Are Unmarried Women Over 35 Years Old ‘LEFTOVERS?’ #TVJSmileJamaica

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  1. It’s sad that you guys resort to ad hominen rather than using plausible arguments combat this notion. Whilst I don’t agree with most of Kevin Samuel rhetoric, a lot of what he says are commonly held beliefs that should be debated with counter arguments and not with personal attacks.

    1. These people were about everything that goes on and set in America talk about the poor condition all over the island over 50 years some communities still don’t have running water but that is what they do to keep Jamaican distracted.

    2. Kevin Samuels is being generous with that age limit.
      These women are being irrational to think the term leftover applies to just food, it is a more universal term. Companies that make items such as, building materials, aircraft, weapons, medical equipment, automobiles etc, which there is no longer a demand for is considered leftover.
      In Asian Countries, Women age 27 and over, are considered leftover. Leftover women are called “sheng nu” in China, and “dry fish lady” in Japan.
      Asian Parents don’t want their sons marry women pass 26.
      These people don’t have the rational mindset for this type of discussion. Better the ugly truth, than a pretty lie.

      “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” — Socrates

  2. Truth hurt. He mean if you single and over 35 especially with another man kid/kids, you or not what men will go far if seeking a woman. Older women will find him offensive tbh.

  3. This man is crazy what happens to men who’s not married at that age I am 38 been with the man since 17plus he ask me and I say no because he’s abusesive and I don’t want to do that

  4. These women will NEVER argue the point the man is making they will attack his personality and even mental health but NEVER the topic because their feelings come first even over logic… You think if their son walks in and tell them they want to get married to someones old baby mother that they will be supportive?? Pleeeeese!!!

    1. @T M A Bachelor. A Leftover women are women who are no longer seen as desirable pass their prime youthful years(pass 26 in Asian countries).
      Men such as Leonardo Dicaprio aren’t interest in women over 24. Even Hugh Hefner, a guy in his 80’s, only wanted women in their 20’s.
      Many high earning Men in Jamaica 40 and over, are getting with women in their early 20’s.


  6. The TV host on the left wanted so badly to say that Kevin Samuels is gay, but didn’t want the possible PR nightmare that would follow.

  7. Clearly these two woman don’t understand how men think. Doesn’t matter what Kevin been through personally, what’s he’s speaks of is all facts.

  8. Getting married is a expensive investment for men and women want marriage to earn so most men don’t want to invest that much into a marriage.

  9. Delusional. Why not gather your research and challenge him in a debate instead of bringing him down? Why not watch his entire video and see how these women behave? The truth hurt. Have humility to learn from those around you. God bless the few women who will humble themselves and use this information to their advantage.

    1. Kmt….most women chose not to be with anyone until a certain accomplishment…

    2. Is woman that keeps running from man to man they are left over……like him self that was married twice….kmt

  10. If these two ladies are not married as yet, I wonder if they know their competitor. You know what Kevin highlights is that woman don’t know what men want.

  11. I can’t say much about what Kevin said. To do that I would need a much better context of the video. The media can be misleading with information. However, seeing how these two women responded to the clip would make you want to reflect on Kevin’s thoughts. Apparently, logic 101 wasn’t taught in their journalism classes. I am disappointed by the emotional and unintelligible responses they gave. Personal feelings have no place in critical thinking. Just saying… 😬🤷🏿‍♂️

  12. Kevin Samuels is controversial and has a huge African American following especially among men (black, white and everything in between ladies). Much of what he says is true for farrin people. Unu shouldn’t talk bout him at all, ya’ll just increased his range to us nung man!….Rub out dis episode Dahlia and Simone. Iyanla stop fix people life now. Simone!!!! He woulda call you a starter wife😏

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