Are Unvaccinated Covid-19 Survivors Protected Against Re-Infection? 1

Are Unvaccinated Covid-19 Survivors Protected Against Re-Infection?

In this week’s segment of “Make it Make Sense,” Dr. Chris Pernell explains why those with some level of natural immunity after recovering from COVID-19 should still get vaccinated.

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Are Unvaccinated Covid-19 Survivors Protected Against Re-Infection?


  1. I work in Healthcare and have seen more severe adverse reactions to the vaccine then I seen with severe covid symptoms. I’d never put that vaccine in my body

    1. Facts and the vaccinated in nursing homes have covid again . notice they never speak on that just hospitals

    2. @L. Austin Yeah, the vaccine isn’t 100%. Nothing is 100% effective. It does however, make it much less likely that you will be infected.

  2. It’s easier to FOOL the people, than to convince the people that they have been FOOLED!! M Twain

    1. @ET3 yeah, we all know. But it’s not because he was trying to fool anyone. Thanks for the super novel info tho.

    1. @Mark Cuckerberg EXACTLY! This has always been the case. A person’s health is there own fundamental responsibility.

    2. I just founded an interesting article on how Nazi went down after they started using drugs so free marijuana to all those promoting vaccines in the news cocaine legalized for them and harder drugs so cheers

    3. @collinsfriend1 oh yeah the polio vaccine with SV40 cancer causing virus that are still found in people body

  3. I’ve never seen a headline that made me feel more like we’re in zombie land

    I like how they call us ‘survivors’

    1. Your bizarre projections and lack of critical thinking skills would be hilarious if they didn’t have sinister consequences.

    2. They are neither. And Covid isn’t a joke. So the only thing that is sinister is people spewing lies about the vaccination or the virus in order to leave other people unprotected against it. That’s a bit like convincing your drunk friend that they should drive the Mazerati as fast as they can.

    3. @Major Problems Interesting, because when i commented about forced vaccine mandates and passports last year they were also called bizzare projections.

  4. This is a pandemic of mistrust in government and media. They destroyed their credibility with the People.

    1. @Joshua Phillips
      You’re neurotic and brainwashed by the liberal communist propaganda.
      Name one thing Trump did that eroded trust in the public.

      One thing…

    2. Haha , funny that even after he is gone they are still using Trump as a scapegoat and punching bag t”and act like he did something wrong. He was for America and for the people. And was not afraid to speak his mind and do what was right for the country as a whole he did not mind offending the little crybabies and they just can’t stand that they love Biden in there being propped up like a weekend at Bernie’s reading flashcards that he can’t even do correctly while he says only stuff that they want to hear and won’t upset them or hurt their fragile sensitive “feelings” trump 2024

    3. @bunker
      1. Trump told people it was nothing but a flu
      2. Trump said “Mexico will pay for it”
      3. Trump said “I will show my taxes”
      4. Trump said he Never paid hush money to Stormy
      That’s 4

    4. @Ryan Erdmann you think any of that is worth reading? You can’t even make it thru a sentence without undermining any point you were going to make.

      Also, Trump will be president again over my dead body. I guarantee it will never happen.

  5. Kamala Harris made it abundantly clear when she spoke the words ” if Donald Trump tells me to get the vaccine, I will NOT get the vaccine”. This is why I am not vaccinated.

  6. I find the lack of humanity empathy in these comments quite disturbing. But I’m rolling with y’all regardless

  7. People that are vaccinated can still get infected that ingredients in the vaccine arn’t good for you!

    1. I dont want it simple as that if the vaccines so good and you have it leave everybody else alone

    2. @Rodney Walchly : That’s right, besides it’s just an experimental vaccine anyway, if I’m wrong I’ll be more than happy to die with dignity, than cower behind something that isn’t tested, wait I’m sorry it’s being tested on 48% of the population, if something does go wrong, it’s a little too late to say I told you so. That’s the reason they’re so jacked up, because they don’t want to be the only guinea pigs to be the crash test dummies. I hope they enjoy their B-12 shots, because they’ll have to take them for the rest of their pathetic lives.

  8. “If someone dies WITH covid-19, we are counting that as a Covid-19 death.” – Direct quote from Dr. Birx at the Coronavirus Task Force press conference. You could literally make a stuffy nose the leading cause of death using this rule.

    1. Yup and if you got stung by a stingray and died, then you died from covid because the stingray contracted covid19 from surfers

  9. I can’t believe YouTube puts MSNBC in my top news category. That shows you how misinformation is being forced down our throats. (Top news, come on! MSNBC is gutter propaganda on par with Jerry Springer.)

    1. Have you see the commercials on YouTube videos lately only Heath care because they are the only one making money with politicians enslaved

    2. @Presto Media LLC lol it’s always trolls who comment on those videos. But I am smart enough not take any advice from social media.

  10. Studies have shown that getting just one shot will cause a significant reduction in stress for big pharma CEOs when the report earnings

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