Apocalyptic scene as residents flee from catastrophic fire on Greek island #shorts 1

Apocalyptic scene as residents flee from catastrophic fire on Greek island #shorts


More than 1,000 people were evacuated from the Greek island of Evia on August 6 as flames towered over the water.


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    1. @Xe N even before death you can still cracking joke….would you rather die laughing or die in agony?

  1. Very sad to know and see all these things is going on in some parts of the world. Let’s continue to pray for them

    1. Why not do something productive and send them money if you really care. Praying isn’t going to do anything.

    1. I’ve heard that part of russia and Italy are in a serious wildfire situation and it ain’t getting better. No rain at all

    1. you realize that air is meant to create hurricanes and we have been preventing it for 100 years.

    2. lol the problem is that we stopped doing controlled burns and dealing with dead/dry vegetation.. cause now eco-terrorists think controlled burns are bad.

  2. Some technology must be developed to extinguish such wild fires ??? Can we not induce artificial rain over the fires by seeing clouds ?
    From India

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