Areas With Low Vaccination Rates Allow Covid A New Foothold 1

Areas With Low Vaccination Rates Allow Covid A New Foothold


Rachel Maddow looks at how the low vaccination rate in southwestern Missouri has caused a Covid crisis for medical resources in the area, but also poses a threat to surrounding areas as the virus ignores all boundaries.
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  1. Private vaccine appointments, to avoid losing friends? What a bizarre time we are living in.

  2. They probably shouldn’t have discredited the vaccine in 2020 while it was still “Trump’s” vaccine.

    1. @ForumLight Those numbers are complete bull$hit. Those are the raw numbers of medical reports of over 180 million people in an over six month period of time. Any group of that size in that period of time will have nearly the same numbers.
      From CDC:

      FDA requires healthcare providers to report any death after COVID-19 vaccination to VAERS, even if it’s unclear whether the vaccine was the cause. Reports of adverse events to VAERS following vaccination, including deaths, do not necessarily mean that a vaccine caused a health problem. A review of available clinical information, including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records, has not established a causal link to COVID-19 vaccines.

    2. The first vaccine to hit the market was the Pfizer vaccine, that got no money from the federal government. Plus, vaccination rates have always been higher in democratic leaning states. So where did your special mind got that?

    3. I’m not a big Trump fan. I just see what they said before. If you believe that the vaccine was developed in two months, you are sadly mistaken.

  3. OMG people in Missouri are more afraid of being seen getting vaccinated then getting the Delta variant? Are they more afraid of being seen working out then eating chicken fried Twinkies in public too?

    1. @Evil Monkey You are assuming you are on a pedestal and i am under you giving the impression im scared, in reality your asking for personal details, like what brand underwear are you wearing, its not like the company name is private, but what you are asking is private.

    2. @Matt Foley and the last thing i want is my doctor to be harassed by a looney because i said his name and practice in public.

    3. @Dino I would never harass a doctor. I just want him to go on the record that the covid vax is the flu vax. Or are you afraid he’ll make you a liar?

    4. @Matt Foley so your going to demand a statement from a licensed doctor for what outcome? Self satisfaction? Political limelight? Funny enough a nurse at a CVS told my mother the day of her shot that she should only get it if she “wants to feel safe” because she voiced my opinion from my doctor.

    1. The answer is in the question.
      What kind of moron thinks that politicians care about anyone but themselves?

    2. @Ray Beauvais Yeah, I’m not a fan of political dynasties either. They’re the height of stupidity. Families are not collective hiveminds that share the same politics, goals, intelligence, spirituality, morality, integrity and honor from one person to the next.

    1. @E E The only ones crying are Trump supporters for being moronic enough to believe that Trump is Orange Jesus and won the election.

  4. Missouri doesnʻt think itʻs got enough of the Delta Variant going yet, apparently. They want to really do this up big. Garth Brooks is coming to Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City on August 7 for the hugest of the huge superspreader events to date.

  5. There used to be a program called “Smarter Than a 5th Grader “and most times non of the adults were.. smh

    1. I would have to say stupid applies to people that think it is smart for the total population to be injected with an experimental vaccine, with no long term studies, just because the media tells them to do it.

    2. @Betsy Ross
      We’ve lost what , a million people to covid ? Vaccines are not going to cost a million people their lives . Nor are they going to shut down our country . If not for vaccines we would still be dealing with polio & many other diseases . These have been eradicated by VACCINES .

    3. Ahhhh. Kansas City is very progressive. Springfield is turning more pink because of the University and faculty. These locations are far from conservative.

  6. We don’t trick or treat, I haven’t seen a jahovah witness in 10 years… who really gone go doe to doe lol… show me..

  7. I cried of happiness when I got my sekund shot. I am 68 years old and have several underlying diseases. I have not got covid 19. I just followed the recommendations, as simple as that. Now I am out of isolation since early June, living my life. Still cautious as I can be infected and spread it, but not be deadly sick myself. Tiring to hear that there is people who don’t want to be protected. Makes me wonder why I shall continue to be cautious. We humans are for sure different.

  8. Since when did they care about friendship? Last time they literally told people to shun their friends and family who are not vaccinated.

  9. This would be over if international travel ceased March 2020.
    But nope, we’re just having too much fun 🎉

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