1. “Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the party it’s going to be a terrible damn problem.
    Frankly these people frighten me, politics and governing demand compromise but these Christians believe that they are acting in the name of God so they can’t and won’t compromise.
    I know, i’ve tried. ” -Barry Goldwater (R)

    1. These so called Christians have forgotten something that is essential to christianity…”WHAT WOULD JESUS DO”

    2. @Deborah Hill look up the word liberal in the Dictionary.
      That’s the best discripson of Christ I have ever found.
      Conservatives have an anti-liberal bias…
      You do the math on that.
      Hint..it’s a binary choice

  2. You should check out the campaign adds in southwest Missouri. They are filled with steers and chickens being beheaded.๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  3. I thought he wa as a convicted criminal. He must know some low people in high places. This is Missouri though. The show me state. You can show them things and they’ll live in denial anyway

    1. I’m afraid to agree with you but Missouri is pretty stupid! I love here and know we don’t care about people!

    1. @L Wells ur advice is to stay in a state where one does not fit and is unhappy?
      im not staying in my state…
      my vote means absolutely nothing here cuz of one democrat controlled district
      all my family is here but im still leaving cuz nothing can be done

    1. @Tina Rice
      Definitely not, people vent and others are trolls. When politics starts heating up donโ€™t be surprised when the extremes and instigators (trolls) start saying the craziest crap.

  4. Between this dude and Herschel Walker in Georgia on behalf of Democrats around the nation I want to thank both of these ‘gentlemen’ for ensuring that the Senate will remain in Democratic hands after the mid-term election cycle….. โœŒ๐ŸพโœŒ๐Ÿพ

    1. @Sad Kangaroo I have no doubt whatsoever that you do know the meaning of the word groomer and actively take part – disgusting

    1. @Phylicia Patterson Well me personally I work two jobs so it’s hard for me to volunteer. But I donate monthly to Lucas Kunce, Missouri Democrats, and National Democrats, vote in elections, display yard signs, bumper stickers, and flags. So I do what I can.

  5. Itโ€™s Missouri, stamp special forces or SEAL on something and wannabe military folks who couldnโ€™t qualify for basic boot camp get excited, want to dress the part, and absorb as much valor from their heros as possible.

  6. I don’t know about “blowing a seat”,
    blowing a line I’ll believe. Especially if it involves Matt Gaetz in a hotel bathroom with a 17 y.o. girl.

  7. I love the new failing strategy of the Republicans: Put as many candidates out there as you can, effectively thinning out your own chances of winning.
    GOP never surprises with their constant incompetence.

    1. Uh, don’t forget how many Dems stood up in the Presidential primary, we had enough to field a rugby team with 14 alternates on the bench. There were 29 Democratic candidates for President in the 2020 election.

  8. As someone who suffered unnecessary abuse as a young child, Its hard to listen to examples of grown men terrorising little kids and not get very very angry. I believe karma will get this loser. Usually comes back to them 5 fold.

    1. As someone who has had a separation from someone even 20 years later will do anything they can to hurt me it bothers me to think people would take the word of someone’s ex-wife without some evidence.

    2. @Phillip Leech it has never been acceptable to lay your hands on a child in an abusive way. It does not matter how you justify the painful reality that your father was abusive when he was incapable of controlling his own emotions, there was no year when it was acceptable to abuse another defenseless, sentient being, much less your own child.

    3. @Raeth I would rather be wrong about believing false allegations of abuse than allow a perpetrator to continue in their unforgivable abuse. Err on the side of caution. Would you allow your daughter to go on a date with a man whose previous girlfriend claims he assaulted her?

  9. Here in Missouri we have open primaries. Think I’ll vote for Greitens in the primaries so I can vote against him in the general election.

    1. Be careful!
      Sometimes assisting someone in the primary that you think will “never win” the general can backfire on you! Think: Donald Trump…

  10. I live in MO, I sure the hell won’t be voting for ANY GOP/GQP. I hope a lot of voters see all the bullsh*t they have been and still doing spoon fed Missouri voters.

    1. Oh they have open primary there ? Then yes Dโ€™s should be voting for him . Heโ€™s the only chance Dโ€™s have of winning the seat.

    1. @Ty Gibbs Future Goat A man of culture, I see. I too, partake in heavy meth amphetamine consumptionโ€ฆ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  11. Didn’t Mitch McConnell say we will tell you our plan when we are elected?? Now that is creepy..

    1. Strip as many as possible of as many rights as possible, dismantle all government services that would assist anyone they dislike, and funnel every cent they can into the pockets of their donors.

      There you go. McConnell’s plan in 33 words.

  12. It all depends on how women voters feel about all the Your body, their choice laws being passed.. If they’re okay with living under neo-Taliban rule, then republicans will do just fine.

    1. @swimminginthoughts Not stupid at all. That’s what their turning into. Get rid of those rose tinted glasses their clouding your judgement

    2. @swimminginthoughts They are both in agreement with limiting Women’s access to reproductive healthcare. You can’t deny that similarity.

  13. “after a series of ethical lapses…” One has to love these terminologies used by politicians to redefine crimes and escape consequences that would send the average Joe to jail.

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