Are Jamaicans Curfew Weary? – February 10 2021


  1. I’m not tired of the curfew…I’m tired of crime and violence knowing families are hurting loosing our love ones in some gruesome and cruel ways…Where’s the love for our brothers and sisters.. small and big …sigh.. smh

    1. @Ivarene Tulloch my dear I have to ask because… holiness is a damn joke.. he and chang have absolutely no clue on how to curb crime in πŸ‡―πŸ‡²…..nobody including me won’t go down there πŸ‘‡ because the place infested with crime….πŸ˜…πŸ™

    2. Curfew not going to fix the issue of Post Traumatic Slave syndrome. The government would benefit from teaching the public about how our mental health issues affect our safety.

    1. I have always maintained that the gunmen virus is a greater threat to JA than Covid virus . While the focus is on the pandemic , the whole economy is heading into shitsville! Agreed.

    2. Government can’t help crime only the criminals can change jamaica fate we as citizens are the one giving jamaica a bad names we need love we need forgiveness and look to God

  2. What I can’t understand is this.. how is it that day old and two day old getting covid is it via the hospital..

    1. People need to love dem self and they family cause if they really do so them they Will really love.and care for other people that how crime will cut down cause what we don’t want to face in life. How can we.wish a next family to face how sad we all make life to be.

  3. Jamaican start taking zinc this thing is working good for Covid but the system not telling the people it really works

    1. Friend , the government is only interested in pushing global agendas of the rich and powerful ; not supporting local initiatives as you suggested.

  4. Right after yuh ask dat fool fool question bout, “If you’re willing to give up certain freedoms for someone’s safety?v

  5. People complain about bad roads, and lack of other services in their community, but you hear of politicians staying in office of 30 years. So why should politicians pay any attention to complains, when they will be re-elected. Politicians know that all they have to do is throw a few crumbs close to election and the voters will forget all the ills of the community, and put them back into office.

  6. What is the difference between here in the states and Jamaica?? We can go where ever we want at night’s,people stop listening to the lies

  7. Curfew or no curfew….we still getting CORONA. Come with something new cause CORONA nuh have no special time fi none a wi

  8. Fix the roads so I can come to my beautiful country Crimes took over and the government worry about covet we will die anyway from Crìmes, covet and bad roads. I am tired.

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