AP Obtains New Police Body Camera And Autopsy Of Ronald Greene 1

AP Obtains New Police Body Camera And Autopsy Of Ronald Greene


NBC News correspondent Priscilla Thompson and MSNBC legal analyst Barbara McQuade join Ayman to discuss new information in the death of Ronald Greene.

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    1. Yes all of those invisible good cops that never stop or intervene with the bad conduct of the bad ones.

    2. @Queen Nita What you are describing is just a different kind of bad cop. Good cops do exist, they’re just very few and far apart.

  1. This is the “Barr” type summary of the report that hides the incriminating evidence and real criminals

    1. Rachel Maddow shows all of it please go watch her Channel she is part of MSNBC as well because this news reporter did not show the entire video.

  2. Since the cam phone and body cam`s have come out, we are seeing more people being killed, and more cover ups.

    1. @Gary Gagnon It definitely wouldn’t have made a difference 50-60 years ago especially depending on what part of the country you lived in. Unfortunately it was open season on black/brown folks, and lgbtq back in the 50s and 60s.

    2. @beejay27 All I`m saying is, if 50-60 years ago we had cams like this, maybe and just maybe it would be this way now. We can only hope, change is coming.

  3. That statement was law speak for we have one person in law enforcement that is Honorable that sent out this tape which we did not authorize because it did not fit our narrative.

  4. If the videos do not get out. Then law enforcement officials will bury their behavior and cover for their officers breaking our law’s !!!

  5. Their excuse will be they killed him because he said “I’m sorry” and “Yes sir” too many times. Blatant abuse of power.

    1. @JustTrollingAlong nah he didn’t die to overdose it’s just he didn’t die the way we thought that’s the reason they didn’t use that as evidence

    2. @Woad_Brah Oh no, this guy was an altar boy and volunteered at the American Red Cross and played cards with old folks at retirement homes in his spare time.

    3. @Woad_Brah the police tried saying he died on impact after hitting a tree…and then this footage pops up. When will you stop lying to yourself?

  6. If they did nothing wrong why did they tell the ER doc and the family he died from hitting a tree at first? Plus the cop in question who died, died in a single-vehicle ‘accident’ the day he was fired and likely when he figured out he was screwed.

    1. I think they killed him look at the first thing they were worried about. Not going to jail, not that they lied they were worried about the leaked tape. Its possible they murdered that other cop in my opinion I mean what are the odds of what happened to him.

    2. yup. They avoid saying it was hours after he was fired.. knew they had him on tape. His manner of death was suicide.

    3. @Serv, H I agree. I think there’s a very good chance that they figured he was “the weakest link” so they took him out, hoping it would be enough for their secret to stay hidden!

    4. @Martha Cooper, actually I did see somewhere reported it was but I don’t remember what newscast.

  7. They shouldn’t be worried about how the video got out, they should be worried about what they did to this man.

    1. they’re only worried because they know what’s in store for them, especially after what happened with George Floyd and that pig that killed him.

  8. That is disgusting to have him cower and take his dignity from him, this hurts my chest, how they talk to them, it was no crash they killed him, they were probably on meth, were they drug tested???!

    1. there should be breathalizers required to operate police cars. blow before starting the car.

    2. They tortured this descent man, I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing, even after George Floyd

    3. It clearly seems like the sadistic troopers were on drugs if not they were psychopaths and sociopaths looking for a black man to murder. Sad!!! I hope everyone that knew about this just as well as the participants go to prison for the rest of their nonexistent natural life.

  9. It’s abhorrent how many healthy people turn up dead after they met the police in the USA.

    1. Well of course they were involved in that most horrible of crimes…a traffic stop!

    1. @Enchanted Homeschool the truth will always find the light of day. One way or another. Now or years later. But it is a certainty.

  10. They murdered him. Thank you for whoever released the truth about that horrible night. They murdered him.

  11. If you won’t defund them, will you reform them?

    Edit: End police qualified immunity. Establish a national database for law officer misconduct and more.
    Justice for Tony Tampa and all the nameless.

    1. Make it an offense for a police officer to witness another police officer being over violent and not reporting it. George Floyd’s killer had done over the top violence many times before and other officers SAW him and KNEW it!. {including kneeling on a 15 year olds neck for 12 minutes before hi killed George Floyd}

    1. Yeo, until its your white son they assassinated and a District attorney that is suppse to adhere to your justice, covers the malfeasance up… cause of your skin..?? Wait never mind.. I forgot who I was talking too… but if that happened to your people on a daily including your beautiful kids.. YOU WOULD SCREAM 20 YEARS

  12. When police introduced zero tolerance policy, what they meant was for everyone else, not themselves.

  13. This was a brutal murder and a blatant cover up, by the cops and possibly the medical examiners. This is screaming for the feds to get involved.

  14. This event was even worse than what they did to Floyd. Every cop needs to be arrested and charged with murder…..

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