Are Israelis And Palestinians Too Far Apart For Peace? | MSNBC 1

Are Israelis And Palestinians Too Far Apart For Peace? | MSNBC


NBC's Richard Engel reports from Tel Aviv, Israel about the ongoing conflict between Israeli and Hamas. He discusses what both sides hope a ceasefire would mean, and how the two factions may be hoping for such different outcomes that peace could be difficult to achieve.

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Are Israelis And Palestinians Too Far Apart For Peace? | MSNBC


  1. If Iran attacked a neighbor, the very next day there would be UN resolution and sanctions and threats to end the war

    1. @Ron McMartin
      In your case is it mental illness or drugs?
      ….your having a one sided conversation not based on the context of peoples comments but your own inferences and vapid nonsense. Even in your responses to others; you’ve been both inconsistent and incoherent. Are you trolling…. or being sincere???

    2. @Tacit Tern at the end of this conflict Hamas leaders will keep control, bibi will stay in office, poorest civilians die, the rich left both countries immediately

    1. @Asheville Trainman well, the wall is already there…

      Israel internal border with Palestinian territory is probably the most heavily fortified border only second to North-South Korean border.

      The idea of the wall does not come from the Orange man, but the Orange man learned that from the Israeli goverment.

    2. @ilhamrj Trump should have built it on Mexican soil, would have saved him the costly disputes with land owners.

  2. It’s never too late for redemption, nobody is ever too lost to find their way, we’re never too far gone to seek forgiveness.

    1. @Jerry Samuels Techically you are unable to truley touch anything, there is always a barrier of atoms in between you and any said object.

    2. *The following is happening in our World and no one is noticing.*

      1. Armageddon is about 4 action events.
      1st horse, Bow = *Send* it.
      2nd horse, Sword = *Strike* it.
      3rd horse, Scales = *Split* it.
      4th horse, Fire = *Sear* it.

      That =’s Our planet for the last 2 years have averaged 3.23 Rockets a day into space.
      That’s hundreds of rockets we’ve *Send*/sent up.
      We’ve sent close to a 1000 Rockets/with Elon saying he’s sending another 1000.
      They are *weapons* designed to stop “Wormwood” in the book of Revelation in the Bible.
      All Telescopes on this planet are pointing in the same direction.
      Elon is building underground tunnels in major cities.
      “Wormwood” is going to hit the PACIFIC OCEAN. *EVACUATE*.

      2. “The mark of the beast”.

      Take 3 6’s and place them in a circle and you have a virus warning symbol.
      But the Mark is the VACCINE. And because it is a global problem it will demand a global solution.
      *The Vaccine will be given Airborne and it will land on your forehead and hands.*
      It will try to alter Chromosome 7 lamb1.
      It is during these moments where the Bible mentions: *You will wish the mountains to fall on you.*
      And this is also the moment where the Bible mentions: The “few” and the “many”.
      “Few” will die from this Vaccine (millions) and “many” will live (billions).
      This vaccine will cure all diseases BUT it will not remove the Pain from any injuries you receive.
      That is the moment of the “delusion” mentioned in Revelations.
      If you get a cut or any injury, the pain will never go away, they just keep building up.
      You will wish the “mountains to fall on you”.
      666 (six – sick – sicknesses) *Six species of human corona viruses are known* ,
      with some species subdivided into two different strains,
      making seven strains of human corona viruses altogether.

      Rev. 13:16 is referring to those who DIDN’T make the rapture of the church (The not “born again” PEOPLE).

      1st Horseman is the Bow (SEND it).

    3. @Hush Whisper You are a lunatic, God didn’t show you where Eden was. You are a false prophet.

  3. I think misinformation is what these people are receiving,they need to be educated to why this is happening by trustworthy people who have no bad intentions in their hearts,if people are taught to hate they can learn to love.

    1. Isreal was founded in 1948. They held half of the area, and the Muslims had the other half. In the ’60s Isreal got sick of being attacked and took over the whole thing. They’ve been fighting ever since. This current violence is due to clashes with Isreali police, and some mob violence. Hammas started launching rockets right about when Ramadan started.

    1. @Meat Hook Ideologically? They are all following the exact same hateful stone-age ideology out of same fairy tales.

  4. I’ve been hearing this same story since I was born. Obviously we can’t help anymore whether ever did or not. I’m so against both sides I’m ready to let them have at it with no help from us @all. We’ve given Israel plenty of ‘advice’.
    I’d love see the violence end but it won’t. Let them fight or stop them both!
    Yes, I am stooooopid & uneducated. They seem to be with me in that reguard over a piece ‘o’ land that has crap wine and little else.

  5. The best they can hope for is temporary peace like they have had for almost two thousand years.

    1. go check and tell me if u find “The nation of Palestine” somewhere in the history record.

    2. @Avi Avraham So no one was living there before 1948? And anyone who was deserves to die?

    3. @Avi Avraham I read about Palestine many times over the years. I know that Countries got together and divided land for Israel and Palestine after WW2. The Palestine people rejected that. I believe the Land should be reoffered. However what I was referring to is Muslim vs Jewish. It’s no longer just Palestine.

  6. This is the guy that told Rachel Russia gate was fake haven’t seen him until now!

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