others intentionally. Why should we pay for their healthcare?

    2. @Mr. Nobody that should be my choice whether I protest or not.. Why all of sudden it mandatory to wear a mask? I don’t trust my government to tell me what is right for me I am praying for all the businesses and stores because the vaccines are next they will FORCE you and your staff to get them and if you don’t COMPLY they will shut up down 1984 so enjoy your FREEDOM while you still can.. That is why I keep saying Welcome to CHINA… Do your research… 🙏 For JUSTICE 🇨🇦 🇺🇲 🌍

    3. @Phyllis Michailidis I will continue to wear my mask to protect you from me.
      I truthfully hope you stay safe & happy.

    1. As much as the mask protests are probably a bigger deal agreed. Even amidst this we still need to call out nepotism when we see it.

  3. They don’t want to wear mask or their choice, well it’s their choice to die from Covid19. Give them the freedom to die sooner.

    1. @Theresa Gould-Haniff LOL. I would gladly let you have that last ICU bed. Ask for a ventilator while you are there. Government says it’s very effective against Covid 😉

    2. Stewie G just remember that not everyone in the ICU is on a ventilator and I might be there with a condition that is not COVID related. Even one of your own family members might need an ICU bed for a totally unrelated condition. But if the system is inundated with COVID cases it uses up beds and overwhelms staff so I or one of your loved ones might not get the care that in ordinary times is taken for granted.

  4. Well I have seen a Doctor going into ICU where he was supposed to be gowned up in different gowns , gloves and masks per each room and he wore absolutely no protection during each patients.

  5. Why do none of the business’ and officials mandating masks talk about how many microns the virus itself is? Oh yeah cause that would destroy the mask debate all together and prove that it’s nothing more than a compliance test.

    1. It’s true that viruses are very small, but small objects tend to cluster inside droplets of fluids which can be trapped.

  6. According to other headlines from this station, all you need is a piece of cardboard with BLM written on it to repel the virus. So pass a law that everyone has to carry one when in public.

  7. so… do these idiots also protest against no smoking areas? wearing of seatbelts? obey stop signs and traffic lights? Support drunk driving? Do they even understand the reason for the masks? I get the impression they think it is to protect themselves….it does a little(about 15%) but the masks are about the mask wearer not spreading the virus in case they are infected and don’t know it yet.

  8. To everyone that refuses to wear a mask, I hope you get Covid, then realize it was your fault, and your fault only.

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