Area 2 Police Heighten Operational Activities | TVJ News – June 20 2022

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  1. Bredda the same old thing in the state of emergency our rights are taking away why y’all doesn’t search for the guns St James St Andrew state of emergency was there for over a year an y’all leave an leave all the gun there what y’all going to do the same thing in St Catherine

  2. Give me Jamaica for a week to fight crime and I guarantee 0%crime.Government of Jamaica playing with lawless people.

  3. Poor police dem….pulling out all stops in vain, cauz even if they catch these demons, they will be back on the streets in short order….losing battle and a hopeless situation. Jamaica done ! All demons(politicians, businessmen, elite, corrupt judiciary/law enforcers, octanes, kerosenes, 87s, supporters), hope unoo feel satisfied now. Never knew when they said, “hell on earth”…that it would be our beautiful Island

  4. The news mentioned the flare-up in Spanish Town as the reason for this operation yet it is set up between Trelawny and St. Ann… Shouldn’t it be at the border of St. Catherine instead or (the mentioned) St. Mary for that matter? ….

  5. Really what is the solution to fight crime in the country Jamaica, need a better way because the prime Minister do not have a solution to fight the crime?

  6. Yea yea we know those who need to know even b4 the police move in know and gone long time is not knife and machete causing the problem is gun go in the home go get them uno know who they r and where they gone but then again no need bother cause they will be back on the road either by bail or no case joke thing down a yard dea.

  7. You guys as media suppose to put police and politicians under pressure, because there doing a poor job

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