AOC Slams Rep. Yoho For ‘Shameless’ Sexist Attack On House Floor | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) took to the House Floor to confront what she says was a sexist attack from Congressman Ted Yoho (R-FL). House Speaker Nancy Pelosi coming to her public defense, explaining “they've called me names for at least 20 years of leadership.” Rep. Ilhan Omar joins MSNBC’s Ari Melber to comment on the vulgar confrontation, asserting “when you challenge power, it pushes back.” (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 7/23/2020.
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AOC Slams Rep. Yoho For 'Shameless' Sexist Attack On House Floor | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. AOC represents the GOP’s worst nightmare. She is an intelligent, articulate, progressive, young, popular, admired, female, congressional representative. Add to that her Latino-Jewish ancestry & you can almost hear the radical right gasping for air.

    1. @Paul Knowsit You comment an awful lot for a man who knows so little.
      Isn’t it embarrassing proving how dumb you are to the whole world every day?

    2. @Tsubadai Khan You triggered bro? Sorry, it’s what I do. Constantly drawing up liberal tears.

    3. @Paul Knowsit Dude. You’re all over this page chattering like a muppet. Who do you honestly think is crying over your thoughts? Any tears I have are in sympathy for your poor mother who went thru nine months of pain & only has you to show as a result.

    4. @Tsubadai Khan C’mon bro. Calm down. It will be ok. AOC is garbage. The last great Democrat was shot dead in Dallas. She is a socialist that will never work in our capitalistic society. Just because you don’t know how to benefit from it doesn’t make it wrong. Just educate yourself. Peace bro.

    1. Scott McFadyen , every socialists everywhere say the same thing “ we’re a different kind of socialism “ they’ve all lied. Given the democrats are trying to overturn a legitimate election for political purposes I have no doubt America would look exactly like Venezuela if democrats in a America got real power

    2. Saynoto Socialists why immediately jump to to Venezuela? Why not look at UK, France, Germany, Norway, Canada, etc. All socialized. All have functioning economies. None of them look like Venezuela.

    3. Scott McFadyen , those are not socialist countries fool , they have some socialist policies. Just look at Portland and Seattle , that is the example of the socialism that democrats want for America , not just a few social programs democrats want total power like the kind in Venezuela

    4. Saynoto Socialists bruv, I think you’re mistaken. All those countries have social programs. Medicine, education, etc. Thus, they are socialist countries. Just curious, you say they’re not socialist, then what are they? And, in your mind how many socialist policies does a country need to have to be considered socialist?

  2. It is shameful that we still need to have a discussion about equality still, what has we learn all those of thousands of years?
    How long time more before we treat each other equally?
    Is it like bullying? that its something we can’t fix?

    1. The thing is, John, that Yoho shouldn’t be doing the right thing for fear of a broken nose. He should be doing it because it’s the right thing to DO. And evidently, he wasn’t raised well enough to know that.

  3. They’ll think next time before trying her! This coming from a father, son, and nephew it should not be tolerated!

  4. After hearing Ms AOC speak, I hope his wife and two daughters take her words to heart and stand up to this yahoo who very likely abuses them for any minor infraction or challenge to his authority

  5. It’s sad he told them to leave when they are Americans. When the Congress is in session they should not be putting down a person who comes from a foreign country. We Americans family came here from other countries.


    1. Yes + at that point and level of (well deserved) public shame, he can’t stay in office. I wouldn’t be surprised if McCarthy pressured him to go. He brought shame to his Party and colleagues.

  7. Maybe the president should take a closer look at his own home front and tell his own wife to “go home”. What’s good for the proverbial “goose is good for the gander”

    1. He was rude. He needs to not be rude and to make a real apology. And he needs to be voted out. I don’t think cursing at a colleague should be a fireable offense though.

  8. The next one to use “passion” to excuse acting like a child should be thrown in the stockades, and citizens should be given free rotten fruit

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