Are All Eyes On Sen. Sanders At Charleston Debate? | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Are All Eyes On Sen. Sanders At Charleston Debate? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The Morning Joe panel discusses the 10th Democratic presidential primary debate, set for Tuesday evening in Charleston, South Carolina. Aired on 02/25/20.
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Are All Eyes On Sen. Sanders At Charleston Debate? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Trump had better coverage on msm until he won the primaries. Bernie’s wins are more incredible. He is doing it with an adversary media coverage.

    1. They’re not mainstream. They just call themselves that. It’s actually just a soapbox for the 1% Predator Class.

    2. @Terry Tater cnn? Centrists? That’s hilarious! And you figured out Republicans are liars? Honey, they are ALL liars! Every, stinking, one of them! They will lie to get what they want.

    3. @Natasha Norman . I figured out all of msm was lying about iraq. They still do.. I watch Majority Report mainly

    4. @Terry Tater “They are just stealing our money”: unlike the federal government who spends 3 million of our tax money to study hamsters fighting! And 1.7 billion a year to maintain ABANDONED properties! That’s right, abandoned properties. And Medicare/Medicaid improper payments of 48 million. If these aren’t examples of our money being stolen from us, I don’t know what is.

  2. If morning Joe wants to help a Democratic party he should get off the air. He’s a phony and he’s hurting the Democratic party

    1. @NDFOOTBALL trump is an autocrat…..a wannabe dictator……if we didn’t have the 1A…..trump would be a killing journalists………talk about commies….you voted one in

    2. @NDFOOTBALL Trump is a communist. Putin, Kim junkill, Saudi prince are all his friends. He’s enemies with leaders of the free world

  3. “Warren is a shill for Bernie, Warren hasn’t attacked Bernie” — seems like Lanhee Chen was in a coma a few debates ago and only just woke up this morning!

    1. I’m a lifelong Democrat, and I’ll be writing in Pete BUTTIGIEG when I vote for President if Bernie Sanders is the Dem nominee.

    2. Precisely. Why bother with a bitter ex-hippie who wants to impose “Swedish socialism” on us, when in fact he doesn’t know anything more about Sweden than I know about brain surgery?

  4. I’m so sick and tired of people keep saying Bernie has too much radical ideas. It’s not radical ideas when you want Medicare for all and raise minimum wage. Other countries have done it for years. It’s time to join the rest of the world.

    1. @Ryan Garcia America is number one in creating vaccines and other medicine’s so other countries around the world can benefit from it. With Bernies plan there will be no more breakthrough medicines. Also doesn’t he want to give it to illegals? Pretty sure that wasn’t his policy in 2016. But the man has flipflopped so much Idk anymore.

    2. Haaa aakk There was a study done and they found that M4A costs less than the current private insurance companies that profit off of people.

  5. Warren doesn’t go after Sanders time after time because she ultimately agrees with his policies while Bloomberg is by far more dangerous to America because he will get trounced by trump if he’s the nominee.

    1. yes. she has integrity. it matters more to her that a progressive becomes the president and not the conservative block or even worse trump. even if that progressive isnt her but a good friend of hers.

    2. @Jeannine DeRoma That ticket would be fantastic but unlikely both being white and in their 70’s. My money is on Stacy Abrams.

    3. Donald and Mike probably have a $5 dollar wage to see who wins the presidency . 2 boys playing with peoples lives

    1. He wants to triple the budget from $2.5 to $7.5 trillion, with the mandatory pay budget of $4 trillion, under the US GDP of $22 trillion this year. Taking 1/2 of all money in the US is no scare, that’s his plan.

    2. @NDFOOTBALL I wish we’d guillotine billionaires and seize the means of production but we ain’t there yet, comrade. *laughs in communist*

    1. I can debunk his whole book in three sentences: When adjusting the government’s poverty threshold measure for shelter inflation there are well over 100 million people in poverty. The government’s metric is 50 years old. The metric is the cost of food each month times 3 in order to cover all typical minimum expenses, but because shelter cost has gone up at such fast rates it should generally at least be the cost of food each month times 6 and should be measured on a locality basis making it be the cost of food each month times 9 in some Metropolitan areas like SF…

    2. Fake news just isn’t the same without the daily Explosive Impeachment Bombshell. But the Democrat debates are usually about Trump, so we have that to look forward to in Charleston. Maybe Pochontas will scalp Bernie rather than Bloomy tonight…always good for a laugh.

    3. I agree. They wouldn’t want a progressive on to challenge when Joe says that decadence isn’t really a problem in the US currently. After all, we’re supposed to just ignore that the increasing gap between the haves and have-nots. And the difference in the wealth of the top 1% and the rest of us.

    1. @Ryan B on their cell phones. Overweight… You clearly have never been to other countries.

      Poverty is not having enough material possessions or income for a person’s needs. Poverty may include social, economic, and political elements. Absolute poverty is the complete lack of the means necessary to meet basic personal needs, such as food, clothing and shelter.

    2. @justsaying Bernie Sanders true Blue Democracy by the People ; not Democracy by the Corporations, Fossil ETC…..and the pharmaceuticals and government .. leaving the people unacceptable Bernie Sanders 2020 2028

    3. @kyle grant – Listen simp, if we update the poverty rate threshold for housing inflation, the number of people under the poverty line is over 100 million. In other words, 50 years ago, over 100 million of today’s US citizens would be considered impoverished.

  6. All that Biden has is style, but Bernie has all the substance. Substance wins, as style does nothing to people’s lives. And here is a question why is MSNBC taking advice from a republican.

    1. What they dont realise is that no Trump cult member is gonna vote for even a Dem Moderate this election.

      When Repulicans candidates run, they dont say that we want Democrats to vote for us. They make do with 40 percent Republican population and by supressing the vote.

      The Democrats have 60 percent of the Population on their side but they bend over backwards so much to get Republican votes that they make their own base a non-voter.


    3. To answer your last question, the Republicans have the Judicial Branch, the Executive Branch, the Upper Congress, and now the Federal Courts. Republicans are probably the best source on how to win. Democrats need to get it together, they’re about to lose the Lower Congress, as they have more seats in Trump and swing states, than they do the difference between the majority and the minority. The impeachment boosted Trump 10 points in the ratings, that is a very bad signal for the House Democrats. If they were smart, they would be focusing more on that, than the Presidency. If they lose the House, the Republicans hold the entire federal government.

    1. Warren was asked who was a bigger problem for the Democrats, and she specifically refused to speak about Bernie, even though she was specifically asked about him twice, in order to call out Bloomberg.

    1. @Alex Hamilton Nina Turner is a favorite of the Sanders supporter crowd. She is an amazingly inspirational speaker. And as a bonus she checks the boxes for Neolib identity politics. I think it is a tough sell, now, for Warren to be VP. But I think a lot of Sanders supporters would be fine with her as Treas Sec. Or something along those lines.

    2. @Ronja RäuberT Stacey Abrams is fishing for a Bloomberg VP slot. She defended Bloomberg on the View after her organization got money from him. I don’t see how she gets passed an earnest vetting.

  7. The government does have control over who and how many are within the protected ultra rich classes–and how many are poor all the way down to laboring day to day to live a meager life and dying on the streets of America. Trump swung the pendulum to the wealthy without regard that we still live in a nation where one person, one vote counts despite their income, color, etc. Now that pendulum is swinging hard in the opposite direction.

    Trump and his administration of goons, trust-fund babies, and con artist created the Bernie movement of the pendulum back toward center–not Bernie, Warren, or the Democrats, like AOC, that swept the House in 2018. All us normal folk want is a restored balance of power between the three branches (and the media), and checks to those powers that Trump as radically skewed specifically to benefit billionaires, white-collar criminals, liars, cheats, and their accomplices. Pretty simple stuff to most Americans, open fairness and one-half step closer to equality.

    1. YES. This is what people on the right don’t get. Capitalism isn’t bad, but runaway capitalism *is* bad, and it needs to be combined with common-good reinvestments in things like infrastructure, education, and healthcare. It’s a matter of how the system is set up. The right wants to blame the individual – you should have done better in school, worked harder, etc – but the way the system is set up now, it’s inevitable that the bottom 50% will slowly be dragged ever downward in society, while the top 10%/1%/0.1% can hardly fail no matter what they do and will get richer and more powerful simply by continuing to exist.

    2. @Glenn Carpenter,
      Trump, moderate and Conservative Americans would greatly improve healthcare, education and anything else in a heartbeat, but good luck getting the Democrats to participate!

    3. @Rand Kocher What are you smoking??? Trump has supported EVERY attempt to take away healthcare, while saying the exact opposite. Can’t believe you people are so easily conned.

    1. @J Bennett Your post claims hes been saying the same thing. I just gave you an example of his saying two fundamentally opposite things where he completely contradicts himself.

    2. @DivineHeresy and he has been talking about health care for all for 40 years. I still fail to see how you bringing up one example proves your point.

    3. @J Bennett Its very simple. You said hes been saying the same thing for 40 years. I showed you how he has certainly not been saying the same thing for 40 years.

    4. @Boyd Just like obama did? The bad orange man has lifted 5 million americans out of poverty who no longer qualify for Medicaid and other welfare. Thank you President Trump.

  8. Corporate shills.

    The shade MSM throws on Bernie in 2020 has the same effect the spotlight they put on Trump had in 2016.

    1. @Heritage Karma I’m calling U out as part of the WhyteISIS terrorism taking over the MiddleWest go back to yer maga rally

  9. Only when Bernie is leading, they want somebody to take him down but i didnt hear this message from these Corrupt Panelists aka Political Pundits when Biden was leading. Your bias cant be anymore obvious.

    I am not your so called Political Pundit but i am gonna make a Prediction for today’s debate. If anybody dares to attack Bernie in an unfair way or lie about him, he is gonna effing end their Political career.



    1. They’re not wrong that it is do or die now for these campaigns. They just have zero clue of what makes up these coalitions and what voters want. The reality is that most of these candidates are in no win scenarios. They don’t have money to compete and hitting Sanders doesn’t avoid the fact that Bloomberg is coming to eat their lunch with more money than they can conceive of. They’re all also rans.

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