AOC: I’m ‘Extraordinarily Encouraged’ By Biden’s Climate Executive Actions | All In | MSNBC 1

AOC: I’m ‘Extraordinarily Encouraged’ By Biden’s Climate Executive Actions | All In | MSNBC


“I’m feeling extraordinarily encouraged,” says Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez discussing President Biden’s executive orders on the climate crisis. Aired on 01/27/2021.
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AOC: I’m ‘Extraordinarily Encouraged’ By Biden’s Climate Executive Actions | All In | MSNBC


    1. @Tessmage Tessera they also said our coastal cities would be under water by now and that was over 20 years ago

    2. @Freedom0103 Freedom0103 no, no, no, they care and have always cared about the climate, and pollution. Don’t spread false information. Not cool!!! Look back….read….then you will know…. peace

  1. She’s amazing, and should have been dictating the party a while back ! I hope she can rise to that top of her party ASAP ! Impressive lady.

    1. I hope so too!!! She’s to stupid to play the slow game of communist saturation. She’d plunge the country into revolt so fast I might still be young enough to actually fight in it. You go girl!! Get that purge going you’ve been advocating for! 74 million can’t wait!!

    1. @Charleton Zimmerman not only that , he doesn’t have a clue. Last time the auto industry took bailouts Ford was the only American company that didn’t take one.

    2. @Charleton Zimmerman If Ford turns their vehicles into sissy electric ones then they’ll really be described as F.O.R.D. as in Found On Road Dead.

    3. @Charleton Zimmerman
      Epstein was Clinton’s best friend and that’s why they got rid of him you uneducated flea..

  2. There’s always going to be a need for SOME combustion powered rigs in specific applications, to include the military, but to phase out all the Postal vans, GSA pickups and cars, and pull the power from solar on the roof of the buildings they work for: The cost savings alone will be enormous.
    Then you will see Fedex and UPS do it. And then all local delivery businesses. You just gotta spell out where the money is for them.
    This grows not just the E vehicle segment (and brings domestic manufacturing home), but also grows the domestic Energy segment. Made in the USA.

    1. There are so many areas where green energy can quickly replace fossil fuels and with America’s ability to mass produce, this could be the golden opportunity for America to become the workshop of the World & cut off the cheap quality products that the planet has been overwhelmed with from China. People would be proud to buy something Made in America & not just those in its home market. America was the land of mass production that led the World and can be again. You can do it

  3. It’s weird how some people see her policies as radical but ignoring science and going down a suicidal path of fossil fuels is supposed to be normal.

    1. What I find wiers is that she is seen as a radical socialist. In Scandinavia, the conservative parties would agree with her on many issues.

    1. @wileycoyotegenius1 Good advice. I find it very odd how so many have become so easily manipulated, oh well.

    2. @SouthSide_ Chicago79 They generally want to be manipulated because they are too afraid to be the odd person out. They feel the need to fit in and not be an outlier.

    3. That’s why you need 8 years of Biden to fix up trumps dumpster fires and prep the country for AOC becoming president

  4. The most important reason I support the Biden administration is environmental protection,
    which is the most important property for our second generation.

    1. How are they protecting the environment so far? Killing 10,000+ American jobs in the middle of a pandemic solves the problem, how?

    2. @Joe Sniffs Kids well some jobs will eventually have to go new jobs will be more than ten fold.we have to do this humanity is at stake for those who don’t believe wake up and go collect some knowledge.

    3. @Joe Sniffs Kids
      Biden had his inauguration ceremony on January 20th and today is January 27th. President Biden has been doing his best for six days after the psychotic Donald turned away for four years. Anything is wrong. Ask Trump directly.

    4. @Joe Sniffs Kids It’s called progress. Remember the Appalachia and coal miners. We have to progress by slowly eliminating fossil fuels, which emit toxic fumes we breath Sir. There will always be sacrifices for the total good.

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