Arkansas Gov. Hutchinson Changes Course On School Mask Mandates As Moms Sue 1

Arkansas Gov. Hutchinson Changes Course On School Mask Mandates As Moms Sue


Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson now admits that he made a mistake by banning mask mandates in public schools. His change of tune comes as two mothers with young children are suing the state, seeking “protection from an irrational act of legislative madness.” Alicia Menendez sits down with the two moms – Veronica McClane and Ashley Simmons – to understand how bad the covid crisis is in Arkansas and what they believe will happen next with their lawsuit.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Arkansas Gov. Hutchinson Changes Course On School Mask Mandates As Moms Sue


  1. Maybe next time vote for those who care about the people and their well being…. Not on scoring points, power, money, cult, and lies like the….well you know what I mean.

    1. @bert larsen thousands? Where’s the data that they are being sent to the entire US in thousand masses? Did not know the border was your backyard you Taliban Cultist.

    2. @Ted Zornow I do not believe you. That is not what Joe Biden said. Unless you saying 350,000,000 is 50% of 330,000,000?

  2. Why is this even a thing still in America? Its been a year plus the world has been in a pandemic. In MOST educated progressive countries you have to wear a mask, keep social distance, get vaccinated, and follow covid norms; this is not rocket science. While Americans are still arguing over masking, get over it!

    1. @raymondwise out of morbid curiosity, what work do you do at the border? I’m from originally from Weslaco, Tx, first generation mexican american, and I’ve previously worked for the IRC as an interpreter for Cuban refugees.

    2. @ღSwnsasyღ _ I feel for you. WTF is going on in FL? I used to live in CA and my friends tell me lots of Floridians are bailing the state. Yes I’m all for the Cult of Orange Stupid killing themselves off too…If only they didn’t mingle with the sane.

    3. WOW still talking about masks……it’s just a piece of cloth. GOP should be ashamed of themselves

  3. Mums know ..five routine childhood vaccines are generally required for children attending childcare or school in all states: diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus or DTaP for childcare and schools; Haemophilus influenzae type B or Hib for childcare; measles, mumps and rubella or MMR for childcare and schools; polio for childcare and schools and varicella or chickenpox for childcare and schools.

    1. In the past, we have celebrated a new vaccine. My grandkids got the chicken pox vaccine that wasn’t available for me or my kids. We all had chicken pox and suffered thru it. This is the first time I have ever seen so much bs over a vaccine that will save ur life. We live in a world of millions of Karens.

    2. @Brian Holloway Learn to read and be a critical thinker. I copied it directly from the cdc page. Read below
      “To reduce the risk of being infected with the Delta variant and possibly spreading it to others, wear a mask indoors in public if you are in an area of substantial or high transmission”.
      Should I use crayons for you.

    3. @Helen Byrd Yep. I’ve had people accuse me basically of being afraid of the virus, while they are afraid of getting a jab (much less dangerous than the virus).

  4. The only things the GOP reacts to, when they are being sued for their actions and words. Accountability! Make them responsible for what they do! All red states needs to remove their GOP state legislatures, they feed the GOP congress and together they do more harm to their constituents than actually help them.

    1. @Geoffrey K because it is a little bit feeble. How about all the jobs that disappeared during trumps reign? Most Israelis didn’t want the embassy moved, look at the polls. Did he build a wall? Has he allowed distraction of great swathes of the wilderness? How did trump university go? There’s more if you want it

    2. @Paul Wilson The most people on government assistant programs are from red states. The most underpaid are from red states. The most uneducated are from red states, see the pattern?

    3. @Geoffrey K Bye bye, You guys can’t handle the truth, just ask your GOP leaders and your right wing new sites to tell you what to think.

    4. @Geoffrey K Exactly how do you flag a post as false and misleading?

      I know you can mute users (from your perspective) and I know you can report users for harassment but I’m unaware of anyway to report misleading posts.

    1. This is NOT a Republican vs. Democrat thing. Don’t let that narrative take you down the road (from either side). The real enemy is the 1% of the population that are anti-vax and death cult types.

    2. @don s How is it not Republican vs Democrat? Republican *LEADERS* are pushing against science and medicine.

    3. Ignorance is a bliss, why don’t you say anything about the open Southern border where thousands are coming in. Drone video of a four-lane highway miles of immigrants coming through the southern border. Where is the outcry? Hypocrites

    1. Ignorance is a bliss, why don’t you say anything about the open Southern border where thousands are coming in. Drone video of a four-lane highway miles of immigrants coming through the southern border. Where is the outcry? Hypocrites

    2. @bert larsen human life and death usually takes precedence over road and highway conditions. As it should an ANY evolved, intelligent, compassionate civilization. Conspiracies and hate mongering are on the back burner for now. Sorry mate! Looks like you are going to have to wait awhile for your delusional grievances to be addressed. In the meantime most states have free or low cost but quality mental health programs. Maybe sign up for one of those while u wait ??

    3. @Minute Meditations than you. I couldn’t have said better. But I don’t think Bert will care because he just want to politicize the issue. He doesn’t care about people dying.

  5. When the legislature is a joke, enacting laws that harm the people & being unresponsive to their constituents’ pleas, perhaps the people need to stop voting them in.

    1. @Brian Holloway it’s fascinating how many sheep believe the government is for their own best interest. Guinea pigs

    2. That is actually in violation of their oaths to support the protect the general welfare of the public

    1. They will – for “wrongful death” when their kids die as a result of catching COVID-19 as unprotecting students in Arkansas schools.

    2. These women should get in touch with TX & FL moms & help them get this in thier states as well.

    3. @J Annibal And parents can countersue demanding a proper autopsy be done. Morticians and coroners are coming forward saying they’re being demanded to put ‘covid’ as a cause of death for everything. You’re so worried? Keep your kids home. You did it for 2 years, it shouldn’t be a problem now!

    4. 😂 Ignorance is a bliss, why don’t you say anything about the open Southern border where thousands are coming in. Drone video of a four-lane highway miles of immigrants coming through the southern border. Where is the outcry? Hypocrites

    1. @Dolores Reynolds have you MET these teachers? Have you talked to them? You’d think hearing them talk about seeing a kid with a phone was worse than seeing them murder someone. But seriously though my post was not to attack teachers. Most of them do have their hands tied by administration who sets them up to fail. (Still haven’t met one that can make a DVD player work though)

    2. At some point insurance companies will stop paying.
      Covid is now an entirely preventable disease — at least in this country for those above 12.
      One could argue that the cause of death is *suicide by Covid.*
      Insurance companies don’t pay for intentional self-inflicted injuries.

    3. @raymondwise If you don’t want people telling you what to do with your life, then stfu about what other people choose. No one cares what you think.

    4. @S McDonald this is probably what it will take to happen. My insurance penalizes smokers with more costs, it should be the same for the unvaccinated.


  7. I remember a time when Lord Farquad was comically evil. Now he would be considered a moderate Republican.

    1. Underrated comment! Thank you, I needed the laugh…and, would you know, Gaetz looks a little bit like him…

    1. And to Texas so my grand daughter can have a normal life and childhood. For god sake, these Republicans!

    2. YES! our Governor “Disastrous” is a JOKE! He can make the stupidest arguments and unfortunately for us he is among those who think securing re-election somehow requires a departure from truth and reality!

    3. @Ahmad Abdullah his stance is like saying the parents have the choice to put seatbelt on their kids or not…makes no sense. This is a health matter and the experts say mask so mask it is. He’s a governor not governong

    1. @evan doe Well, I think it is more a matter of them THINKING they are owning the libs by killing themselves off. Yeah, I know that makes no sense… which is pretty much the republican party right now in a nutshell.

    2. @evan doe They get off on owning the libs. As you seem to suggest, they really aren’t owning the libs though. I’m agreeing with you. However, they think they are.
      Basically, a lot on the left are vaccinated and thus are relatively safe from serious harm from the virus (unless they have kids under a certain age). However, despite being somewhat safe, the left has a lot of people that care about others. Most on the left don’t like to see people needlessly dying. So, yeah, the right not getting vaccinated and thus causing many deaths on the right does anger some on the left. The right sees that anger via compassion and mistakenly equates that to them owning the libs. When in reality it is really them owning primarily themselves. However, they so enjoy seeing angry libs… so the right just can’t help themselves. The right just can’t see past that aspect and view what they are really doing to themselves. That’s what I think is happening anyway. Maybe you have a better theory.

  8. The two Arkansas Mothers are
    ”seeking protection from an irrational act of legislative madness…”
    which reminds me of

    the rest of Governors from the extra-red States,
    the extra-red Congress Trumpists,
    the ex-president, Trump.

    1. When you elect a party to hate facts based policies, science, doctors, nurses, and the gov’t, you get mask bans.

  9. It’s refreshing to hear this mother’s speak out for masks. It’s mind blowing that there are people against a mask mandate. I can’t understand the logics behind that. I wish you both and your children well.

  10. So the “pro-life” party feels a 30% mortality rate is acceptable? How is that pro-life? What is wrong with the GQP party?

    1. You answer by yourself. GQP. They are just trying to get reelected because they don’t have any ability, any talent and any ethic to do the job they supposed to do. Selfish arrogants dangerous criminals.

    1. In Arizona and Florida parents taking kids to burn masks. So I am not surprised only two .oms did this. Its sad….

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