Are Criminals Fleeing ZOSO? | TVJ News 1

Are Criminals Fleeing ZOSO? | TVJ News


The Zone of Special Operations in Norwood, St. James in Jamaica may not have the desired results following an admission from National Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang, that some of the criminals may have fled the community before the forces moved in.

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  1. I don’t know when you people are going to learn. Said it over & over that if ZOSO & curfew are announced the criminals are going to relocate. Now you know that announcements should no longer be done, just show up. I also hope that those critics who are always opposing will shut the h××× up.

    1. Sometimes I have to wonder if they working with them, Chang always claim he knows a lot but no improvement, why on earth would they announce they will be coming in an area ? Do these people not see the criminals their working with

  2. ZOSO has and will continue to fail. More intelligence driven operations are needed to root out the main players in these gangs.

  3. announcing where they will be setting up 1 week before and expecting to catch who exactly? anybody wid sense ago liff up…

    1. It was announced after… The measure is just worthless. Wasting tax payers money… from 2018 dem a do the same thing over and over

    2. @Cbw Xinhua yeah mi know but mi a seh dem did announce before it did start … name, place and times and now come a talk aftet all that tax payers money just bun up

  4. How they expect to catch the criminal when their broadcasting when they’re going to do curfew that’s not a smart move they need to catch the criminal of Gard when Adams was carrying out is curfew no one knows until the action is finished seems like these police are afraid of the gunman so they make sure broadcasting so the gunman can leave before they come.

    1. Dem want criminal to move,I believe they know Dan well what they are doing guess if they get reed of all criminal they won’t have work cyaah say better

  5. Kmt as I said last week, ZOSO will not stop crime in Jamaica. It’s foolishness… How much does it cost taxpayers? Are we getting value for money?

  6. If you are going to announce with a bull horn every time you going to perform a raid ,or a sting operation,then you will have the same results,Duh !

  7. This guy have no idea of what he’s doing …he as no clue on how the tackle crime in Jamaica… that is a serious problem for the ppl…

  8. The security minister know who the law breakers are because they are all supporters of his Constituency who seem to be unhappy with treatments given to them.

  9. It’s easy, all you as to do is setup traps, the same concept of catching a rat, and reel them in one by one.

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