Are meatless burgers actually healthier?

Are meatless burgers actually healthier? 1


Meatless burgers are exploding in popularity but are they healthy? The experts break down the nutritional information.

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26 Comments on "Are meatless burgers actually healthier?"

  1. From the kitchens of Monsanto. Mmmmm

  2. the stuff it is hamburger not yogurt, this is joke by the way

  3. Meatless burgers is garbage fake junk food period……. Real meat is the healthiest food on the plant…

  4. 0:24 burgers look like fisher-price kids plastic cook set “burgers”.

  5. You won’t be able to determine if it’s safe until someone die from periodically consuming it.

  6. Anyone remember the gross movie “Soylent Green”!!?? Watch it!!!

  7. It’s ironic that it’s a deviation from nature it’s self ha

  8. The big question remaining is “are plant based burgers safe to vape?”

  9. “Is it Safe???…. Maybe…” But it’s already in your fast food joints and supermarkets… Monsanto Meat

  10. Marilyn Schartner | September 2, 2019 at 11:03 PM | Reply

    I will not give up my meat.

  11. The quick answer is No they are very bad!! Eat real meat without the bun!!!

  12. Nope.

  13. “is it safe ? Maybe…” Can we be just a bit less dramatic ? The state in the art in food is the very popular “is he dead yet ?” 24 hour test. That about all we know about most of our food.

  14. Irregardless _ | September 3, 2019 at 1:14 AM | Reply

    The point of plant-based burgers is not to be healthier but to support more environmentally sustainable food. Jeez!

  15. Rajkiran Natarajan | September 3, 2019 at 2:32 AM | Reply

    The gold standard diets are the Japanese and Mediterranean diets. They are healthy and meat is consumed in moderation. These diets are also sustainable and you don’t subject yourself to highly processed fake meat

    • No, both are notoriously high meat consumption. The real Mediterranean diet has meat or seafood in everything. Japan is one of the highest per capita meat consumption in the world. Don’t believe Monsanto hype.

    • Rajkiran Natarajan | September 3, 2019 at 11:37 AM | Reply

      Sarah Denison According to the OECD Japan is not one of the ten highest in terms of per capita meat consumption. Your opinions of their diets may have been for ed by what’s served in Japanese and middle-Eastern restaurants in the west. My opinions aren’t influenced by Monsanto lol

  16. So many errors in this story. Saturated fat is not a problem, plants are the least healthy and full of toxins and glyphosate, just to begin with

  17. Waiter) “What would you like sure?”
    Customer) ” A Vegetarian Hot Dog.”
    Waiter) “You mean a bun?”

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