Antonio Watson - Gun Gesture Champs 2021 Saga Continues | TVJ Sports Commentary - May 18 2021 1

Antonio Watson – Gun Gesture Champs 2021 Saga Continues | TVJ Sports Commentary – May 18 2021


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  1. i would actually start doing that. jus walk off wen i win then make a video with friends celebrating

  2. They want our sports to be BORING like gulf & English cricket, them think JAMAICA a BUCKINGHAM PALACE

  3. Issa coming out talking about taunting they’re youths let them enjoy them self that happen every where around the world. but I hope people don’t miss handle the schools fund else you will be taunted.

  4. jamaica has far more critical things to worry about idu y this is such a big thing its just for fun dem need fi leave him alone.

    1. Sooo tru like say freedom of expression is trying to b taken away from us Jamaican…yet they would use public relation stunts to cover their co worker act of beating his wife ….talk bout matter under investigation like say d whole world nuh done c wah gwan…u notice how that dead now yet they take swift action to stop d youngster’s expression…look pon d man wah tek him woman 8yo pickney n go kill d child d system gave him 20yrs n him probably out b4 10 y can’t they make swift adjustment to punish reeeal criminals by giving longer sentences n death penalties….once u tek a life intentionally then automatic life without parole if d youth’s c say once u kill u automatically forfeit u life those r things that can change crime rate..y can’t they give longer sentences to prisoners caught with phones only a fine or just taking the phone away…y dem nuh ban all gun show wah deh pon cable n come Ina cinemas if a gesture contributes to crime then am sure seeing a man bus gun Ina show certainly cause crime…sooo many other things dem need fih address yet a this them acting on expeditiously….smh fix d fk up system n stop look scape goat fih enuh incompetence n criminalities

  5. What often times happens is that there are non-athletic, inexperienced, colourless, pen pushers in administrative positions making rules, who have no clue of what it takes to train hard, then taste the sweetness of victory that comes from hard work, sacrifice and the dedication it takes to be great.

    1. Say it again bro cuz most a dem never work for dem position either so them nuh knw wat victory after hard work feel like cuz dem a theif

  6. Wonder if them think say them can just tell people what to do how to do . Everybody fe no turn up for these event in Jamaica n let them go way

  7. Jamaica is in deed a cruel place with persons who lack compassion. Have anyone stop to this what this is doing to the young man? Have you all forgotten he is a child? Would you like this to be done to your child? Oh, I forgot they don’t make mistakes. They are angels. Yes he made a mistake, so does that mean we are going to keep at this one thing forever. I pray this young man doesn’t go into depression. A lot of you out there are bullies pretending to be disciplinarians. He isn’t the first to do this. He was sanctioned. He has paid the cost, let’s move on now. Many more things happening in Jamaica to talk about.

    1. Honestly wat he did was just an emotional reaction…am sure the runners he was taunting they are friends n they were probably saying things b4 d race n he just won d bragging rights n reacted out of excitement…nothing wrong with that at all…

    2. Yes hes a kid n dats true, bolt win lots of races n show his gun finger many times n no one said ntn. Its jus this lil kid way of celebrating dont b so hard

  8. We are in different time Mr. And right now our country is going to hell. Civility and fellow men you are encouraging to burn.

  9. I am sorry I do not care how you want to try and wash what he did, yes he had a right to celebrate but Jamaica’s gun culture made what he did a disgusting gesture, that is my opinion, it was ugly and immediately I saw it I stopped watching. I do not want my grandson to look at what he did have people talking about him celebrating and he copies this boy on the street, you know what would happen to him do it to the wrong person even in his innocence and he would be shot because that other person felt threatened.

    1. Make sure your grand kids don’t have netflix, nor computers, or tablets with internet connectivity and using them to come on this same platform you came on to cast your judgment. Y’all raise your children like sponges soaking up everything they see. The country is violent, but if you don’t teach your grandchild right from wrong and how to make conscious decisions they’ll be the first to be lured in it because they’re not street smart and they don’t know how to live in the society. You can run and hide all you want, you have to teach them how to live in the environment. I’ve seen a lot of kids who’s parent hide them from the reality, and when they go into high school or university they’re the ones who stray and guh hide to smoke and drink because they’re intrigued by it. I know all about that when I was in my teens. In my late teens-early 20’s when I was in university it didn’t interest me because I knew the dangers of doing it. To this day I don’t drink nor smoke. I have never put a spliff in my mouth. When I used to play football, I played on a team from a ghetto community. We buss blanks as a celebratory gesture all the time. Football was what occupied a lot of the youths time. They could have had access to real guns if they really wanted, but they chose sports. Sports is saving a lot of lives, but you wouldn’t look at it that way. You’re only seeing the bad. The youth was just elated, and a lot of Jamaicans do it when we’re elated.

    2. Gloria, did you stop cheering for Bolt when he did the same gesture at the London Olympic? Did Shelly Ann disgrace Jamaica when she buss a shot after her Doha victory? Also which of Watson’s celebration was more disrespectful, the gearing down gesture or the gun thing? And lets add the hugging up of the opponent after the race. Maybe some people will take that as promoting gay business and that as you know is not tolerated in JA.

    3. @Cbw Xinhua Are you saying I should turn off my TV if I didn’t want to see it yes I did turn off my computer you can all enjoy it my choice to say what I want.

    4. @Gloria Smith What I’m saying simply this. If your grandchild has a smart device, be it a tablet, phone or a laptop computer, then he’s exposed to far more violent content than what Antonio Watson displayed. If you’re going to shield him from the world, and pretend as if he’s a Utopian living in Utopia, then you’ll have a greater problem on your hand because he’s more likely to be lured to it because he’s intrigued by it. Peer pressure is real, and if you don’t teach him to make good decisions, then he’ll just be another mindless sheep that’s easily led. Take your selective rage elsewhere. You along with the panelists are all hypocrites. I’m sure you celebrated Usain victory in Beijing, 2008 Olympics.

  10. Rubbish people die from gun and rocket every day please could Jamaica please wake up I don’t see nothing wrong with it he is enjoying his self get real self righteous fools

    1. Exactly. They are the ones who is highlighting the celebration in the bad spectrum. All I saw was a young man showing his rivalries that is the best. I didn’t saw anything there to do with crime until these so call intelligent minds start adding their smart way of looking at things to the celebration. Putting violent thoughts in people’s mind wish sparks this debate


  12. Totally agree! What kind of foolishness with that.. all of a sudden everything becomes an issue and there is so many restrictions that individuals have no opportunity to be themselves and to express themselves the way that comes natural to them. What a stupid world we live in!

  13. I don’t know, but they didn’t see when the two man dem hug up after the race? Ah bwoy, dem people yah nuh easy, mi seh

  14. Well they fire a gun to indicate to the athlete’s when to start. So the point sorta farfetched

  15. He has always liked this athlete and that’s good and well. Please stop making excuses for the young man, his behavior/actions was not a good look for him. He has expressed himself in the past just fine.

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