Ari Melber: 'There Is Evidence Of A Great Many Crimes Committed Today' | MSNBC 1

Ari Melber: ‘There Is Evidence Of A Great Many Crimes Committed Today’ | MSNBC


Ari Melber talks to Rachel Maddow about the legal ramifications of the mob violence at the Capitol earlier today. Aired on 01/06/2021.
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Ari Melber: 'There Is Evidence Of A Great Many Crimes Committed Today' | MSNBC


  1. Trump must be held accountable. The next president can literally do anything as long as he doesn’t try to overthrow the govt. Cruz, Hawley etc tainted names forever.

    1. Sabi Haven’t you got it yet??? 50% of Americans will never see it like you!!! No matter what demeaning names you create. IT IS LIGHT VS. DARKNESS…

    2. @Shane Kelly that would be a coup. and unless i’m very much mistaken, they were trump supporters who stormed and vandalised a government building, forcing staff to take cover and the vice president to be removed to a safe location. but yeah sure, it’s the left that’s lawless

    3. @Florin De boer I told you fool.not only am i from the American continent, but i am a united states citizen specifically.what buisness does a European have bothering u.s citizens on their own country?is it white supremacy?

  2. There were soldiers surrounding this building when unarmed BLM peaceful protesters were here months ago. Today? NOTHING!!!!!

    1. @Rob C – Lindsey Graham, Kelly Loufler, Mitch McConnell, and other Republican leadership know who this is! They know why. They have the best intelligence on their side better than you or I. They couldn’t participate with it any longer and put a stop to it before and after.

      It’s over, it’s been over confirmed by Trump’s own appointees Bill Barr and Amy Coney Barret but he continues harping on that fraud bandwagon. He is a cancer on our American society and now the whole world knows

    2. @Tony Davidson “blm rapes children and drinks the blood of aborted babies”

      Are you saying Republican leadership stood knowingly idly by for years with blessing from the Republicans Senate without raising any such charges on any BLM members or is it your allegations don’t hold up in court?

    1. Should have been more polices, but the service men and women did a good job of minimizing casualties and deaths.

  3. Under the 14 th Amendment sec.3 all officials who took a Constitutional oath, should be held responsible for inciting sedition.

    1. Guess Democrat politicians who supported blm and antifa while cities across the US burned get a pass huh?

    2. @David Rousseau, what do you think Antifa is? Look it up cause if you are against Antifa, then that makes you a Fascist which is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power. If you want a Dictator move to a country that has one, please. Antifa is Anti- Fascist. Stop listening to Trump or you’ll lose the last brain cells you have.

    1. @M M.R Antifa and the Radical Left is far more destructive than anything we’ve seen from the Trump supporters here.

    1. But half the country (and most of the cops) think storming the capitol is patriotism, and TAKING A KNEE at a football game is sedition. Go figure.

    1. Well in his now removed tweet he said that they should go protest peacfully but i think you have been waching to much cnn lately

  4. You know Trump put every Senator and Congressman’s life in danger today. That fact has been glossed over. They got lucky, this time. I’m sure Trump has another surprise planned.

    1. @J M M Try and come up with something more original. That one’s long since worn out. Let me see… you *could* look really intelligent by actually answering the question. Or if that’s a bit hard you could compare the havoc wrought and the single life lost to a trigger happy policeman with the same things in the BLM riots. You *could* also talk about the damning audit reports on the Dominion software. Hey, here’s an interesting one for you: How you get more ballots than voters. Or why democrats were so against obeying the law with such things as signature-checking. Or allowing election observers access to actually observe. Or why they had to lie to get the observers off the premises so they could continue scanning illegally. My word JMM, I’ve given you an opportunity to really *_shine_*

    2. Yes, and they are already sending the word out that they will be together again on Jan 20th. Mannn gas them all and shoot them with those same rubber bullets that they shot BLM with.

    3. it is kinda good they had the crap scared out of them tho, maybe it will jolt them back to realizing what they are really there for and they could be strung up by an angry mob if they dont change their ways

    1. @DANIEL ANDREWS to defend him self in case someone attack him witch they did and guy who he shot has also a wife beater

    2. @Hank, i understand your sentiment but I have to correct you are the wording, it is not treason it is sedition. seditious conspiracy is generally defined as conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state, treason is the more-serious offense of actively levying war against the United States or giving aid to its enemies. I am not trying to be a “know it all” but in the court of law wording matters more than the act itself. the incorrect wording in any indictment can and will get the indictment thrown out.

    1. @Steve DeNiro Only after causing World War II and killing millions of people. Trump’s got a good start on the genocide with 361,000 deaths under his belt so far. Let’s not forget the 4 people who died today at the Capitol.

    1. @John Paul George – You said, “what are you on about? Please, explain the nuance for all of us.” I’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic or what, but there probably are folks who are unfamiliar with the idioms, so, sure, I’ll explain.

      For reference, here’s the debate where Trump was asked to tell white supremacists and militia groups to stand down, and instead told them to stand by (90 seconds):

      “Stand back” means “pause; wait for further direction”.
      “Stand down” means “disengage; deactivate”.

      Here’s an analysis from an (apparently left-leaning — I disagree with some of her political descriptions, like her characterization of militias; but the vocab is mostly ok) vocabulary teacher (20 minutes):

      Stand down: (she says it means “hitting the *pause* for a while” and agrees with her; but Google search gives the meaning I’m most familiar with, #2, “relax after being ready or alert”.)
      Stand back:
      Stand by:

      The Joe Biggs quote she references (“Trump basically told us to go f___ them up”):
      Vice News —

      Here’s an analysis by PBS (12 minutes):

      Oh snap — I missed this — the following day, Trump *did* actually say they should “stand down and let law enforcement do their work”. I didn’t realize that.

    2. This is also what he meant when he commanded his followers to take to the streets and “get wild”.

    3. In Canada we have left-wing politicians and right-wing politicians but what we don’t have is Chinese state-run media pretending to be leftists.
      According to Sky News who have gained access to incredible information clearly shows 2 million Chinese government officials embedded in the Western world.

    1. @Zach Gates , Was she trespassing? Breaking and Entering? She died for her idol Trump! You call that dumb! I’d like to add another word, but I leave it as it is!

    2. In addition, 350 thousand (and counting) people have died from Covid-19. And many of those deaths were avoidable as proven by the relatively minimal death tolls in such disparite countries as China (yes China) and New Zealand. People need to be held accountable for those deaths.
      Per Wikipedia:  Criminally negligent manslaughter occurs where there is an omission to act when there is a duty to do so, or a failure to perform a duty owed, which leads to a death.  Any guesses who that reads on ?

    3. @zenoist2 Well they probably shouldn’t have been breaking into government property. If it was my decision, everyone of them trespasser’s would’ve been shot. At least that’s how it’s going to play out on my property. Stupid ANTI AMERICAN MAGAts

  5. Carrying a Confederate flag in the Capitol? I’m even southern and I consider that sort of a crime. It was way not appropriate.

    1. Attacking the Capitol, armed, with others, under a flag of treason, has to be an act of war not a crime. Treason in wartime carries the death penalty.

    2. You felt bad for a flag? A piece of cloth. A flag flown by traitors of the United States, losers of the civil war. You feel bad for that.. You must live off a dirt road

    3. @muzzy9267 OK, I felt badly about it, certainly not for it. I have also expressed myself badly and gotten attacked by both sides. At one time, we all lived off dirt roads. If you own enough acreage, you might still do so. There are some of the most valuable residences on the Great Lakes Shorelines, that live on dirt roads, and I lived in one. People other than in the south still live off dirt roads, and there are also black people living on southern dirt roads, as well. And I have spent as much of my life living in the upper midwest as I did living in the south. You might be part of the reason some southerners cannot let go of their end of the resentment.

    4. @allan james That makes sense. Thank you. It gave me a very bad feeling, I just did not know what to call it.

    1. @M M.R no the people who listen to the pathological liar that is Trump. He’s a complete moron. I have no idea why Americans listen to his obvious lies.

    1. Here 25FITH has been active Pence is now president national guard are deployed there’s a curfew for 15 days

    1. Tsongken Her same as ,we will walk together trump,hiding in a bunker ,I don’t know how those other senators could keep their hands off him and Hawley while in there,I’d have wanted a kick and a punch at them and the rest of their cohorts

    1. @Elizabeth Morris Um they can if it’s proved that it was given as a criminal favour , as payment to keep their mouth shut . Specially if or when Trump ends up in USP Leavenworth for treason or sedition

    2. All of those Trump-abetting goons need to be thrown back in jail, and then throw in the Big Giant Orange Cheeto Head after them!! Let em’ all fight over who gets slightly less time in jail.

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