Anti-Narcotics Operation, 5 Arrested | Triple Murder Update | TVJ Midday News -July 20 2022

Anti-Narcotics Operation, 5 Arrested | Triple Murder Update | TVJ Midday News -July 20 2022 1


  1. And I think people in upper society are creating mayhem in this country I salute the operation and I hope the US Marshal and the FBI continue to Target some Jamaican people they are not innocent

  2. We need more people to out and Demonstrate, demonstrating are required not only at the police station in Constant Spring but outside the so called police Commissioner office, and Gordon house.

    1. For real every day crime and criminal becomes mastermind it like we’re watching too many movies and they play out right in front our eyes 👀 ,what is happening in this Jamaica 🇯🇲 land we love ,no heart for the criminal minded people,Very 😞Sad

  3. So how The police .man involved in him gf missen Dem nuh arrested him and question both a Dem and The female cop that nuh waa give no statement

    1. He don’t need to be arrested to be questioned and they shouldn’t just arrest him if they don’t have evidence to convict him. What good is an arrest and charges of down the road they can’t convict because they rushed. That would be a second injustice for this family

  4. When I visit the bank to take out my own money. I am grilled. How could anybody put up these universities like buildings and nobody grilled them!!!!!!!!!! Police, politicians, banks, and many public figures involve!!!!

  5. So ironic jasmine dean was seen as a nobody and no concern or demonstrations and now shoe on the other feet police not doing enough or moving fast enough and want sympathy from everyone only so called society people feel pain and trauma

  6. The police officer “the boyfriend “ needs to be held and his apartment thoroughly search with luminal for any trace of her blood immediately!!!!

  7. When are you going to cover the disappearance of Donna Lee? Are you going to let independent you tubers only cover this biggest issue in Jamaica at this time? What are you scared of? Why are you not all over this major news story?

  8. Some of those ploice and the people in the house of palllyment have things to do with what is going on in the country

  9. Good thing America in this operation… because we all know that if it’s Jamaica police alone these men would still be living in Jamaica free as a bird ..

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