Are We In Store For Another Shutdown? Surgeon General On New Mask Guidelines 1

Are We In Store For Another Shutdown? Surgeon General On New Mask Guidelines


The CDC now recommending that people wear masks indoors in areas with high transmission rates is explained by surgeon general U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy. He tells The Reid Out, ‘In this moment where infections are rising rapidly we have to take more caution to protect ourselves and the people around us.’
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    1. @Donald Donald I’m ok with being at risk, not gonna let leftist bullies and unnacountable govt make my medical decisions

    2. @Louis Tully well, i disagree. Its not ” leftist”. Its proven science. I hope you reconsider in the future sir.

    3. @Louis Tully sometimes looking past politics and considering family and one’s close to you is good. Politicizing this is irresponsible at best.

    1. ingest bleach and shove UV lights inside your body. It’ll go from 15 to 0. It’ll magically go away – previous president.

    1. You must be small on brain cells. Let me make it simple for you.
      WEAR MASK.
      GET JAB.

    2. @ruth depew Variants aren’t new virus. Virus evolves so it mutates, read about it. Virus is like technology.. when is it final? when it stops upgrading? Or like the media too it just spreads wide and far.

    3. @Amelia Andes Please forgive Ruth. She is very old, frail, incontinent, and cognitively-challenged. Let’s have more compassion toward our senior citizens.

  1. When they bring up “Delta” what they really mean is;

    We need more fear to get people to take the experimental

  2. A prolonged period of time is a few seconds. I have read multiple articles that exposure to the Delta Variant doesn’t have to be for more than a few seconds to get exposure. Once you are infected you are super contagious for the first few days. The incubation period is four days

  3. I’m going to sew my own mask, with fabric with an 1/8″ or 1/4″ mesh.
    When some mask-monger complains I’ll admit that it’s not as good for particles as theirs,
    but it’s EXACTLY as effective at protecting against a virus as theirs, and it’s much easier to breathe through!

  4. If masks are so important, then why isn’t the Surgeon General, all the people in the media, and Biden wearing masks? Be a leader!

    1. @Occult Rites I bet u like going to cemeteries, going up to the victims family and friends grieving and laugh at them, cause the deaths CLEARLY don’t mean a single thing to u. Fc off.

    2. @Elf no I’d probably not even blink.
      Sorry to the people who died. But I don’t believe the numbers then news reports.
      The government can’t even figure out a budget but they expect me to believe “experts”. Yea ok.
      People die we all die I want to live as much as possible while I’m here idgaf about anyone else sorry.

    1. No…this virus is endemic and delta is already in 90+ countries. It’s the “new influenza” we’re going to see annually forever. Dr Scott Gottlieb on CNBC just spoke about this today. He’s the most reliable expert I’ve listened to for over 15 months now lol
      No shut downs are needed! Not going to work anyway

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