Anti Vaccine Protesters Arrested in Jamaica | $100m Payout Red Flag in AG Report | TVJ Midday News 1

Anti Vaccine Protesters Arrested in Jamaica | $100m Payout Red Flag in AG Report | TVJ Midday News


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  1. Didn’t Dream weekend had the same thing going on? Yet we don’t see anyone arrested and even Mr Green party. I am not supporting the illegal gathering but highlighting the disparity in treatment to different people of the society.

    1. @Nicole White it’s not that simple…their is no law nowhere to back that. you don’t comprehend that an act is not law,it is what it says it is and that’s an act which makes it “color of law” which is a semblance of law without the substance of legal right and anything that violates your constitutionally secured rights you can engage in with impunity because the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the land,not Andrew Holness….learn the law and the Constitution so you know what delegated authority these people have so they don’t impose what they call law on you and your family….

    2. @Asha Olujimi Why are you taking me on for expressing my freedom of speech. Why don’t you go and represent the person they have locked up for the March since you know so much about the law. And since I am ignorant to the difference between an Act and what is law and you are privy to the difference go and show it to the police or whomsoever lock up the man or better yet the man himself and his council.

      All I am simply saying is that persons are not treated fairly in our society whether they have broken the law or not. Shalom.

    3. @Nicole White I did not take you on,i explained to you why it’s not simple and gave you key pointers that can’t be disputed. We as a people have been lied to and until we learn Law and how to enforce the Constitution we are doomed! you attacked me claiming i think i know so much but according to your response it appears that i know more than you and reading your comment let me know you weren’t aware of your rights,so i extended you a life raft of information not an air of condescending superiority you got it wrong. This is the number one problem our people have,the inability to comprehend,get out of your feelings your freedom of expression is not under attack by me it’s under attack by Holness and parliament…know your enemy by his or her actions not by what they bring.

    4. @Asha Olujimi no hun, get out of your feelings. And the next time you want to correct or share info watch your choice of words and tone. Maybe in doing so your information will be better received. I am done right here.

    1. Parents need to carry back the books for real, because some children not making use of the books, I’m a parent and from grade 4 I’m taking my books back as they switched class, because I understand the importance for the next child, I have 3 kid’s so that’s 3 sets sometimes all my dinner money I used as fare to carry back the books, on this mi nah too cuss the government

  2. You don’t need a permit to excersice free speech. The police must be charged with abuse and criminal conduct on a citizen

    1. @Juda Mom it is our constitutionally secured rights….the constitution protects the rights you already have which is inalienable and unalienable rights. And no act that Andrew Holness draw up in parliament can supersede your human rights ever!!!

    2. @Asha Olujimi You can’t put anything past Hitler. Hmmmm, I mean “Papa Doc” Wait, no “Baby Doc.” Like Hitler, Baby Doc threatened to destroy the Jews. Better take him serious.

  3. I just lost confidence in TVj because they wasn’t protesting against vaccine, they was protesting mandatory vaccination. My body my choice, that’s not anti vax.

    1. If you have not realized by now, the govt vaxx program is probably now the largest source of revenue for the RJR group….so they are singing for dem suppa

  4. Dem have money fi everything else exept necessities. I guess education is not a priority (after hearing that it’s not new). Dem woulda find money fi campaign left, right and center though. Smh

  5. I thought they were marching against covid vaccine MANDATE. Hence the freedom of choice, but I guess Anti Vaccine Protestors makes a better headline right tvj?

    1. They are just going there job I guess. I laughed today when I hear the news. Anti vax? Smh tvj and the next one working against us.

    2. @shannon brooks, the vaccine was not made mandatory by the gov nor MOH in Jamaica. These ppl just want to be relevant. Everybody wants to make the news. When I read the list of things the president outlined for the march, to me, he is an idiot who wants a place of disorder. The only thing he isn’t marching about is being gay.

    3. @Drey den anju a wa miss…anju no fish? Me coulda swear everybody know dat…we no come fi dem type a attack de…why would you want to sit and wait until it actually becomes mandatory…get ur head up outa this leaders azz and take a look around you

    4. @DreyCome on, are you saying we wait until it’s mandatory before we take a stand? I have read the demands of the UIC one of which is to “end all MANDATE and THREATS issued against the people of Jamaica”.
      -You know residents are required to be fully vaccinated as mandated by the UWI right? Or, talk to prioritize face-to-face class for students who are vaccinated?
      Just being human i would think the gov would prioritize face-to-face class for students who cant afford online schooling, buy hey.
      Lastly, i cant comment on the true intention of the president of the UIC and thats y its on us to think objectively.
      Stand for the cause not the man.

  6. The same energy they place in locking up citizens for freedom of speech (protest) they should exercise that energy fighting crime. Smh.

    1. How about the same energy the people have for demonstrating they could use it to protest against crime and violence as well.

    2. @Sheldon Gayle every individual health come first so yeah them March fi the right reason this about no crime marching won’t stop crime the government don’t give a damn about that right now

  7. Mr. Prime Minister stop from playing mind games and manipulating the people they put you in power and you turn around and block them from freedom of speech why do they need a permit to disagree with you. NARCISSIST !!!!!!!!!!! If 90% of Jamaicans decide to protest what will you then do ? WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT. A REBELLION IS ON IT’S WAY !

  8. Television Jamaica is like you get paid to bring false news everytime someone comes out for their right you classified them as anti vaccine if I said my body my choice you call me anti vaccine all the people them want is their right to choose no force vaccine we are not against vaccine we just don’t want the government to force it on us let us take it if we want and if we don’t want it leave us alone is our right.

  9. to me all vaccines seem to be mandatory. the ones we got growing up we had to get them to be accepted in school. i understand the concerns for safety for this one still

  10. “The vaccine should be tested on politicians first. If they survive, the vaccine is safe.
    If they don’t, then the country is safe.”
    —Monika Wisniewska

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