Arizona Republicans Recounting Presidential Election Votes In Maricopa County | MSNBC 1

Arizona Republicans Recounting Presidential Election Votes In Maricopa County | MSNBC


NBC's Vaughn Hillyard reports from Arizona where Republicans are recounting millions of ballots from Maricopa County by hand from the 2020 presidential election.

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Arizona Republicans Recounting Presidential Election Votes In Maricopa County | MSNBC


  1. Ask yourself if you’re just figuring out that Arizona is doing the audit for the first time question your news source

    1. @Alex Mark Holy cow dude, I’m not gunna spoon feed you, look it up. “Maricopa county forensic audit”. It was back in February. Your misplaced confidence is amazing.

    2. @Ryan BI’ll give that a shot; Joe Biden opposed desegregation in public schools and he also sniffs and caresses every little gi… ohhhh, umm yea I got nothing.. (EDIT: I almost forgot…. TRUMP2024)

    3. @john smith how could you possibly endorse biden over trump? Seriously I cant fathom why you think someone caught bribing foreign powers and is so inherently racist he literally cannot hide it gets your support over the guy who started ZERO wars (first ever) and has friendships with many black people(i.e. hershel walker, mike tyson, jennifer hudson). The guy who opposed desegregation VS the guy who imposed school choice.. the difference is remarkable and only one is morally just…

    1. @lesmo whomever Stop it. No one voted for Biden. He couldn’t even get 10 people at a Rally. Everyone was sick of democrats lies.

    2. @lesmo whomever it’s an open transparent recount. Not like the secretive counting that went on during the election.

    3. @7thSwan Song It is not the number of people who show up at rallies that matters, it is how many show up to vote. While Trump was busy holding rallies to feed his ego, Dems were busy voting for Biden!

    4. Yeah. We don’t know who. Couldn’t possibly be the administration legislating through executive order, fencing off and guarding the Capitol or stuffing the country full of new money forcing the dollar to drop.

    1. @CapnCody1622 If they hadn’t of screamed not my president for 4 years I would agree with you but they wanna play dirty

    2. @CapnCody1622 Hey, we should have no problem, as long as you useless liberals dont force us out of watching the cheating you are known to do.

  2. Watching the MSM build up to a temper tantrum is always a laugh this time as incredibly sophisticated forensics such as
    ‘Are the mail in ballot addresses legit ?’
    are done for the 1st time.

    1. @John Greenawalt so you expect people to count let’s say 100 million votes by hand in roughly 4 hours? Cause most places close polls around 8pm and stop counting around midnight cause the multi-day counting is one issue trump supporters had about this election

    2. @7thSwan Song McCain was the RINOs RINO but Trump was foolish to mess with
      a McCain’s reputation as a POW.

    3. @NebTheWeb The Forensic audit was temporarily halted on Friday but was full steam ahead today. Apparently You’re drunk, go to bed.

    4. @adam therolf I don’t know how old you are. But up until about twenty years ago everything was hand-counted. And that’s the way we have run our elections for years until they introduced these machines

    5. @John Greenawalt Exactly. It was halted Friday but full steam ahead today. It goes to show you just how uninformed and pathetically illiterate some people are about their own Government and important political issues. Nobody should be getting upset or angry, especially if theres nothing to hide. People are angry because they know there was tampering and it will be proven without a doubt.

    1. @imp thedimp nothing can stop this audit and vote tampering is straight from the Democrat’s playbook

    2. @My Tale there’s live streams via nine security cams. Counted in secret with one party present is what happened in the middle of the election night in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Maricopa

  3. We need to treat every vote with this handle and care.
    they’re still trying to call it a conspiracy, we’re searching for the truth

    1. “Like this?” So…you’re saying a recount done exclusively by one political party is going to be unbiased and more accurate then the bipartisan approved ballot counting process? RIGHHHHTTTT……

  4. Wake Technology Services Inc was founded in 2004, they’re handling the hand recount. Now you’ve learned something.

    1. @Tim Tilsley how would you know that this mom-and-pop, super sale cybersecurity firm has any experience with anything at all other than local businesses?? They certainly have no experience with elections as they’re making up the rules as they go. I bet the tech guy at my local Office Depot can set up a stream just for OAN, too.

    2. @Charles Vanis last government contract was
      REGISTRATION DATE 2014-07-24
      EXPIRATION DATE 2019-07-05
      Was the 4th result from Google ‘cyber ninja inc contract’ , you know… transparency

  5. This is an unprecedented thorough audit of an election. From the voter rolls to the physical paper ballots and through the entire electronic voting system.
    This includes the election management system, ballot images, adjudication machines, compact flash drives, USB drives, audit logs, election database servers, chain of custody documents, etc.
    Everything will be audited under one all-encompassing audit by individuals NOT associated with the government or voting machine companies.

  6. This is amazing! What do the colors of the shirts on the people counting mean? I wonder why the reporter didn’t ask..

  7. i love how these people tell us what to think. it is so considerate that they dont just give us the facts they give us their amazing commentary. outstanding !

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