Arizona Election Circus Appears To Be Winding Down 1

Arizona Election Circus Appears To Be Winding Down


Jerod MacDonald-Evoy, reporter for the Arizona Mirror, talks with Rachel Maddow about expectations for how the pro-Trump Arizona Republican election spectacle will end, and the role is plays in Arizona Republican politics.
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    1. How many chickens eat bamboo, or paper?? Sounds like it would clog their guts!! An entire farm full of ballot eaters… Hmmm.

    2. I thought the ninjas were done looking for bamboo, but if they find chickens; do you think they’ll be roasted, baked or fried?

  1. Audit winding down, but hopefully DOJ winding up their investigation in this fake audit scam!!

    1. @N 827 keep living in a fantasy world, never going to happen. Didn’t your mother teach you never to live in the past, and keep going forward.

    2. @Andrew Mitchell failed retracted their classification of proud boys, nice try.

    3. @My Pillow Guy thats only after 2 complete terms. He still has 1 term left. Just because it hasn’t happened doesn’t meen it cant.

  2. Can hear it now, “Our results are inconclusive because we were unable to acquire the much needed guano scanners”.

    1. Lindell is saying China hacked into the system to change votes.

      The Cyber Clowns are saying Democrats fed the ballots to chickens, which would be unnecessay if China already changed the votes.

      Trump is saying millions of ballots for Biden were dropped off in trucks, hid under tables, etc, which would be unneccesary if the chickens ate the ballots.

      Trump is also saying Italian laser beams changed the votes but if China already switched the votes wouldn’t the Italian laser beams just switch them back to Trump?

      They should pick one ridiculous lie and stick to it.

    2. @My Pillow Guy They can’t because they need to move on to another one as the previous is debunked.

      Satellite lie is easy – dishes need a clear line of site to the satellite and careful alignment – and they certainly *won’t* work inside buildings – even ‘military’ ones !

      Still – never let the laws of physics get in the way of a good conspiracy theory.

    1. @Kiss the Sky
      Your lack of understanding is t a valid argument. It’s an argument from incredulity.
      There is evidence that masks reduce risk of transmission.

      When Trump supporters hit police officers with a fire extinguisher, the fire extinguisher is a weapon. Trump supporters entering the Capitol were not innocent.
      They were all trespassing. You’re,out of touch. Don’t snort the koolaid.

      Your world view is nothing better than a parrot. It doesn’t comport,with reality, and you’re just repeating like a bad meme.

      Injecting bleach is a bad idea.

    2. @Moon Shoes
      Ha. Impressive logic and facts you have.
      There is zero evidence of harm by extinguisher. Still, we wanted to topple the US Government using only a single fire extinguisher … makes sense. Too bad the Bolsheviks didn’t have them in Russia.

      Keep listening to CNN and MSNBC, bastions of Truth. You’re a joke.

    3. @Kiss the Sky
      The fire extinguisher was one example.
      You’re either lazy, dishonest, or both.
      Remember zip tie guy?
      Did you know there was a nearby hotel filled with fire arms, created as a “ready room” by your proud boys?

      Look Bubby, the earth is a oblate spheroid, not flat.
      Creationism is a myth.
      The virus was never a hoax.
      You were not abducted by aliens.
      Injecting bleach is a bad idea.
      Trump lost the popular vote in 2016 and 2020.

    1. @theoneandonly I believe what I hear and see and the democrats have done nothing to dismiss any claims or discrepancies but to just throw words like conspiracy theorists or fraudit, soon you’ll be in a constitutional crisis with a illegitimate president, ps your being played by the cheating dems as data,science,evidence based data literally trumps words “conspiracy theorist” lol.

    2. @Mark Baker having a lack of evidence is evidence that it didn’t happen. Thats why the courts rejected it, even the Supreme Court with trumps appointed conservative judges

    3. @theoneandonly lack of evidence lol wait till the Arizona audit tells all, you’re either suppressed from this evidence by the lame stream media or just don’t see it purely cause u wish not to believe it, these “forensic audits” don’t just happen for a reason, it’s because they’re the “courts” presented with evidence & affidavits and the judge rules on them, I can send u lots of data based evidence if u want open your eyes, but if u don’t keep them shut.

    4. @Mark Baker you believing the Arizona audits are actually legits shows you are naive. Its being ran by a group named cyber ninjas I mean come on. It has no authority

    5. @theoneandonly it’s that legit Katie Hobbs has been stripped of her election powers and that legit it’ll put people in jail, it’s more legitimate than all your comments and media say so’s, what ever the outcome the senate have the power to do as they like fact!

    1. @solomon kane and not one ballot found that is “fraudulent”…. amazing how that works…

    2. @Stephen Kershaw the ballots that don’t have a crease weren’t mailed, thus fraudulent. Dems busted.

  3. Why is this company being allowed to be so secretive? There needs to be transparency when it comes to something this serious.

    1. Have you ever heard the term “confidentiality”. They literally have a live feed 24/7 but if any crimes are committed we won’t here until the confirmation. I guess that how democracy and the judicial system, also why would they talk to these network with thier reputation of slander.

    2. @Tron what you said sounds like your mad about something else,, but are taking it out on scientific guy. Just remember, you only know what the news tells you, all of us, they don’t care if its true or not(ratings) just look at cnn… 3 people were forced to resign after retractions of trump colluding with russia… I mean it doesn’t end there, the list goes on, how about you quit insulting people because the media has your panties twisted all up in a bunch. Cause that’s all I ever read from the undemocratic left, and there followers. Ever. Your undermining democracy by casting dout on the acuser, before the results are even in.

    3. @William you do know that anyone registered to vote can join the audit, or go to the legislative and ask for an audit.
      And that their people that fill positions to do so? To you wanna pick in and help cover the cost of the so called “real Forensics”. It ain’t free ya know?

    4. @Bruce Wagner you’re theory on
      “just to cry foul” is a conspiracy theory.

    1. @Reported Alotforfreespeech Robert Byrd changed his life and became a champion for racial and social justice reform. It’s funny how you bigots leave that part out.

    2. @oltedders Idk did Trump tell that to a room full of people when he was running for president in 87′?

    3. @The Morose Pittbull If you search “Rachel Maddow Newsmax lawsuit, it only appears that OAN paid her and MSNBC 250 grand for legal fees after its defamation lawsuit was dismissed.
      If you watched in Newsmax that they won anything on Maddox, ever considered that they might, maybe, perhaps, not being quite right in their assertions? Because, you know, Fox, The New York Post, etc., would be celebrating, whereas CNN and the late show comedians would be commenting and satirizing.
      But, not even a peep anywhere. Most curious.

    4. @Reported Alotforfreespeech
      I heard it during the run up to the 2016 election. He may have said it earlier but it was fact checked then. Of course it was BS and soon after Trump threatened to sue if transcripts from either college or high school were leaked.

    1. one AZ journalist lost his press credentials into the fraudit because he posted a picture of a former candidate tallying ballots where his own name appeared on the ballot as a candidate. that’s a massive conflict of interest. so they kicked the guy out for taking that picture and further exposing the fraudit as deeply flawed.

    2. @David Shue yup, i look at both sides, apparently unlike you…. it’s just amazing how some of these reporters talk, you should try looking at other sources, maybe less emotional journalists, maybe look to find those that don’t lean to a particular political side

    1. My first thought was “Antifa infiltrated the auditors”. Nothing is beyond theses traitors.

    2. @Stephen Beacham not believing the result of an election,shows how divided and brainwashed this nation has become,demographics and voting by mail is legal,is Trumps falt for using die hard followers to take this election to this point,he lost he should have some consideratiin for the majority of voters wich voted for Biden

    3. @Mitchell Chandler do you mean the election that trump said was rigged when he ran against Hillary and then it was rigged when he ran against Ted Cruz then he said was rigged against Biden trump just can’t handle that he is a loser so he always claims it was rigged

  4. If you walk down a street, and dogs bark at you, there is nothing you can do to stop them. Any sound you make, whether it be whistling, singing, or baby-voice – will only make the dogs continue to bark menacingly. That’s akin to Republicans. No matter what we reasonable people say to prove them wrong, they get ever more entrenched in their dogma.

    1. That’s the democrats and the rhinos. Even the truth in plain sight would be twisted to fit their delusions.

    2. @Lazarus II I’ve been around the world, literally and figuratively for 69 years. I can say that MSM is reliable for news and comments. In contrast, Fox News admits, in court, that “no reasonable person can take what they report seriously.” That’s nicer than I would have summarized it.

  5. I really thought that the Trump family “Cirque d’ Disarray”, would have ended on January 20th, but these carny’s have somehow managed to keep the clown show and the grifting going some 7 months after its expiration date.

    1. @Kevin Rodriguez – Kemp was secretary of state when he ran for governor and he used his position to: 1) close 214 polling places in mostly urban areas where there are large populations of African-Americans and LatinX people. 2) About 53,000 voter registrations were put on hold by Kemp a few weeks out from the 2018 election, nearly 70% of those voter registrations on hold were African-American people, despite the state’s population being about 32% African-American. 3) during his eight-year tenure as secretary of state, Kemp’s office canceled over 1.4 million voter registrations, with low-income and minority Georgians most likely to have their registrations removed, over 668,000 of those registrations were canceled in 2017. FYI, states cannot remove voters simply for the act of not voting. Which is what Brian Kemp did. Kemp won the 2018 election by 55,000 votes, so his voter suppression efforts of African-Americans paid off.

      Now republicans are quadrupling down on these voter suppression methods against African-Americans and other minorities. But this is all possible because Chief Justice Roberts in 2013, struck down the “preclearance” clause of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Which is one of the main goals of the modern day republican party, to repeal the Civil Rights and Voting Rights acts.

    2. @Il Was Please hold your breath while writing so you don’t waste it spewing your Marxist agenda and ignorance. You can apologise to your republican friends when THEY prove you wrong again. Your on a sinking ship for they next few years and the whole Country is going down because of you haters! Move to China, as they will take care of your needs.

    3. Says someone watching news that won’t stop talking about trump cause their views are down so badly lol lmao derp

  6. Wasn’t it five years ago that Trump couldn’t hand his tax records over as they were being ‘audited?’
    These folks aren’t very good at auditing are they?

    1. His taxes where hacked from the irs, after people calling for it, the new York times reported it knowing they were hacked. Most likely by them or an irs agent. Most likely revenge for hillary’s emails.

    1. Good point, but unlike Genet, if these people got sentenced to a bid in prison for the fraudit it’s unlikely that other Republicans or Trump would try to get their sentences reduced.

    2. @Bradley Riles the AUDIT was already done. The EC vote was already certified. The president was already inaugurated. This new “audit” is an exercise in futility.

    1. It will end when the CEO of Cyber has a number of executed contracts in hand, at significant income, from other GOP controlled states.

  7. The outcome of this sham audit is irrelevant because it won’t change anything other than incite more conspiracies from already delusional MAGA.

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