‘Anti-Semitic Dog Whistle’: Joy Reid On Marjorie Taylor Greene Comment 1

‘Anti-Semitic Dog Whistle’: Joy Reid On Marjorie Taylor Greene Comment


Marjorie Taylor Greene compared Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s mask restrictions on the House floor to the holocaust, and doubled down on those comments when pressed by a reporter. Joy points out how most republicans have said nothing since Greene made those comments.
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  1. FYI: MTG raises a lot of money, with her antics. And in our corrupt politics, this is important.

    1. @J M M – Yeah. I stand by that comment. And?

      I really must have hurt your feelings, because you are still emotionally damaged over what I said.

      Did you want to talk it out, so you feel better?

    2. @J M M – And again, as I said before…Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murder, and rightfully so. He was not found guilty of racism or even committing a hate crime.

      Hmmmmm. I wonder why? It’s a thinker

      Spoiler: WE ARE NOT MIND READERS. And bias, prejudice, bigotry racism exists in the mind as thought.Only a persons behavior (words and actions) will indicate what that person believes.

      So there…I put my comment back IN CONTEXT, in your lame attempt to make yourself feel better.

      Are you crying right now? Smh.

    3. Exactly. Greene and Gaetz are “good earners” for the T**** cult. Campaign finance reform is long overdue.

  2. “Christian Broadcasting Network” … where JC himself would refuse to appear.

    Should be renamed “The Karen Broadcasting Network”.

    1. @Tavernum don’t you have a “mostly peaceful” protest to attend or other peoples money to spend? Or Perhaps some communist manifesto reading before bed? You gotta make sure you’re rested before hunting those white supremacist lurking around every corner. Oh no maybe you’re one!

    1. @Bjorn Santens I agree. Your silence about the squad’s antisemitism astounds me. I guess you and the Democrat party are white supremacist..lol.

    2. Isnt this black racist the same person cring nazis with trump supporters? And didnt we just have s report about 130 people getting headaches at the white house from a energy weapon

    3. Says the Russiagate and “trust the science” cult of that obsesses over anything Trump. I guess MTG is your new boogie man.

  3. There’s a fine line between adoration of an autocrat wanna be and atrocities waiting to happen.

  4. I was wondering why my dog was acting weird. Someone blew a dog whistle. It’s been a while and I forgot about them.

  5. Haha, I thought there was a technical glitch at the very end until the crickets started sounding

  6. Wearing a gold star during the holocaust was a death sentence. Apparently, there are still some Nazi’s in Congress today.

    1. Don’t know about nazi, but we have plenty of “commies” .
      Didn’t we use to shoot commies?

    2. Don’t you just love what they have done to the democrat party??? Illinformed marxist wannabes, steering Hairsniffer-in-Chief Biden with a firm grasp on his ileocecal valve!!! Wake up people…to THIS our politicians have led us!!

  7. I love you Joy, but I wouldn’t name Taylor Green a queen of anything. To me she is just one the greatest stooges of Q. These type of people are so dumb that would actually take pride of such title and try to use it.

  8. Can it get any more screwed up than this? What has happened to the American education system? So many EFWITTS

    1. Just happened to go on this post even though I know MSNBC has nothing but lunitic reporters Joy is on the Top with morning joke no wonder democrat voters are lost in space witnessing this nutjob speak and they believe her that’s what makes them so dumb

  9. “The truth is cruel but it can be loved, and it makes free those who love it.” -George Santayana

  10. “2nd class citizens” does not represent on the same spectrum of an analogy that describes how they were treated.
    The media needs to quit airing her idiocy.

    1. Ikr….it’s like they forget that we just watched the squad condemning Israel for defending themselves! They must think that this unattractive emotional black chick will convince those that do no research.

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