Ari Melber: McConnell Said Trump Did It Despite Voting Not Guilty | MSNBC 1

Ari Melber: McConnell Said Trump Did It Despite Voting Not Guilty | MSNBC


MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reacts to the floor speech Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) condemning Trump, despite the fact the Minority Leader did not vote to convict Trump.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Ari Melber: McConnell Said Trump Did It Despite Voting Not Guilty | MSNBC


  1. So sad for america… this leaves the door open for all future elections to degrade into civil war with ZERO consequences. America’s transformation is complete.

    1. ​@DT Major You do know they had over 60 court cases and Trump’s lawyers failed to provide any real evidence of widespread voter fraud. Also 43 to 57 is not a win. Even Mitch McConnell thinks Trump lost the election and incited the attack on the capital. I hope this goes to court because Trump will be toast.

    1. He don’t care. When old age takes him (hopefully soon) he will do that evil chuckle as he fades from life, satisfied he hurt people and got his.

    2. Your honor, I robbed that bank and killed 5 people. But that was back in January and this is February. Besides, I rigged the jury, so I’m innocent

    1. @Viva LaMinion ..i agree ..i especially admire turtles ..
      i shutter to think that mitch will be admired for his calm steady cruel obstructionist grim-reaper accomplishments

    2. Funny but I think even a turtle is more capable of feeling shame or any other emotion than Moscow Mitch. Except greed. That’s something mitch can feel.

    1. The DESPICABLE GOP Corn Hole LICKERS . Doing their LICKING BEST. So as it Stands, the Tangerine Wanker will be Dealt with FROM Real Seekers of JUSTICE.

  2. Wtf Moscow mitch talking about if his guilty why acquited him I’m confused you can’t have it both way mitch

    1. That’s the way those Evil Republikkkans roll!! The whole world is going to suffer at the hands of the racist Republikkkan Party!!!!

  3. McConnell can’t have it both ways, He just wants to cove up His cawerdness —So the American People doesn’t hold him responsible for His lock of leadership

  4. On this side of the Atlantic, us Brits are shaking our heads in disbelief and sadness. It was nice knowing you, America. Goodbye.

    1. David Webber, you sir are absolutely correct in shaking your head in disbelief and this will be our undoing, shame 1/2 our country is obliviously welcoming a banana republic because cognitive dissonance is hard and personal responsibility no longer exists here.

    2. It’s a travesty that Trump was acquitted. However all of us non Americans should not be so quick to pass judgment and declare that America is finished. The United States has been our best trading partner and friend despite what our politicians may disagree on. No nation is perfect and I hope our neighbors to the south realize that you are appreciated despite all the negativity. From

    1. @RivaledDarkness1 they have no idea what they are talking about.trump ran for president because he knows we as a country and hard working people have been getting the shaft every minute of the day.GOD BLESS that man he knows.

    2. @Dennis Vance Actually, Trump ran for President for himself and his businesses. He said so in an interview he did with Time magazine approximately 6 years ago. He was quoted as saying “I wanted to do this for myself. I didn’t want to look back in ten years and say I could have done that, or I could have done that.” His running had nothing to do with the struggles. He only stayed that as rhetoric and used it as a type of mongering to a base that felt like they were being shafted. Granted, Americans (myself included) have a lot of divisive qualities, but none of them were part of Trump’s reason for running.

  5. Mitch knows a lot about digging graves with one foot in.. his life will be mocked and despised forever.

  6. This is the greatest clown show ever. When they read America’s obituary, it will be title “Suicide by Corruption”


    2. @gary avona I truly believe it’s a strategy to say to the republicans that they have lost to Trump that we did not convict Trump, while calling for him to be as a citizen. He knows by the time he runs for reelection they will have forgotten that he has called for him to be charged as a citizen. Mitch has been in this game for a long time. Trump played checkers and Mitch is playing chess…. If he gets Trump indicted as a citizen he doesn’t take the blame. Therefore, he rids the crazy in the party and keeps the republican voters. Checkmate!

  7. This is just how messed up America is! McConnell wants it on the record that he believes Trump incited the violence but would not vote against him during the Impeachment! Mitch is trying to save himself–Bonnie Robinson

    1. what kind of people do you vote for ?? They are so messed up, say one thing and the next day, do another thing….sham shame

    2. Mitch wants to have his cake and eat it, too. What a depressing state of affairs. This is the kind of person who would stand in the middle of the road and say he is moving both directions to avoid trucks hitting him from both ways.

  8. Some dirty agreements have been made behind closed doors, such is the level of disgustingly low standards that American politicians hold themselves to.

    1. ABSOLUTELY. Democracy is dead now. This sinking America cannot interfere/criticize with the democracy of other countries now.

    2. @Yanni P well there are still grand juries being the criminal prosecution is still there. It gives the Republicans no credible world voice, but the Democrats still engage and support all allies, not just Israel. Certainly Russia and China are still nothing compared to even an injured democracy. Guess what, my family represents most religions, parties, and military branches, “the rumors of our demise are greatly exaggerated”. The Republicans are on the verge of becoming three different parties. Even Trump wants to create one…a wet dream for Dems.

  9. Australia will always remember with fondness the integrity of of the American’s… it’s a shame the Republican Party has killed it…

  10. The senators who voted to convict deserve to be rewarded with “Profiles in Courage.” That is unprecedented!

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