Are We In A Recession Right Now? | MSNBC 1

Are We In A Recession Right Now? | MSNBC


MSNBC’s Ali Velshi explains whether or not the U.S. economy is in a recession and why there is light at the end of the tunnel.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Are We In A Recession Right Now? | MSNBC


  1. t’rump lied yesterday (while declaring a national emergency no less) about several things from the 1,700 google engineers to the claim America is handling this better than all the other countries. And literally said he’s “not at all responsible” for the gross lack of testing.
    If you still think he’s up for the job and should have 4 more years, that says more about you then it does him.

    1. @William H The only YouTube video i´ve ever seen with more thumbs down than thumbs up.
      Shame on you and the creator of that clip that you mock a poor senile old man who suffers from dementia and probably Alzheimer, but your “dear #45 cult leader” is also mentally ill.

    2. @William H
      P.S. I speak of this video William H had a link to in his post :

    3. Yep trump is lying, most countries leaders are handling this pandemic better. My country is three islands in the south Pacific, yet we have test kits for whoever needs them.

    4. @Librarian-at-Large go research former Arizona (Maricopa county) Sheriff’s investigation into Obama’s birth certificate/ citizenship. Why was this, for the most part, never covered in the mass media and only limited in social arena’s, because of the fact that it still leaves you with many more questions than answers and why it’s still never been 100% proven that obama
      was legally born in the u.s.a. More questions than answer ?!?!

    5. @William H
      or google “trump lies”. It’s essentially every time he opens his mouth. But I’m sure you’ll just call that “Fake news” (Fake news= anything that Trump or his supporters don’t like)

    1. Packfan69 I’m talking about the Democratic Party during the time of Lincoln, not current candidates

    2. Ryan Johnson have you ever actually seen market trends from when trump took office in 2016 to the beginning of 2020? Lol

    3. Seeed 90 hahahahahahahaha what exactly did I say or do that was racist, I can’t even take someone like you seriously

    1. @Creator You don’t have to click on the link but it’s always there for anyone who wants to brighten their day with laughter and joy

  2. Trump always blasted Obama for quantitative easing and other bailouts to save the country from collapsing,calling Obama’s recovery fake.Now he’s doing the same ‘n gonna claim he’s a hero.

    1. @Vegas Mgtow the great Donald Trump a businessman who has filed for bankruptcy over five times screw Trump

    2. @Rand Kocher Who told you that? Let me guess. . . . Rush? Hannity? Alex Jones? Maybe it was your Pastor. I give up. Just tell meme and save your rhetoric for family gatherings

    3. trump will be hailed a failure. trump’s an amateur politician who was elected chief executive of the English-spsaking capitalist world. trump is failing. trump has gored to death OBAMA’s bull market by adding air to an obvious bubble to some in real time and now to all in hindsight. Fed chairman Powell did trump the favor of cutting continually the Fed rate. By doing so he burnished POTUS 44’s presidency.

    1. Sorry. Like I was saying, Trickle up economy is the answer but it won’t happen because you best believe that they won’t pay us first so that through our spending, it will re-stimulates the economy.
      That’s how it’s supposed to work and that’s why big corporations won’t do it. Greed would and has prevented that from happening.

  3. My friend was turned down, when they pursued a test at their local hospital, and was threatened to have security called on them. They can’t afford not to go to work, but they are finding it hard to breath. Apparently there has been very little action taken to protect the general public, no matter what the media is saying.

    1. So your friend went to the hospital and said i would like a corona virus test and they called security that is the whole story im not saying testing is good but they dont call security just because you asked

    1. @Troy Stocker Lat I heard, Democrats in charge of big cities didn’t cause the latest mess Trump got us in.

    1. That “Trickle down” crap hasn’t work since Reagan but the republicans keep trying it over and over again.


    1. Obama added to the debt more than all the other presidents combined. Democrats praying for a recession. Shameful what they are willing to do because they hate this president. Trump 2020. Big government is never good for it’s people.

    2. @Turtlehands “You think a border is useless even after a pandemic?”

      In a word, yes. Not quite useless, but essentially when you account for other factors as I will explain below.

      The amount of illegal or legal immigrants crossing the US-Mexican border daily pales in comparison to the influx of air passengers every day at all the airports in the US.

      The airports are a vastly worse problem in the event of a pandemic because they are so spread out across the country – with land routes well engineered to connect to major cities by design.

      The passengers don’t even need to be travelling to the US mainland – they just need to stop there on layover and come into close contact with those that are going to the US, or even staff at the airport who then go home and bring the disease with them.

      And it’s not AFTER a pandemic – we are still in it right now, it’s barely begun by measure of China which quarantined its people very quickly by comparison, the US has responded far more slowly due to Trump’s mismanagement of the CDC and disaster response departments of the government.

    3. @Individual-1 They also just voted no to an emergency bill for paid sick-leave for hourly workers. Essentially, the GOP is pro-socialism for the 1%, but harsh capitalism for everyone else.

    1. @Michael Voelkl umm are u serious ? Haha he has the black vote now. He has the white vote annnnnd Hispanic….. you morons have NO CHANCE. hillary had even more of a chance and we all.know she was DESTROYED in a landslide. Enjoy the next 26 years of the Trumps in power ppl. We are ensuring it happens.

    2. @Cynthia Gonzalez hahha just like with Hillary? U do realize Trump now has the black and Hispanic votes right? Along with whites also.. u do know this right? J morons have NOBODY that is even remotely.close to being able to defeat Trump. You idiots.dont get it. It’s a u. Reason why hes winning and ur losing if because hes doing as he says. Our economy is booming we now have hope. So ya, we will be voting for Trump. This time however, it will be the biggest landslide to date!! Just u watch and see. 🙂

    1. @NWAZ flatEarther It’s ok to be butthurt that your boy sucks and is killing people. It’s fine to admit you were wrong and you chose poorly, it’s less ok to still be stupid.

    2. @Grown man Thing When unemployment is/was at 3.5%, that is not on the Government for them to find a job. There are/were More openings than the unemployed. The virus will change much of that, but at some point, it falls on the individual. This comes from someone who is not rich. I just always prepare and try to improve myself and my situation. There are also many people who just don’t want to work. I’m sure you and I know more than a few like that.

    3. @NWAZ flatEarther The virus is not dangerous so why did orange fecal stain cancel the maga rallies? You guys need to be in large groups shaking hands making America great again. Kag.

  5. Thanks America for putting a total failure in every way, a man that even bankrupted a CASINO, stole from his own CHARITY, and is a stench covered disgusting excuse for a human being – that is mr tRump !

    1. @Sarah O’Conner America gives about 5-6 billion, directly or indirectly, to Israel each year. If you include our misguided wars meant to take out the enemies (Iraq, Iran…) of Israel, then that figure increases by a factor of fifty or so.

    2. @J B Why did you cancel your maga rallies? You guys have to meet to maga. Hugs,kisses, hand shakes and share your food. Many elderly trump supporter are doing just that. Time to stand by your pres.

    3. @IncognitoTorpedo and the spend it on highly subsidized education and free health. The US is the only ” first world” country without free health care.

    4. tRump is a con, 4000 lawsuits and paid $20,000,000 for cheating people who believed his lies, all around scammer, he even said the pandemic was fake until his gullible followers started getting it pathetic

    5. @O. D. Reed no. You are pathetic for listening to your FAKE.NEWS outlets… and that is what is truly sad here.. YOU are apart of the MINORITY. Trump has the black vote, he has the hispanic vote and he has the white vote. He also crossed over 30% of dems and libs. You losers and your stupid blind hate is what is wrong with this world… and this is what ur leaders have done. Manipulated u into being emotional instead of being rational… now THAT is SAD. … Trump can cure cancer and save the world, and u will still hate him because u are brainwashed… now fly a kite in a storm or something MINORITY. We are taking our country back… end of story and there is nothing you can do about it…

    1. @Cornelius Vath Haven’t you been hearing Trump? He was claiming the rise of WS was because of him. Of course he is no longer saying that. He only takes credits when things go well, never when they go sour.

    2. @Turey Taino I didn’t hear that. Is there a link where I can go to learn more? Or are you just regurgitating the same mindless BS for losers that the fake news panders all day?

    3. @Turey Taino To all you fake news tards out there. We smart people will defeat this virus, and bring back the economy. You knoow-nothing losers will reap the benefits, contribute nothing, appreciate nothing, and complain about everything. Thanks for nothing useless haters. Now go learn something intelligent:

  6. Trump failed in business multiple times and failed government on his first try, like I expected! I blame republicans and conman don!

    1. @Danijel Mornarić Ours dropped last because we are used to having the poorest health care system in the world

    2. @Danijel Mornarić I don’t know what you do for a living, but I get paid for my labor. No work: No pay. Guess what? Our company is shut down due to Coronavirus concerns. It didn’t have to shut down, but it did because nobody knows who has the virus and who doesn’t. They could have said get tested and if you are negative, please come back to work. But, they couldn’t, do you know why? We can’t even get a test because there are no test kits.

    3. @Danijel Mornarić Not trying to ridicule you. Just trying to point out that Trump dismantled the infrastructure that is suppose to be on top of this sort of thing

    4. Sarah O’Conner and I’m trying to get it though your head that that can’t be true because it requires that had trump not be president this wouldn’t happen. That’s not true though because other countries are just as panicked/ screwed

    5. @Danijel Mornarić Don’t know what panicked country you are talking about except the United States. Everybody else’s government are imposing quarantines, testing, building hospitals, etc. Americans are the ones in panic because Republicans are saying it is a democratic hoax to defeat trump. That’s not leadership.


  7. Yes we are in a recession and our fearless leader is using smoke and mirrors to keep the people from knowing it

    1. Trump2020
      Recession?? Hahahha maybe u stupid liberal.flakes are. Not the rest of america. Which is the MAJORITY. and will be for another 26 + years. Enjoy b1tches!

    1. Yup and then a Democrat is left to deal with the mess and soak up complaints and rage from people who don’t understand causality. It’s a very efficient system.

  8. This will be the best recession. The most beautiful recession our country has ever seen. So much winning

  9. Hey we will just will have work three jobs instead of two. That’s only 24 hours a day. Who needs sleep.

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