Are COVID-19 vaccine passports coming? Here's why the controversial idea could happen | TREND LINE 1

Are COVID-19 vaccine passports coming? Here’s why the controversial idea could happen | TREND LINE's Rachel Aiello and Nanos Research's Nik Nanos discuss a new survey that shows the Liberals on top when it comes to who Canadians trust with federal finances and what exactly that means for the Conservatives and Leader Erin O'Toole. Also, do we need a vaccine PSA? Rachel and Nik reminisce about notable public service announcements of the past and when we might see something similar rolled out for COVID-19. Finally, as vaccines are administered around the world, are "vaccine passports" coming to Canada? Nik and Rachel discuss why the conversation around the controversial idea is only starting now.


Credits: Government of Israel, Reuters

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  1. Justin’s handling of finances: gives money to other countries instead of increasing funding to our struggling healthcare system

    1. Too late for revolutions… and besides, they don’t work for long. Just look at those who participate in anti-government action. Do you really want THEM to “take over?”

  2. It seems all those rightwing conspiracy Yahtzees were right all along lmao

    1. Being a Borg will allow them to control you under Patent laws not our Freeman Laws! Lock downs will continue , JabJabs will be yearly, your social score will dictate your travel permits.

  3. AstraZeneca is only 10% effective against the South African variant.
    Is my passport ok if I have 90% chance of being infected.

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