Arizona Republic Reporter Doesn’t Know Why He Was Removed From Observing The Arizona Audit 1

Arizona Republic Reporter Doesn’t Know Why He Was Removed From Observing The Arizona Audit


Ryan Randazzo, reporter at the Arizona Republic, speaks about what he witnessed at the GOP-led audit of the 2020 election results in Maricopa County, and why he felt one of those counting the ballots was newsworthy.
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  1. If I voted in Arizona I would be highly outraged that these unqualified frauds have my voting information.

    1. @Gabrielee McCollough they’ve already done a legit independent audit by an *accredited* company. Cyber Ninjas were caught bringing blue pens into the room with ballots which could be used to tamper with ballots so aren’t allowed. They should’ve been immediately banned from continuing the audit. Plus there was bipartisan poll watchers and public/media oversight for the original counting. Why would they want public and media except for OAN Russian propagandists barred from overseeing it!? F that!

    2. @Jew Dy ummmm isn’t that a good thing? If I have $100 and I count it twice it doesn’t turn into $200 just a verified $100

    3. This “audit” is nothing but a partisan sham and political theatre to continue the perpetuation of a lie and the stoking of doubt in the electoral process.

    1. @Best Grandma
      Well said! It took a court order to get press in the room, and they still are trying to block them reporting something this important!

    2. @Best Grandma Haven’t you heard… that the press are the enemy of the people. Stated by Dictators the world over.

    3. He’s knows what’s up, but he’s presenting in a round about way instead of stating the obvious because asking questions usually lead to more questions, while accusations can just be shot down.

  2. To be fair, most con artists don’t like it when their cons are exposed in front of the world to see either.

    1. @Jim Bell No. why? Also, how do you keep track of all the people you get into fights with in the comments?

    2. Indeed. Cyber Ninjas? If monikers suggest anything at all, I’d say that these yeahoos went to lunch at Mario Bros and never came back.

  3. I don’t think there are any vote recounters in the bogus Cyber Ninja fiasco that have not pledged undying loyalty to Donald J. In fact, I think the vetting process to qualify as a vote recounter consists entirely of this loyalty test.

  4. He was removed so he couldn’t observe the REAL fraud being committed.

    1. @caballarde vids Ever heard the saying”Never underestimate the stupidity of the average American”? keep that in mind.

    2. This “audit” is nothing but a partisan sham and political theatre to continue the perpetuation of a lie and the stoking of doubt in the electoral process.

    1. Karma will happen again like it did on nov 3rd. Keep up the crime it just keeps filling the karma. Trumpism was doomed from the start

    2. Any movement based on an obvious lie is doomed. There is no center, they cannot hold. There’s no There, there.
      Such illusions melt away eventually.
      (I hope)

  5. That “audit” is a violation of the voters constitutional rights.. I said what I said.

    1. Thankfully any of their preconceived goals & (surprise, surprise) findings are already gathering challenges depending on the purpose of the audit. The ninja clowns tainted the process, admitted to a preconceived goal, and failed to protect the chain of custody on the ballots. At this point, it’s just about milking the process for funds & taxpayer dollars. It needs to be legally stopped.

  6. how do convicted criminals become elected officials when anyone else can barely get a job when background checks are done and discover the conviction?

    1. You mean like Rivera in New York; the cop killer that the Democrats put on the police reform committee? Yes, an actual murderer that is now an elected official in a blue state.

    2. Yashi…Son, you ask too many questions. The world is a mystery. We will NEVER know the answers to your questions. We’ll figure out how to fly to other planets and how to work our gadgets long before we come close to answering Life’s Biggest Mysteries. (How about THIS question: Why hasn’t Trump been put in prison yet? That one eats me up alive)

    3. How do failed politicians get political jobs when everyone knows they’re criminals? Professional courtesy.

  7. If I was a voter in Arizona I would be in an uproar about all this shady ballot counting, but now we know why they didn’t want reporters there. They want to continue distort, distract and cause distrust of our Democracy.

    1. The MSM said Trump absolutely couldn’t win and he did. Trump said he was being spied on and the MSM said he was nuts. Yet, Trump was proven correct. The MSM said the Russian indictments proved Trump colluded with Russians and they would never stand trial. The Internet Research Agency went to court and won as the judge admonished the DOJ and FBI. The MSM echoed the Dems who all swore to the fact that they had direct evidence of collusion until they were placed under oath and all finally admitted that they had no evidence. Then, the MSM helped hide their lying from the American people. The MSM journalists are all paid liars. Most people don’t care what they say anymore. Their stupid lies only work on Democrats.

    2. @Joseph Zrnchik fact check every single thing you just said because they are proven lies… “MSM” was right.

    3. @Joseph Zrnchik And they are ignorantly bliss. They have no pride and integrity that should make them shameful when they are proven so wrong, but they have none they just go on to the next lie.

  8. Can we just make it a LAW that NOBODY convicted of any crime can run for ANY OFFICE???!!!

    1. @Chris Gorszczyk it would be easy to stay in power. Just trump up some charges on your opponent

    2. In every civilized country that should be required how’s that not the case in the ‘greatest ‘democracy !!

  9. Geez, I hope Michigan doesn’t waste money to do this too. Kern is shady? Bravo reporter!!

  10. The judge that allowed these cranks to tamper with millions of ballots needs to be investigated.

    1. He was replaced, but too late because they were already in the process…new judge seems less tolerant but who knows?

    2. Just who was the judge that went along with this fake recount???dig into his background there’s a Link to the GOP and/or chump

    3. @Rayyman The motive is always to see if there were mistakes or fraud in the counting. But to have the actual paper ballots in the hands of those partisans…

    4. This “audit” is nothing but a partisan sham and political theatre to continue the perpetuation of a lie and the stoking of doubt in the electoral process.

  11. Well of course the Cyber Ninjas screened the ballot counters; screened them to make sure they weren’t honest and who also drank the tr**p Kool Aid

    1. Really MSNBC this actually prove faud but from the Right.. They Lost but conducted the greatest lie in America. It reminds me of Speed Racer Joe Biden/ his villain Donald Trump

    2. @Eric Hughes A lot of Trump’s associates went to jail…what did they go to jail for. Do you remember.

    3. I don’t even understand why they’re entertaining all of this, according to the Constitution all court cases have to be resolved by the time the Electoral College meet in December, right after the election, in the same year of the election. This is just his way of getting more money from his base.

    4. This “audit” is nothing but a partisan sham and political theatre to continue the perpetuation of a lie and the stoking of doubt in the electoral process.

  12. Anybody notice the tweeted picture of Kern, he has a blue pen. The DOJ needs to step in immediately and investigate this scheme.

    1. @The Healthy Sengwich yes but two different pictures. I saw that also. But the tweeted and the official picture are totally different ones

    2. It has a green cap for sure. Can’t see the color of the ink in either picture. My understanding is only red ink pens are allowed.

    3. @roger smith again second picture definitely has a green pen. But the tweeted picture, is the one I am referring to. Two different pictures, the second clearly has a green pen

    1. @Charles Talarico SMH!! “It was demanded by a huge number of people” They had 2 legitimate recounts by certified ballot counters NOT TRUMP CULTARDS!!

  13. Imagine with all the voters informations now in the hands of Private companies. They will make sure it gets switched comes the next voting.

  14. It is so unbelievable that this is happening in our Country. It’s frightening that the ballots and voting machines were turned over to these “stop the steal” quacks.

    1. @Carol Miller the real damage trump and his cult are trying to do is undermine and destroy our elections so as to make it easier to rig it and cheat in the future. This charade is just what they will try and use again in other trump states. Putin put trump in office to destroy America’s democracy from the inside out by using Americans to destroy it. Why bother starting a costly war when you can use a country’s own idiots to do it for you

    2. @JVS 3 the USA has never been a democracy. It’s a republic, and as such The USA Republic will do what it wants at the expense of “we the people”.

    3. This “audit” is nothing but a partisan sham and political theatre to continue the perpetuation of a lie and the stoking of doubt in the electoral process.

  15. This is absolutely ridiculous that these crooked politicians are getting away with this.

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