Anti-Vaccine Protests in Antigua | TVJ Smile Jamaica 1

Anti-Vaccine Protests in Antigua | TVJ Smile Jamaica


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    1. I am 40 and never vote for jlp nor pnp but anyday that man ready am gunna vote. The two party don’t mean anyone any good they just come on tv and pon on a nice show bcz our people two busy killing off each while our leaders abuse us. Look pon how the police them a do our people and nothing happening all our leaders do is stay off little until the tea cool they just say what everyone wants to hear to keep them calm

    2. Maroon gonna always side with the queen we need to have ppl who are compassionate towards every jamaica it’s not about jlp r pnp we r Jamaicans dat should come first

    1. @J D yab because I had a choice to choose ignorance over what could save my life and time to doctors and nurse is not what choice mean to face the consequences of your choice sir

    2. @sexy mae That’s great to hear. The same goes for myself and family. That’s how it should be. Continue to encourage others to do the same.

    3. Tee Smith Let me tell you a little sceret. I’ve been doing some ongoing research online, and what I’m going to tell you will leave you breathless.

      In the united states, an 80 year old dies from CV.

      And I’ll guess you would say something like”Um, so?”

      Well, the reason why I told you this is because he was fully *V.* Yes, he took the *V* and still died.

      And also, people that have been hospitalized, also took the big *V.* But you’ll not see this, because the powers that be are concealing the truth.

    1. What??! What do you know. I can tell you FIRST HAND, that what young Kadeem is saying are FACTS. 

      Jamaican people are too unruly. That is the reason why the hospitals are getting over flowed with cover patients, and the positivity rate is now up to a whopping 35%. In Antigua, even though some citizens are railing against the government protocols, they comply, for the most part. Too often I see videos with throngs of people cramming together, WITHOUT masks in Jamaica, which you don’t often see in Antigua.

  1. So they don’t want mask madate and they don’t the vaccine. Is it still plausible to still want the tourist industry to continue. Its not possible to always have your cake and eat it too..

  2. The failure to learn history it’s bound to repeat itself, and this generation is going to end their era all because of ignorance of the truth towards their health lies make it more than the truth, selfness more than empathy sad

    1. what history are you talking about? if history was right as per your unintelligible note the world should be dead by now. now, i guess you have no clue what a vaccine is and you should go read a book.. all a vaccine is, is the medical morons giving you a watered down version of the virus which means that they are giving you the virus with the hope that your body build up a resistance … cant fix the cold virus but you trust these clowns to fix covid which was created by the US

  3. Lol the unvaccinated is the danger just as how the rasta man was blackheart man. When our people going to start paying attention to there games

    1. Exactly divide and rule….the truth is not popular anymore….lies and fears is more popular right now…but the truth can’t be hidden for too long….you only can suppress it.

  4. Jamaica still sleeping my people really turn boasy slave prosperity turn slavery no one standing up for there rights what government would increase so much on there people without dialogue you allow big players in hotel to keep big parties then you blame we the people when you a play fren and company with diss thing

    1. They not sleeping they too are having overflow of patients in their hospital,there curfew is 7 until five in morning on week days ,while on weekends it’s 2 in the evening until five the next morning they understand would you accept their rule

    1. Divide and conquer is how the pass masa made black people hate each other, today a vaccine that will save your life is used to gain another form of control of the mind it’s sad

    1. The reason why people are concerned about the covid vaccine , is because it has been rolled out in such a short time. Vaccine usually takes years to develop so people are scared.

    2. @Marv antony The fact that this whole thing has been planned !!! Should get people scared, the virus was manufactured in a lab

  5. As all these CV jabs are still part of a global experimental trials, I’ll play a very important part in it as a labrat will be by being in the Control Group not jabbed.

  6. Jamaica use to be the country in the Caribbean to lead the charge and stand up for what’s right but now the most important thing to them is a Visa, Passport and Green Card. IT”S A SHAME!

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