‘Arguably The Worst Cover Up In American History’: Hayes On Trump Lies About Virus Threat | MSNBC

'Arguably The Worst Cover Up In American History’: Hayes On Trump Lies About Virus Threat | MSNBC 1


“He knew what he was doing. He knew how bad the virus was. He understood it all. And he lied and he covered it up,” says Chris Hayes on the new tapes that shows Trump’s coronavirus response was worse than just incompetence. Aired on 09/09/2020.
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'Arguably The Worst Cover Up In American History’: Hayes On Trump Lies About Virus Threat | MSNBC

92 Comments on "‘Arguably The Worst Cover Up In American History’: Hayes On Trump Lies About Virus Threat | MSNBC"

  1. In over his head is an understatement. He’s a fraud in every way. And a coward.

  2. Cover up of what? I wish people would just say it. Crimes Against Humanity.

  3. “Because I don’t want to create a panic.” Yeah, a panic on Wall Street. For the rest of America he couldn’t give a rat’s patoot.

    • @Richard Barry “Fox news at least tries to present both sides”….Hahaha. I’m AUSTRALIAN and it is glaringly obvious that the ONE thing Fox news DOES NOT DO is “present both sides”. I was skimming comments and saw this and thought you HAD to be joking….. but, noooo

      You are deluded if you think Fox, with the notable exception of the occasional effort by Chris Wallace even PRETEND to “try” to present both sides.

      And before you jump in with logical fallacies like “well, what about MSNBC et al” that is NOT what we are talking about here: we are talking about your assertion that FOX “tries to present both sides” it does NOT. Blind Freddy can see that, but there are NONE as blind as those who WILL NOT see

    • @CraftDee try watching Meet the Press? I call it meet the depressed you’ll have four or so “experts”and Chuck Todd The “Host” they’re always hating always “fact-checking” always negative… that’s why it’s fake news because they’ll fact check as they call it? the Republicans and Donald Trump .. of course when it comes to Joe Biden they never call him out it’s soft questions when they do interview once his very rarely because he seldom gets out in public .. and no” fact checks” regarding the Democrats ….

    • Regarding Fox don’t put on a liberal yes you’ll be outnumbered but at least they attempt to get a descending opinion unlike CNN unlike MSNBC…

    • @CraftDee Joe Rogan offered to host a 3-hour debate with Joe Biden and Donald Trump…. of course Donald Trump agreed.. no word if Joe Biden will accept?

    • @Richard Barry and this relates to my comments on you considering Fox News as balanced as being delusional exactly how.
      “Of course Donald Trump agreed”… he is a salesman, he loves an audience, he is not hampered by the need to tell the truth, or the virtue of avoiding personal attack that is common in formal debates.

      I don’t know if Joe Biden will accept. It will be pointless if he did. There IS no “debate” with Trump. There is the Trump show, Chapter Two, Three, Seven Thousand. More of the same. He’s on “send”, there is no “debating” someone who will not listen or afford the courtesy to another to speak without interruption

      I have no interest in watching Donald Trump “debate”, he is a blowhard, who stoops to name-calling, tells lies that are demonstrably provable as lies. Sows fear where comfort is required, is divisive when unity is essential. He is the worst kind of politician to me and I have no stomach for listening to his crude, ranting, self-aggrandizing hate-speak. Hear his patent bending of the truth to suit his agenda, his misrepresentation of the facts of things like COVID-19, independently gathered data skewed and manipulated… or totally actively brazenly misquoted.

      I have little time for Biden either, but at least he doesn’t make my stomach churn and my head spin. At least he doesn’t make me fear for democracy in the US and the impact its loss may have on my life in Australia

      It is not Trump’s politics per se. I am by nature and vote “conservative”, but Trump is NOT representative of any morals I hold. His style is one issue, his blatant disregard for truth another. I watch him ONLY to be amazed anew at the depths he will sink to

  4. Hernani Jimenez | September 9, 2020 at 11:58 PM | Reply

    Don’t forget how Vice President pence Parroted the messages and is a 100% complicit to trumps dereliction of duty
    He’s as Guilty as well!

  5. I cannot wrap my head around the fact that his cult raged on about masks cheered on by Trump and Trump knew it was airborne. He had rallies and screamed it was a democratic hoax to ruin the election for him. He knew and he still lied and went on the record that it was like the regular flu. Under control, very good job. He should resign in shame…he really needs to go. He has killed thousands.

  6. knowing what he knew and he still would not send ventilaters, PPE’s, masks, gloves, face shields to Drs and Nurses to help save lives and protect the medical field. He did NOTHING. NOTHING. Knowing, and did NOTHING. He intentionally killed us. This was intentional.

  7. I suspect he didn’t want to cause a panic in the stock market. Wouldn’t want him and his friends to lose money.

  8. So basically, a sociopath has his way with an entire nation…

    • ​@Richard Barry – You’re a liar. Fauci never said that tRump “did an excellent job of handling covid-19. Fauci has had to walk a fine line when dealing with psycho tRump and all of the lies that come out of his filthy mouth about the virus. Biden would listen to Fauci and do as he and the experts suggest. In other words, Biden would do the exact opposite thing as ‘doktor’ tRump. And tRump didn’t impose a travel ban on China on Jan. 31st. What he did was to impose travel warnings and restrictions but there were no restrictions on Americans going back and forth. Nearly 40,000 people of multiple nationalities arrived in the US during the two months after tRump imposed the restrictions.

    • @Briza Ac my daughter just had a 4th birthday party tonight at our house what is your problem..,?

    • @Briza Ac Trump’s the ultimate Authority because she’s president on that issue?…. what would Joe Biden or Hillary do ? probably sit around with a Focus Group ? And sit on their hands till March or April before they realized there was a problem.? All because they didn’t want to be called” racist” for shutting down international travel from China

    • @Richard Barry – Your ‘daughter’ just had a birthday party tonight but you’d rather spend your time trolling for tRump. What a joke ! And what’s psycho tRump been doing but sitting around tweeting his outrage because so few people like him. And he sat on his tiny hands since January and called the virus a hoax and never admitted that there was a problem. All because he didn’t want to ‘create a panic’ on Wall Street so he lied to the people about the dangers of the virus.

    • Watch the movie “Star Chamber “. Sure applies now!

  9. I googled ” when is early voting starting in Ohio, October 6th, i will be casting my vote October the 6th.

  10. How is Trump like a Jack-O-Lantern? He’s orange on the outside; empty on the inside and needs to be thrown out come November.

  11. GENOCIDE.. He needs to stand trial for crimes against humanity.

  12. What happened to “Losers” and “Suckers”? Can anyone keep up?

  13. Trumpolini: ” I don’t wanna create a panic.”

  14. He’s the Commander In Chief!! Like I told people months ago, He Knew!! Intelligence told him, he just didn’t care!!

  15. Trump: I don’t want to create a panic. At the RNC: “They” are gonna take your jobs, “They” are going to ruin your neighborhoods, “They” are robbing our country with unfair trade, “They” want to take away all your guns, “They” are gonna take over your town. “They” are trump’s imaginary people.

  16. “I didn’t wanna create panic”

  17. And he blamed “Chyna” for not telling us sooner, and attacked the WHO because he said they mishandled it.

  18. Thunderquill Radio | September 10, 2020 at 6:13 AM | Reply

    He can’t claim ignorance now. HE WAS ACTIVELY LYING FROM THE BEGINNING.

  19. “I take no responsibility”. The only panic he was worried about was the stock market panic.

    • @The Waddler I am truly sorry that you don’t know what freedom and liberty based on a Constitutional Republic is like. Trump has no authority to shut anything down. That is on all the state governors, many of whom did a great job. New York and New Jersey, not so much. The media is hyping every single case in America in a desperate bid to pretend like Trump did a terrible job, but Democrats were enacting devastating policies long after Trump took action. Every single governor is on the record stating that they got everything that they needed from Trump’s administration even as the Democrat’s attack him anyway. Trump can certainly be his own worst enemy at times, but the media lies are far more divisive imo. Have a good day and stay safe down there.

    • @RedeemedOne Question, if Trump had publicly acknowledged how serious the virus was and demonstrated he had a plan to tackle it do you think the states would have worked with him? I ask because that’s what’s occurred around the world. In Australia the liberal Prime Minister worked with both labour (left) and liberal (right) Premiers. They didn’t always agree but they got the job done. Or is America so fractured, so partisan that it just couldn’t happen even if Trump had tried … which he didn’t. Likewise, to you and yours, stay safe.

    • @The Waddler America is supposed to be a Federalist system where the President basically only has the authority to execute the orders and laws passed by Congress. Each state is basically in charge of its own affairs, “political Petri dishes” as they have been called. The American left largely ignores the “checks and balances on power” that are built into our Constitution and they desire for the Presidency to have more sweeping authority. The Democrats and media (but I repeat myself) along with the establishment right are furious that Trump is ruining their “political elites” club and are doing everything they can to get him out. Trump was doing well by every objective standard we would use to judge a president prior to Covid, and I would argue the numbers used to attack him over Covid are regularly lacking anything close to context. Happy to provide evidence or explain more, but this is getting long. Thank you for the civil conversation so far.

    • @RedeemedOne “so far” …… How about we agree to disagree …. you believe in Trump and I don’t trust a single word he fumbles.

    • @The Waddler Fair enough. He does lie way more than I like. I didn’t vote for him as a pastor but as a policymaker. If I may just leave you with a WAPO opinion piece from two years ago and wish you a great rest of your day. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/trump-could-be-the-most-honest-president-in-modern-history/2018/10/11/67aefc5a-cd76-11e8-a3e6-44daa3d35ede_story.html

  20. He will be cracking jokes about this at his next rally.

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