Apparent Leader In NYC Mayoral Race: Voters Realized I Could Make City Safe 1

Apparent Leader In NYC Mayoral Race: Voters Realized I Could Make City Safe


NYC Democratic mayoral candidate and apparent leader in the race, Eric Adams, joins Morning Joe discusses his numbers, his plan to reduce crime in the city, a 'crisis in Black and Brown communities' from handguns and reducing crime through education.

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Apparent Leader In NYC Mayoral Race: Voters Realized I Could Make City Safe


    1. It was popular because the democrats soldiers called antifa and blm said defund so they backed it knowing it will cause people to die more

    2. It is. The republican rhetorical definition of it is not. The actual definition of defunding the police is wildly popular.

    3. @Greg H. That was a fun one to watch in real time.
      BLM: “Get rid of ALL Police. We want no Police. None.”
      Neo-libs: “You see what they really meant was…uhhhh…we need to…move that funding to…social workers…yeah…”

  1. Rest in peace new York. You’ll always be remembered for voting blue..and destroying your own city

  2. Over 300k+ plus empty office spaces in NYC. They are not coming back. Crime is high which means NYC tourism is dead. Why would you do this to yourselves?

    1. I sometimes wonder if they get to these places because they view the world through rose colored glasses and good intentions or if it’s intentional.

    2. @Scott G Maybe if these brilliant private enterprises didn’t need a government bailout every 18-24 months, then perhaps it might seem that businesses here do work.

    3. @Breakup GoogleNow Maybe if the government stopped taxing them to death they wouldn’t need it either. Also, let’s keep on the subject at hand here. These business closed because the government shuttered them. And they did it to bring in a communist agenda.

  3. Here what will happen will say the right things now and do different things later. Same old story

  4. Went on Mayor Adams’ ig page and saw a bunch of liberals commenting “free Palestine!”, “ACAB!”, and — get this — calling him a “white supr3m4cist”.

    Long story short, I think NYC made the right choice! God Bless Eric Adams!

  5. NYC Pols: New Yorkers care more about woke virtue signaling than safety.
    NYC voters: Adams it is.
    NYC Pols: **pikachu face **

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