Arizona Secretary Of State On The GOP Audit: It Is ‘Designed To Continue Promoting The Big Lie’ 1

Arizona Secretary Of State On The GOP Audit: It Is ‘Designed To Continue Promoting The Big Lie’


Arizona Secretary of States Katie Hobbs sounds the alarm on the GOP audit of votes in Maricopa County and says she’s heard concerns from many of her constituents about the qualifications of the auditors.
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    1. I’d rather it was Sharon Stone style.
      As for Roger he’s already booked as the next baddie in The Walking Dead.

    1. @Noreb Are you kidding me, they did get arrested but now there being released in all charges dropped. And the left is stating that is proof that it was mostly peaceful. When in actuality there letting criminals out of Jail and let them get away with it, giving them permission to continue the rioting. While they hunt down every single person that was in the capital on January 6th and prosecuting them to the fullest. You can’t see that hypocrisy there is no hope for you.

  1. As an Arizonan, what the GOP is doing, what they have turned into worries me a lot. What happened to the GOP of John McCain, of George W Bush, of Ronald Reagan! It no longer exists.

    1. It’s not a Republican or Democrat problem. It is a rogue intelligence problem.

      The CIA has been running the country for fifty years, with the help of the FBI, NSA and IRS of course.

    2. @nodaklojack yeah i agree with that…and CDC WHO and FDA…most 3 letter agencies are corrupt to the core.
      9/11, mass shootings, fake pandemic, defund police, crisis actors, open borders, fake wars, fake vaccines, fake woke-ism. Printing fake money. Charging fake interest. It’s never ending.

      Yet everytime a President has tried to expose it (JFK, Reagan, Trump) they attempt to assassinate them. So who are the REAL threats? Snakes don’t belong in the lion’s den and this crop of snakes need to be removed…ppl so asleep at the wheel they don’t even recognize what the flag and constitution mean and how blatantly it is being violated. Even worse, some just roll over, take the vaccine, say yes czar Fauci and go to sleep with 2 masks on….

      Very very sad

    3. @littleangel4780 you’ve been huffing the Q gas too long haven’t you?
      It’s really really sad when a mind goes to waste, and you listening to all the conspiracy theories your mind has went to waste. It’s worth for your mind than a drug.

    1. Well considering since winning or losing Arizona means nothing in regard to the final outcome anyway you’re correct.

  2. They need to stop immediately and be charged this is terrible but they are allowed to continue. What is going on! Who are the judges that are allowing this!

    1. @working Patriot You do know that what you are referring to here was explained, in court, as an ENTIRELY correct process.
      I guess you don’t believe that cause it does not fit your BS narrative.

    2. @Peter T ok… Then why are you nuts freaking out over it? No harm no foul… Remember the Russia collusion was proven to be fabricated and paid for so……

  3. Bright spot is the admirable AZ Secretary of State, standing up, doing her duty on behalf of the state’s resident under very threatening conditions.

    1. Question from the REST of the Country, WHY ARE ” YOUR” BORDERS OPEN TO MEXICO?” You thumbing your nose at US? Keep all the IMMIGRANTS you let in. We don’t want them. You let them in , keep ’em. Don’t send your problems to the rest of America!!!!

    1. Any court that even chooses to look at it is corrupt and that judge must be forcibly removed immediately.

  4. They needed to be told not to use blue and black pens. They don’t know the process and the rules.

    1. @booobtooober do some research and figure out who designed them and what was the purpose. These machines are designed to cheat and have been used as such. Think for yourself, stop regurgitate what others say

    2. @bluwng You mean the same machines that have been wholly proved to be secure to use in many state and fed courts and have significant lawsuits in the billion$ against “the big lie.”
      Those voting machines??

    3. You’re right Lisa. If they can make up discrediting claims about the machines in one location, then they will apply it to each state where they were used.

  5. They need to show the evidence of them changing the ballots in that stadium. Subpoena all that video. They are doing it right before your eyes! Get the video evidence!!

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