‘Apocalyptic’ levels of destruction in Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian

'Apocalyptic' levels of destruction in Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian 1


Joy Malbon reports from the Bahamas as the scale of Hurricane Dorian's destruction is finally seen.

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21 Comments on "‘Apocalyptic’ levels of destruction in Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian"

  1. Wtf is that crap about sheryl crow?

  2. Canadian Electrcians are waiting and on the ground for you Bahama 👍

  3. Itll all be rebuilt in a few months with criminal money.


  5. Willem de Zeeuw | September 4, 2019 at 11:12 AM | Reply

    America starts to understand effects of climate chance…. maybe they start acting on it…..

  6. no biggy, place was a dump

  7. The place looks like a TOTAL DUMP!!!

    • It could use a lick of coral pink paint to spruce it up huh, don-one? Thou almighty dealer in real estate and space patrol patron. Share your words of brilliance with the world at this moment of crisis…

    • @puirYorick Quite frankly in your particular case I’d say the crisis is your sexuality.

  8. I bet thay believe in Jesus now

  9. I’m more concerned with the trash in ocean, Maybe bad for ocean wildlife.

  10. Sadly-every day somewhere in the world there is Apocalypse. Every day somewhere in the world there is Armageddon. It’s not biblical- it’s just how the earth and humans operate. And always have. Weather and wars happen everyday.

  11. Hillary is destroying evidence again. 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  12. 💔💔

  13. If you can rescue your self I don’t think you need to be rescued. Just saying!!! 🤔

  14. Wet suits should be mandatory for all household residents in islands in hurricane zones

  15. Hurricane alley … and they build houses from stick lumber.

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